Kissing Kimberly

A twist on the "bad boy meets good girl" scenario.
More of a romantic comedy with a little drama thrown in.
Its now time for the bad girl, to meet the good boy.
Elijah (Eli) is a good boy who never gets into trouble, keeps his head down and does as he's told. His life it pretty basic, until he set his eyes on the new mysterious girl at school. From then on in, kissing Kimberly was the best decision he made. Or was it the worse?
Written from the boys perspective, i hope this makes a good first attempt of a story.
Enjoy :)


4. Kimberly

I woke the next day in a bit of a daydream about the Kimberly I met yesterday being the same one who's joining my school. I really hope she is because if it isn't I'll be a bit pissed. I got dressed, ate my breakfast and headed for the door.

I arrived at school and I went to my locker to sort my books. I saw Jake power walking down the corridor towards me.

" The new girls here, she's in the office talking to the the headteacher."

He lowered his voice even  more and said,

" She. Is. Gorgeous."

His smile was so wide it looked like a caricature smile. I don't know what he was getting so happy about, odds are, like the rest of them, she wouldn't take any notice of us. I shut my locker and made my way to the food room kitchens. I sat at the table at the back near the ovens and counters watching people muck about with knives and sharp utensils. They never listen to the teachers when they say to put them down but I know damn well if one of them were to get injured they'd be the first to complain about it. A boy called Dominic, one of Dan's friends saw me sitting by myself, he took a wooden spoon and threw it at my head, he had good aim too because it hit me right in the center of my head and it killed. I didn't show my pain or my anger, it wouldn't be worth the repetitive pain that would follow.

" Ha! Loner."

He came over to me and started banging on my head with two wooden spoons still calling me a loner in time with his drum lesson taking place on my head. I wanted to turn around and punch him square in the face there and then, but his friends would join in beating me up too so I left it. There was a loud thump and the beating on my head stopped, I turned around to find Dominic holding his head in pain and Kimberly from the hospital standing next to him with a frying pan in her hand. She continued to hit him on the head repeatedly saying "Douche bag! Douche bag! Douche bag!"

He tried to shield himself while trying to run back to his seat but she followed him. He was about to retaliate but the teacher came in and they automatically stopped. Kimberly walked back over to me and sat down beside me. 

" Hello again" 

I didn't really know what to say to her. I was shocked at the fact it was the same Kimberly and that she's talking to me. It sounds pathetic I know but when you've lived your life shunned by girls it does come as a little bit of a shock.

" Hi." 

I decided to try and sound more confident, or at least friendly like she said to.

" In case you haven't realized, I'm meant to be a loner"

" Me too! We can be loners together."
She smiled and said,

" There's nothing wrong with being a loner, it's just someone who enjoys their own company and would like to keep it that way. People think we're weird but the truth is they're too stupid to understand us when we tell them to fuck off and leave us alone."

She laughed and I laughed along with her. I really like this girl. 

We started mixing the cake mixture in the bowl and Kimberly started to add all kinds of ingredients to it, chocolate shavings, cranberries, sprinkles. It looked awfully colorful.

" Don't you think this will taste really weird?" 

I looked in the bowl with a subtle disgust but in my mind thinking it looks like someone had just thrown up a five year old's attempt of a cake. She looked at me and said,

" Yeah I know what you mean but when I was little me and my Aunt misunderstood each other. I thought we were using chocolate and sprinkles and she thought we were using cranberries, so without thinking, after she put the cranberries in I ran to the bowl and threw in my chocolate and sprinkles. We noticed soon after what had happened but my Auntie baked it anyway. When it was done, we tasted it and it actually tastes really nice." 

I looked at her, bemused.

" I hope you don't mind, it's kinda like a tradition now."

I smiled and told her it was okay. What was the harm in trying something new. She mixed it together and scooped up a big serving of the mixture and told me to try some. I didn't really want to but i did. Only for her though. I opened my mouth and she shoved the spoon in. Unexpectedly, it was quite tasty. I nodded in approvement. She took a spoonful for herself. 

