They lost everything: their parents, their money and most important of all their happiness and hope. Since Isabel is the queen of Flambia life has become a disaster for every one under her power. The queen is power hungry and arrogant. When the twins Luna and Lilli suddenly meet the queen of magic, they realise that they have to save their country before it is too late...


3. Aracne

When the soldiers and all the captured people had left, Luna and Lilli were the only ones left with the head guard.

“So now to you two brave girls” His voice suddenly sounded like a woman´s voice, which made him seem a lot less terrifying than before. “I am Aracne.”

“You are funny you have a woman´s voice and a woman´s name!”, laughed Luna who had taken a step away from the guard as soon a the lightning had struck.

“Luna! Don´t take it too far again! Otherwise he gets mad again”

“No this man is not going to hurt you any more. I´ve cast a safety ban around you two.” The twins stared at the man with the female voice in confusion. “Ohh! Sorry, my fault! I am not this man as you might think but I can talk through him to you. It hasn´t been easy to find you. Your mother in honor: she found a very good hiding place for you but I almost found you too late. Then everything would have been lost!”

“Who are you? I know you are Aracne but what kind of thing are you?”, asked Luna curious. Lilli looked around as if she was expecting someone would step out of the bushes behind the guard and say “Ha, I tricked you two! I am right here!”, but that didn´t happen.

“Who I am? Didn´t your mother tell you all about me? She is a close friend of mine I sometimes still contact her. Mostly through all sorts of people.” The man´s reply sounded very cheerfully but in his eyes was confusion and madness. “But back to your question I am the queen of Magic. Well actually I am just the queen of the good side of magic, the female side but magic alone just sounds so much better”, apologised the man.

“Why were you looking for us? What do you want? Why was it almost too late? Did you mean because I was almost killed? Why does that matter to you? To the magic world? How come you know our mum and why was she supposed to hide us because she didn´t really?” Luna´s curiosity was awakened and she was bombing one question after the other and Lilli looked very curious too.

“Wait, wait! One question after the other. Firstly, I looked for you because because I have a quest to give you. That is also answering your second question, so thirdly, I almost found you too late because you can only complete this quest together. It is impossible to succeed alone. To answer your next few questions I have to tell you what the quest is about.” The man or queen took a deep breath. “The quest is that you have to destroy the queen. Your queen. As I told you before, she is becoming too powerful. She has started to put pressure on the magical world. No non-magic ruler has ever done that. The magical world was always above the non-magical. Many non-magicians didn´t even believe in our existence, but queen Isabel tries to learn magic to destroy us. She wants to be the only one who can do magic in the world. At the same time she is very afraid of us because she thinks that we will be able to destroy her.Which of course we would be able to. Anyway the point is that she has started to hunt us down.” spoke the man or rather the queen.

“But if you are able to kill the queen why don´t you do it?”, asked Luna.

“That would be very unwise,” answered Aracne.

“Why? It would be unwise not to kill her! You seem totally stupid to me!” said Luna getting angry.

“Luna!”, warned Lilli.

“Why it´s right! How stupid can you be! Able to kill the queen very easily yourself but instead sending us on the journey to do so.” argued Luna.

“It´s not as easy as you think Luna-”started Aracne.

“How do you know my name?”, interrupted Luna her enraged.

“I know it from your mum. You know she really misses you alot and always when I see her she tells me how much she worries if you two are all right”, said Aracne slightly infuriated.

“She is? I really miss her too and I want her to come back to be with us again. Is she okay?” asked Lilli very softly.

“Oh yes she is except for all her hard work. Did you know that she has to work very hard and away from everyone else in a lonely and cold basement,” answered the queen sadly.

“Oh I feel so sorry for her. Can you tell her that I love her the next time that you see her?” pleaded Lilli.

“From me to”, said Luna.

“Okay. I will,” answered Aracne.

“Thank you,” said Lilli polite.

“What about our dad is he alright?”, asked Luna.

“Oh yes, he surely is but he is worrying about you, just like your mum,” answered Aracne softly but something in her voice was cold.

“Oh, thanks god!”, said Lilli gladly.

“We are coming far of the point,” said Aracne. “Are you taking the quest of killing your queen or not?”

“I still don´t get why you don´t do it yourself but it´s alright to me. I am fine with going on this quest,” said Luna after a thoughtfull moment and looked at her sister. “What do you think?”

“I don´t know...I don´t really want to...to kill someone...”, replied Lilli.

“Oh, come on! She seems to have a reason for not doing it herself and choosing us instead to do it. Even though she doesn´t want to tell us” Luna gave the man a dirty look.

“Indeed I do but it is very complicated. I will perhaps tell you later when the right time comes,” said Aracne in the shape of the soldier.

Lilli still didn´t look very convinced so Luna continued, “Aracne is also a good friend of mum so you can trust her if that is why you still hesitate.”

“It´s not that. What if something is going to happen to us? What if the queen finds out? What if she makes us her slaves or worse kills us?” asked Lilli scared.

“Nothing will happen and in the end she will be dead and our parents free! That is what you want right?”, persuaded Umbrella her sister.

“All right! If you really want to we can take that mission”, gave Lilli finally in.

“Thank you two! I knew that I could count on you to help and save us! I will leave this man now and you should leave before I do so this man doesn´t get aggressive after he isn´t in my control any more. Bye! If you need help just call for me.”, said Aracne happily.

“Bye!” said the twins and hurried away. Both of them didn´t have a particular interest to get caught by the soldier again.

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