They lost everything: their parents, their money and most important of all their happiness and hope. Since Isabel is the queen of Flambia life has become a disaster for every one under her power. The queen is power hungry and arrogant. When the twins Luna and Lilli suddenly meet the queen of magic, they realise that they have to save their country before it is too late...


1. Prologue

Despite the fact that the two princesses of Flambia were sisters, they were the total opposite. Even though they were both incredibly beautiful, no one would have guessed that they were relatives or even sisters. Their hair, eyes, face, clothes, jewellery, everything was different. They were even different within their character. Isabel, the elder one was purely evil. Her younger sister, Elisabeth, on the other hand, was friendly, generous and kind with her whole heart. Their father, a wise man, had ruled the country of Flambia for a long time. He had ruled it very wisely and the country had wealth and a lot of surplus.

One day though, he felt  that he was getting too old and tired to fulfill all his duties and since he didn´t have a son he called his two daughters to him and said, “I am very old and I will soon die but before I die I want to life a few years in peace and unbonded to the duties that you have as a king. Therefore I will resign. I want you Elisabeth to be the future queen-”

"But Father, I am the first born I am supposed to rule this country! That´s what it says in the law!”, interrupted Isabel her father.

“I know what it says in the law but I think that Elisabeth will be the better queen and  I thought you can inherit the jewelry, palace and land that belonged to your mother,” replied the king.

“But I don´t want the stuff that mother owns! She doesn´t have anything compared to you! I want your property!”, said Isabel angrily.

“Dear Isabel”, The king started. “Dear Isabel, I thought this all through an I decided this would be the best for the kingdom of Flambia and you will have to live with it I am afraid.”

“But-,” Isabel wanted to reply.

“No but this is my final word! Elisabeth will be the next queen of this country.”

A month later, the king resigned and Elisabeth became the queen. Isabel moved to the castle that had once belonged to her mother. The years passed. Elisabeth was a marvelous queen and her subjects loved her. There were happy times for Flambia. Until one day, the old king died and fortune turned against the happy kingdom and its queen.


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