They lost everything: their parents, their money and most important of all their happiness and hope. Since Isabel is the queen of Flambia life has become a disaster for every one under her power. The queen is power hungry and arrogant. When the twins Luna and Lilli suddenly meet the queen of magic, they realise that they have to save their country before it is too late...


2. Two Girls

Isabel, or rather the queen, ruled Flambia. She was beautiful on the outside, with long blond hair, a face with always perfect makeup, her expensive dresses and jewelry, but purely evil in the inside. Everyone was afraid of her even animals and other royalties. The times had changed and the once so happy Flambia was now depressed and hopeless.

Everyone dreamed back to the time when Elisabeth the Kind or her father had been in power. Some people had already forgotten how it felt being free and doing whatever they wanted instead of working all day for the queen. The queen had enslaved almost a third Flambia´s population and her slaves had to work for her all day with barely time to rest or food. If they didn´t deny her powers or even made a little mistake they would be punished in a very cruel way or even killed.


At that time there lived 12 year old twin sisters. One was called Luna and the other one was called Lilli. They lived all alone in a little house far away from the castle. They lived alone because one day when they had been six their parents had been captured by the queen and had become her slaves. They had lived their life with a sister of their father called Aunt Tilda. She had been like a mother to them always kind and forgiving. Sadly, one day she had been gone. The sisters didn´t know what had actually happened because one day, they had just turned 10, when they had come home from school she had not been home. The only thing that they found was a note in the book that Aunt Tilda had loved so much. It contained only a few words that were written in a big rush: Guards! Outside! They try to break the door! Don´t worry about me! Stay save! I love y- The sisters guessed that their aunt had been enslaved by the queen. They had cried for weeks, especially Lilli who had a very light heart. Since then, they had lived alone in the house that had belonged to their aunt.


“Look Lilli! There are soldiers over there!” said Luna surprised pointing out of the window. Lilli rushed next to her.

“No...Help! I don´t want to become a slave!”, said her sister scared..

“I wonder what they want”, wondered Luna.

“They want to kidnap us like...like” Lilli stopped she couldn´t continue.

“Like our aunt” finished Luna the sentence for her sister.

“Yes”, answered Lilli. A tear was rolling down her cheek.

In that moment it knocked at the door.

“Luna! What should we do now? We can´t open the door they will take us to the castle or worse but if we don´t open they will break the door and get us any way. We have to run away!”, said Lilli very scared.

“We can´t run. They will catch us in no time,” disagreed Luna.

“But what can we do then?” asked Lilli hopeless.

“We can only wait and see,” answered Luna and turned to go to the door. Lilli followed her. She was as white as a ghost with fear. Luna opened the door.

Outside where a dozen of guards surrounding two dozen of people. All the people looked very scared. There were two very small children holding their mothers hands.

Right in front of the door stood a soldier with a knife. He was as fat as two normal people and looked very fearsome.

“What do you want?” asked Luna suspiciously putting her hands on her hip.

“Come with us!” ordered the guard.

“Why, should we?” said Luna, ignoring the amazed gazes from the captured people.

“Because our queen demands it and now do what I say! Otherwise I will have to use this...” answered the guard and raised his knife.

Other people would have obeyed to such a threat but Luna was very mad and hated to be told what she had to do so she answered, “Because our queen says it, ha?”

“Sister, come let us go with the guard...” said Lilli with a very pale face.

“Sister come let us go with the guard...,” imitated Luna her sister, “I am not letting anybody rule over me!! Not a guard, not my sister and not the stupid queen!!! She made a third of her population her slaves! She is so power hungry! She wants to rule the whole world! She thinks that she is some kind of god but she is not god at all! She is just a human like everybody else! In fact, one of the worst humans that I have ever known in my whole life! I hate-”

“Enough! Stop talking like this about our Majesty the queen! And come with me! Now!”, shouted the guard angrily.

“I am not going with you! Not to the stupid castle! I am going back in my house and mind my own business! Bye!”, replied Luna, turned and wanted to go inside but in that moment the guard grabbed her.

“Stay right where you are!” The guard held the knife to Luna´s throat.

“No! Please, let her go!” screamed Lilli in panic and tried to free her sister.

“Be quiet or I will kill your dear sister! She dishonored her Majesty and therefore has to be punished”, said the guard madly. When the guard said that Lilli got even more scared and didn´t say anything any more.

“Let me go!! I don´t want to go to the castle and do what this stupid queen says!!! And I don´t want to get punished for dishonoring your stupid queen! Don´t you understand?!”, screamed Luna and tried to twist her out of the guard´s hands.

“That´s it! You can be glad that I was so patient with you but now you have taken it too far! I will kill you! This is your punishment! You have not deserved any better!”, Red drops of blood showed up underneath the blade.

“No!”, screamed Lilli scared and angry at the same time. “You can´t do this! You can´t kill my sister! Don´t you understand?! She is the only one I have left! My parents and my aunt, all were take by the queen! Don´t kill her then I will be all alone” She started crying without noticing the captured people that looked taken and empathetic by the tragic story of the little girl that looked so alone and weak.

One of the mothers wanted to go to her and consulate her but she was held back by the guards.


Suddenly there came a lighting down from the deep blue sky. It hit the guard who wanted to kill Luna just a minute before in the head, but he didn´t seem to notice it. Everyone stared at him, some with fear, others with satisfaction. There was so much tension in the air that it seemed im possible to fit in the quietness. Then without any warning the guard that was hit said in an unaccented voice, “Bad, very bad times at the moment. Everyone is after everyone! The queen is gaining power, she will soon be too powerful to be defeated” The guard seemed very shocked about his words. He tried to cover his mouth to force himself to stop speaking but it didn´t work. The words still flowed out of his mouth. “Guards I want you to set these innocent people free. Maybe one of them knows where there is the nearest restaurant so you can have your lunch break.” The guards seemed not less surprised than their master about these commands, but they obeyed fast and set the people that they had captured free. It had been long since they had had a lunch break or even where allowed to go to a restaurant.

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