Kissing Kimberly

A twist on the "bad boy meets good girl" scenario.
More of a romantic comedy with a little drama thrown in.
Its now time for the bad girl, to meet the good boy.
Elijah (Eli) is a good boy who never gets into trouble, keeps his head down and does as he's told. His life it pretty basic, until he set his eyes on the new mysterious girl at school. From then on in, kissing Kimberly was the best decision he made. Or was it the worse?
Written from the boys perspective, i hope this makes a good first attempt of a story.
Enjoy :)


3. Hospital

I thought seeing as I told Dianne,  Jake and Harry I was going to see my Mum in hospital,  I should probably go see her. I haven't seen her in almost four days, I'd have been a crappy son if I didn't. I made my way through busy street's,  avoiding busy people. I made it to the shop section of the hospital, I bought her some flowers and grapes (grapes always seemed to do the trick when people were in hospital I thought) and made my way to her room. I opened her door and saw her there sleeping in bed. I shut the door softly and placed the flowers on her bedside table, she looked so frail but much better than last time. I decided to go get myself a drink and wait for her to wake up. I stepped outside and headed for the cafe down the hallway. I sat down and started reading my book. I wish i was more like this guy in my book, his name's Blake and he's loud and doesn't care what people think of him. The description of him shows that he's a good looking guy and all girls love him but he doesn't really take notice of them yet they still want him. He only uses them when he wants to. I wish i was like that. Not a player, because that's kind of mean but I wish I was more confident about myself and less caring of other peoples opinions of me. I let out a depressing sigh and out of no where this girl jumped over the little wall between me and the food line and sat in the seat facing me. I wasn't sure what i did, I was a little taken back that a girl willingly came and sat with me. A stunning girl as well. She had a short boy cut style hair cut, tanned skin, a cute mole above her top lip to the side, dark green eyes and smooth red kissable lips. She raised her eyebrows at me. 

" Why the sigh?" 

She started to drink her coffee and waited for a response. It took me a while to remember what she was talking about but I remembered and I told her. She put her drink down and said,

" Aw. Well there's only one thing you can do. Be loud and be confident" 

She said it like she was telling me to ask for an extra spoon at the counter, like it was that simple. I think she read what I thought from my skeptical facial expression. 

" It's like acting. If you act confident people will think your'e confident. If you act shy, people will think your'e shy. Simple"

Who the hell was this girl? Why was she helping me? I liked her though.

" But is it really as simple as that though?" I asked.

" If you approach a difficult situation with an attitude like it's an easy situation, it becomes easier. That's what I think anyway."

She smiled. Wow. I think I'm in love and i don't even know her name. I decided to ask her. 
" My name's Banjo" 
She said it with a straight face. I tried to contain my shocked laughter, i just smiled a little too much and told her she had a unique name. I told her my name was Eli, short for Elijah. I wanted to keep talking to her but she had to get back to her friend. She got up and started walking away, before she did she turned back round and leaned into me.

" My name's not Banjo by the way, it's Kimberly. See, if you try hard enough, you can make anyone believe anything."

She smiled and continued to walk away.

I started to head back to Mums room, when i opened the door she was awake and admiring her flowers. She noticed me and smiled.

"Did you buy me these?" 

" Yeah, I came to visit you but you were asleep when i got here so I went to get a drink." 

I sat beside her and kissed her forehead lightly. We talked for about an hour, discussing school and hospital. She was coming home in a week and a half, all of us felt relieved that things were going to go back to normal now, we couldn't handle being on our own for so long. Pathetic from grown men, I know, but it happened so sudden.


One minute I grabbed my lunch from my Mum's hand and bolted from the door shouting I loved her and I'd see her tonight. It was half way through lunch break and I was sitting in the computer room helping a girl called Tanya Brinks do her maths homework. I was quite relieved when the teacher called me away, she wasn't even listening to me. She took me to the main entrance and I saw my Dad standing at the receptionists desk, he didn't look good, he looked pale and worried. From then on I knew something was wrong. Had Adam been killed, had he gone missing? All kinds of horrible thoughts raced through my mind. I stood in front of him and he took my by the arm and lead me to the car and said,

" It's your mother, she's had a stroke and we don't know if she'll make it."

