Love Hollidays

Chachi is a sweet girl with dark blonde hair, One day she went on a holliday with her bestfriends Viccy and holly to spain, in their hotel the was thoes 5 cute boys: louis, harry, zayn, niall, liam chachi fell in love with Niall firstly but then she meet Justin Biber could she love him? Could she meet him again after the holliday?Who will she chose? Niall or Justin?


1. texting crew

Chachi's POV:


That was The day I've waited for in ages! Finall the day that were ament to pack for the hollidays! One day before the hollidays.

Okay, Viccy and Holly ain't here yet so I'll have to text them.

Chachi :) to Holly >.<

Hey, when are you comming over mine with your stuff?

Holly >.< to Chachi :)

Umm.... I'll be here in 5 minutes :)

Chachi :) to Holly >.<

Okie Dokey ;)

Chachi :) to Viccy :P

Hey When are you comming over mine with your stuff? :)

Viccy :P to Chachi :)

I'm in the taxi now i'll be there in 2 minutes? :)

Chachi :) to Viccy :P

Okay :) i'll see you then :)

Viccy :P to Chachi :)

Cya ;)


Arthur's note:

Hey hope you all will like my new storry :) btw this is my first story so someone is helping me :) shes called Xx.sandra.xX Her story is amazing :D called 'truth or dare' go and read it if you want to? :)




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