" Excuse me! Don't eat the cake mixture, it will make you ill. If i catch you again you'll be in detention!" 

The teacher shouted across to us. I nodded and apologized but Kimberly said nothing and as soon as the teacher turned her back, she scooped an even bigger spoonful and shoved it in her mouth. 

I leaned in and whispered to her,

" What are you doing? didn't you hear what she said, you'd be in trouble if she caught you." 

She shrugged and wiped her mouth.

" I've been eating mixture since I've been baking. I'm not the only on who's done it. I bet you nearly every kid has eaten the mixture before." 

I stopped for a second and thought. Am I really that square? 

We put the cake mixture in the oven and cleaned up. I was walking to my next lesson when I saw Kimberly. I caught up with her, I wanted to talk to her but I didn't know what to say. I panicked. Luckily, she started talking to me so I was in the clear for now.

" So, why were you in the hospital yesterday?" 

" I was visiting my Mum, she had a stroke." 

" Aw, that's sad. I hope she recovers."

I felt this was a good time to ask her why she was there too. Anything to keep talking to her.

" Why were you there?" 

" My friend, Eddie was caught up in a fight and he got badly hurt." 

I wanted to know what happened to him but i thought that would be a little intrusive but I'd be able to keep talking to her but then would I be getting rude? My mouth opened to say something, then it shut, then it opened, then it shut. I looked like a human fish. Kimberly started laughing. I felt so embarrassed, I could feel my cheeks burning up, turning red too probably. She had business and I had science, so we parted ways in the end. I was mentally kicking myself. Why the hell would you freeze up in the middle, all you were doing was asking a question, if she didn't want to tell you, you could have just left it! I'm such an idiot... 

I arrived in science and sat next to Jake and Harry. They were staring at me, blank faced. 

" What? Do i have something on my face?" 

I started wiping my face frantically. What if Kimberly wasn't laughing at me acting like an idiot, what if she was laughing at something on my face. Oh my God. What if she was laughing at both?

" We heard you have Food tech with Kimberly." 

Jake said. I calmed down about my face now. I tried to act cool about it in front of them.

" Erm, yeah I do. We baked a cake together." 

Their eyes widened further now. Is that what i look like when I'm shocked about something to do with a girl? If it is, I don't really blame them for not talking to me. We look like retards. 

All Science, they were practically interrogating me on every detail possible about her. What was her laugh like? Is she funny? What type of guys does she like? Did she hit Dominic hard enough for him to get a concussion? It was all quite overwhelming for one lesson but I enjoyed it. 

At morning break I couldn't find her. I felt a little sad, I figured she was probably sorting out something to do with school, just to reassure myself. I sat with Jake and Harry on the bench outside the lunch hall. We were talking about nothing in particular but we all knew we wanted to start discussing Kimberly, even though non of us brought her up.

I didn't see her until lunchtime, until then, I spent my English lesson thinking of questions to ask her, and Geography lesson trying to sound confident. I bet I looked like an absolute idiot sitting at the back of the class talking and laughing to myself. Oh well, it's not like I've got any friends to lose.    

I was walking to my locker and I shoved my bag into it. I slammed the door and behind it revealed Kimberly.  I think I may have given away that I liked-well, loved the fact she was there because she chuckled and looked away.  She started walking and I followed her. I thought now was good a time as any to ask questions about herself. I started off with where she used to live and why she moved down south, who she lived with and about her family. She lived in Manchester and she moved in with her Aunt about five years ago when her Mother met a new man and Kimberly didn't like him much and about a year ago, Kimberly's Aunt got engaged to her boyfriend and they decided to move somewhere new. She had a sort of step brother called Ryan. I say sort of because it's her Aunts fiancé's sister's son, he adopted him after his mother died. They lived in the Peckham area, all four of them like one big, northern happy family. 

We strolled outside into the school grounds, the sun was out, the sky was blue and cloudless. Everything felt much better than it usually did. We walked around the perimeter of the playground and I let her do most of the talking, I just shut up and listened. That system worked very well with us if I'm honest.



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