The tree house

This is a 3rd person narrative about a young girl at the age of 15 who has had to overcome a lot in her life. When she was young, her best friend Emily died. Since this tragic incident, ,a series of unfortunate events begun to unfold into her once perfect life. But can she she cope with this?


1. 3rd person narrative, no chapters

'friends.' The one word she would never understand. Someone to talk to and make her happy. Helping her through the bad times and make her feel safe. Naomi has no one who was even close to a friend. Loneliness was one word she understood well. When the thought of having a friend and someone to talk to rushed through her secluded head, she cried. 


Every day was the same for her. From the moment she woke up, to the moment she fell asleep. She felt full of loneliness and isolated from he world. 

There was only one time she felt slightly cheerful and safe. Just outside the outskirts of town, there was a farm. When she was little, she build a tree house and a swing there. Its was the one place that she felt that no one could find her. The one place where she could get away from the cruel world. 

There was a time she knew the meaning of the word 'friend.' The one person, other then herself, who knew about the tree house. This was a time when she was lively and relaxed. No matter where she was. That ended the day Emily died. A sequence of unfortunate events began to fall into her, once perfect life. The tree house was a way to remember her and forget about her current life and revisit the past. 

Naomi often thought about leaving the world, to join Emily in any after life that there may be. She thought it wouldn't make a difference and that the world didn't need her. Her parents were never around to notice if she was gone. They were to busy fighting because of their divorce. The thought of being free made her delirious with excitement. 

She ran home from school to pick up a bag. It was dusty and buried far under her bed. It was like it had been there, ready packed, for a while. Her eyes were full of anticipation. Thoughts of what lay ahead of her raced through her brain as she ran to the hide out. She stumbled up the ladder deliriously. 

She promised herself, this was the last time she would ever feel sad, as she wrote a letter than explained all her thoughts and feelings. A small tear ran down her cheek as she placed it down on the side. She wiped it off and looked at the bag. A smile appeared. The sun was shining through a window in the tree house. 

She opened a small wooden box that was on the side next to her. The handle was worn. The top read 'To Naomi. My best friend forever.' As she flicked through the tattered photos that lay inside, her lips whispered 'forever friends.' 

Her eyes were full of glee. It was like her mind was open for the first time in a while. She reached for the bag. Naomi pondered as she peaked inside. Pulling out a small pill bottle, she knew it would be just like sleeping. In a dash, Naomi unscrewed it. Her bright face was hit by the sunlight and the mood was like a hot summer's day. She threw the whole bottle of pills into her mouth. Washing them down with water. Her face begun to tingle. 

She stood up by the window and felt the calm breeze hit her face for the first time. Looking upon the horizon, thoughts of times when Emily was there dashed through her open mind. She sat down with a long valiant smile screwed to her face. She let out a small laugh and closed her eyes.  

Thoughts of all the bad things that occurred since Emily's death flashed through her mind. How she lost the one person she ever cared about. How her parents wouldn't stop arguing because of their divorce. How no one wanted to be her friend when she got to high school. How everyone teased her. The never ending bullying that ruined any hope of a social life for her. All she could think was how she wouldn't have to go through with it any longer. She wouldn't even have to think about it again. 

She was ready to go. Her head slowly dropped to the side. All life left her body, but the smile stayed. The calm wind whistled through the cracks in the tree house. A small ray of light shon upon her golden blonde hair. Her limp body lay peacefully on the wooden floor. All the thoughts has left her body. She no longer felt alone or hated. She was finally in harmony.

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