The Swan Inside

Shanice loves to dance and draw but her parents can't afford to send her to a Arts school but Once a year they hold auditions and only five people get in.


1. I'm a motherfucking Ninja



I'm woken up by The sound of Vic's Beautiful voice. I yawn rolling over. Finally its friday! I get up and have a shower,Doing my hair and getting dressed.
"Shay-Shay!" Ky called up the stairs" Pancakes!"
I sprint down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Thanks,I'm going now bye,Love you"I call after eating my pancakes quickly.
"Okay,Me and Connor are going to be working till late,so your mates can stay down.But you know the rules"
I hear Emily drive up in her 'baby' she loves that thing 
so much I have no idea why but whatever I get a ride to school so.
I Jump in the back in between Ellie and Charlie,while Ethan sits next to Emily
"Free house tonight your all coming"
"Can't Baby sitting tonight"Ellie Frowns
"Bring her,She can bring her mates as well"I smile
Her sisters alright just a little snotty.
She considers herself better then us,But she's never done me wrong so I don't care.
Emily being a little speed racer got us to school in ten minutes.
We walk in to school and sit in the cafeteria.
Paige and Keigan sit with us just as the bell goes and everyone rushes 
to get to Tutor.
The year 7's are walking into the hall for assembly 
Miss Rice shouts at them to stop talking and starts complaining.
My phone rings in my pocket screaming out
Mr Casebourne comes storming in towards us.
"Shanice,Hand over your phone!"
"No,Fuck off"Keigan says his arm wrapped around my waist.
"What did you say to me?"Casebourne Says Glaring at us
"You heard me,Cunt"
"Detention,Tonight,All of you"He storms off again.
We just laugh at him,He gives us a detention twice a day
We sit in there for another 20 minutes before the bell for first period to ring.
Me and the girls walk to our first lesson P.E
"Girls,I tell you every day,Your uniform is inappropriate for school"Miss Scott Frowns looking 
us up at down
Emily was wearing this
Ellie was wearing this 
and Paige was wearing this
"Go get Changed and make sure its appropriate"She shows a small smile
She loves us really.
We get changed 
Me into this
Ellie into this
Paige into this 
and Emily into this 
Miss Rolls her eyes at us but dosen't say anything
and leads us to the netball courts 
"Oi slut!"Charlie calls from the field
"Oi Finger Dick"I smile as we walk over to the field 
Miss just lets us walk away,she knows she can't stop us
"So Nice shorts Ellie"
Ellie just rolls her eyes
We sit on the field,Me leaning on Keigans legs.
~End of Day~
We get a life back with Ellie and Keigan and Paige get the bus but are gonna 
come down mine tonight.
Ellie and Emily Come down mine straight away,after picking up Ellie's Sister,Emily,and
her mates,Shaira,Maddie and Jess.
The boys go down to Charlie's.
"So you having a party then?"Ellie Asks Grinning 
"Of course" I laugh.
"Then,to the bedroom"Emily picks me up and runs up the stairs.
After three hourse we have finally decided on our outfites 
I was wearing this with my hair like this
Ellie was wearing this with her like this
Emily was wearing this with her like this 
Emily.F was wearing this with her hair like this
Shaira was wearing this with her hair like this
Maddie was wearing this with her hair like this
Jess was wearing this with her hair like this
The boys got here and brought Paige and Keigan with them.
By 7 my house was full of drunk teenagers,Including me.
I run up to Keigan and jump on his back,kissing his cheek.
The girl infront of him glared at me.
Bitch please I'm a motherfucking Ninja!
"Hey babe"I whisper in his ear
"Alright,This is Josie"He smiles at her"Josie this is Shanice"
"Hello"She smiles coldly 
"Keig,There's a free bedroom upstairs"I wink at him
He practically runs up the stairs dragging me behind him
He pulls me into my room,Kissing me lustfully.
He quickly tears my top over my head and starts kissing down my
chest.I peel his top off and he straddles me on the bed.
So what you think?
Am I a disgrace to man kind yet?
let me know:)
Love y'all



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