My heart missed a beat, I was imagining us appearing at the hospital and going to see Mum and her body was hidden by a white sheet, that she was gone, forever. I then imagined life without her. I'd have to cope the rest of my life with my Mum not at my graduation, my wedding, my kids wouldn't have a grandmother. My Dad wouldn't be able to handle me and my brother by himself. I went into some kind of shock state. We arrived at the hospital and ran to the emergency room. Dad told me to stay outside. I sat on the chairs for what felt like hours, then he returned outside. He looked at me with tears filling his eyes. He finally brought himself to tell me.

"She had the stroke around eleven this morning and she hit her head on the sideboard which knocked her out. The postman saw her through the window and called an ambulance. She was rushed to hospital, and they tried to wake her up. She's awake now but she can't talk and it looks like she's paralyzed from the waste down. She might not make it through the night." 

I felt as if my whole body died and all that was left was a cold shell staring into his eyes. He collapsed on the chair and broke down into tears. I couldn't move, I didn't know what to do or say. What about Adam? He's in Afghanistan fighting, thinking he'll come home to his loving mother and a complete family, when in reality he would come home to just me and Dad and Mum's grave. I finally started to move, I lifted my heavy feet to the door where behind it, was my Mum. I opened the door and walked over to the bed, I sat down beside the bed. I took her hand in mine, it was quite cold, it just sat there not moving, not holding mine back. She looked so frail, like I've never seen her before, her eyes were closed and she was breathing very faintly. She looked dead already. My eyes started to well up, I started bawling like a baby. I couldn't bare the thought of losing her. I didn't really think much about her not being with me, but now with the high possibility of her dying so suddenly, I was terrified of being left alone. I stayed with her all night almost, I was there when the doctors came into check on her hourly and when Dad came in after crying and talking to the doctors about her condition. I woke in the morning, my mind still blank from the night before then I saw Mum in the hospital bed and everything came flooding back to me. I couldn't find Dad so I went searching for him. I found him talking to the doctors, he looked drained, emotionally and physically. He finished talking to the doctor and came over to me. 

" She's going to make it, but she'll need help learning how to walk properly again. She can come home in a few months, they want to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't recover properly but she'll be okay."

I breathed a loud sigh of relief and I felt faint. We walked back to the room and sat beside Mum. I asked Dad  if we were going to tell Adam or not. We decided to tell him when he comes home for leave next month, it'd be best he wasn't worrying about Mum as well as fighting a war.

The month after, Adam came home. He looked different from when we last saw him, he looked more manlier. He was built up quite well, broad shoulders, biceps, the lot. He looked happy to be home. He walked up to the house with a smile on his face, dufflle bag slung over his shoulder. We opened the door and greeted him, both me and Dad were dreading the moment when he asked where Mum was and we had to tell him.

When we did, he ran to the car and we followed, while driving to the hospital we told him everything and he was nearly in tears. I don't blame him. We got to the hospital and he ran to Mum's room. She was sitting up in bed eating the grapes I bought her the day before. She was much better than the previous month, she was talking normally again and started practicing to walk. When she saw Adam, her face lit up and she put the grapes down and opened her arms wide ,ready to hug him. He started crying and so did the rest of us. We sat for hours talking about what Adam had been up to and what we will do when Mum finally comes home. I t was nice, it almost felt like we were back to our normal selves again.

Adam had to leave again the week after and return to Afghanistan, but him being here for that short time made us all happier, even Mum became more lively as the days passed by.


Dad called me to see where I was. I must have forgotten to tell him I'd be home late. After two hours of talking with Mum, I decided to go home. I kissed her goodbye and left. As i was walking past other rooms, I spotted Kimberly in one of them, she was accompanied by a girl with a short, platinum blond, choppy hairstyle with pink ends. She wore a denim T-shirt tucked into a floral skirt and brown builder boots on. There was a boy in the bed. He was ginger and had a good dusting on freckles on his face, with electric blue eyes. They were all laughing at Kimberly, who was rolling around in the wheelchair trying to do wheelies. A doctor passed by and popped his head round the door and told her and her friend to stop wheeling down the corridors racing each other otherwise they'd be thrown out. She saluted him and he left. I really hope she's the Kimberly joining our school tomorrow. If she is, I hope she talks to me like she did in the cafe. Fingers crossed.

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