Kissing Kimberly

A twist on the "bad boy meets good girl" scenario.
More of a romantic comedy with a little drama thrown in.
Its now time for the bad girl, to meet the good boy.
Elijah (Eli) is a good boy who never gets into trouble, keeps his head down and does as he's told. His life it pretty basic, until he set his eyes on the new mysterious girl at school. From then on in, kissing Kimberly was the best decision he made. Or was it the worse?
Written from the boys perspective, i hope this makes a good first attempt of a story.
Enjoy :)


2. Hate

If you can't already tell, I'm not too fond of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends and I'm grateful for my health and education, but everything else can go fuck itself (s' cuse the French) but it can. 

I walked through the hallway engulfed by the immature adolescent behaviour, deep in my own thoughts trying to avoid eye contact with the people around me as I made my way to my locker. I turned the padlock dial, opened the door and started to sort my books for the morning classes. Pushing aside my indie CD's and newly bought and unused notebooks to get to my physics textbooks, maths equipment and English script. Sometimes I wish I could just throw all my school work and assignments to the side, pick up my CDs walk straight out of the school, find a car somehow and just drive. Drive to wherever, listening to music on full blast drowning out the world that surrounded me and see where I ended up. Anywhere would be better than being trapped in school for seven hours with people you would happily trade for a chocolate bar. As I shut my locker I saw Harry, my friend, walking towards me. Now he was nerdy looking, no argument about it. He had braces and wore glasses that were way too big for him,  he wore khakis and round neck t-shirts with sturdy shoes. He had curly blond hair, so curly that it was practically a miniature afro, and lots of freckles. He looked like a stereotypical nerd and I had to stand up for him a lot if the time. He never really cared about what people thought of him, he just wished that they wouldn't get in the way of his work. It bothered me more than it did him. "Hey, do you have the results of Thursdays science experiment? I wasn't here and I really need them for the upcoming test" 

I grabbed my science book and flipped through the pages. I pulled out the results sheet and placed it on top of Harry's textbooks, his arms looked like they were going to give way under the weight of them. He threw half the books into my arms and started copying down my work as we walked to science. On the way we ran into Dan and his followers. Harry stopped in his tracks and he had that look on his face, he knew he wasn't going to walk away with his dignity in tacked. Neither was I by look of it. It's times like these I start to hate my life, I haven't done wrong by these people yet they punish me like I've tried to get it on with his girlfriend.  Which I could never do, she was way out of my league. Her name was Anna and she was the most beautiful girl in our school. She had dark brown hair, like eighty percent coco dark brown hair. She was naturally blond but she didn't want to be the clichéd type of girl so I heard. She was popular and tall and slim, model figure definitely, loved by everyone. If Dan even knew I was thinking about her at all I'd be a dead man walking. I didn't dare tell anyone I had a crush on her, not even harry, just in case word got out. I wouldn't be the laughing stock of the school, I'm not the first guy of my standard to like her, but if Dan found out I'd never be able to live down the pain and embarrassment he would cause me. I don't even want to think about what he would have in store for me. He slammed his hands down on mine and Harry's books and they fell to the floor surrounding our feet with stray pages of revision sheets.


You could tell the tone in his voice he wasn't sorry. Every time I see him I want  to plant my fist in his face repeatedly until there's nothing left to punch.  Dan pinned Harry to the wall and started searching his pockets, for money I presumed.  He took the spare coins and shoved them into his pocket. I stood by yet again and rolled my eyes at him. He looked at me wide eyed, stopped holding Harry against the wall and grabbed me by my shirt. He leaned into my body and I could feel his warm breath on my face. 

"Who do you think you are rolling your eyes at me? What you gonna do huh?" 

I clenched my jaw and fists and stared at him. I really wanted to beat the crap out of him, so much! I just couldn't. I would end up embarrassing myself as usual. He lifted his fist, about to hit me but Anna appeared and said 

''Teacher! " 

A teacher started walking down the corridor towards us. Dan let me go and gave me the evil eye. He started to walk away, Anna following closely behind. He turned to me a pointed.  

"Watch! " 

He disappeared around the corner and I helped Harry collect the books and revision sheets off the ground and finally made it to science. I hate my life.

Science passed by slowly like every other lesson, I couldn't concentrate properly. I kept thinking about Anna and how someone like her ended up with someone like Dan.  Dan wasn't even good looking, he was very tall and very muscular,  he was mixed race and he had a small afro, at the sides of his head he had patterns shaved out. He had an overly large head and his nose was broad, flat and quite crooked like he had broken it. His lips looked like they were permanently swollen,  if he kissed you it looked like they would suffocate your whole face. I could never understand how someone as dumb and ugly as him, got a girl who was practically a model. Society is well and truly messed up. I spent the rest of the day in this trance until it came to home time. 

I made my way down to the library, sat down at my usual table and started reading until Dianne,  Jake or Harry turned up. About halfway through reading my book, a woman with short blond hair tied back in a low pony tail sat next to me. It was Dianne the librarian. 

"Howya Eli? " 

I loved her Irish accent, something about it was soothing. No matter what she said, it was always soft spoken, even when she was angry she sounded calm.

"Hey Dianne, I'm fine. Mad and pathetic as usual. " 

She laughed softly along with me, we both knew I wasn't joking though.

At that moment Jake, my other friend walked through the library doors. His forehead damp and shiny with sweat, he'd just come from tennis which means Harry wasn't too far behind him. Jake was a quiet boy, he always kept himself to himself and let other people push him around a lot. He was a small boy with matt black hair and a skinny body and he was always cracking his knuckles. He sat down next to me and placed his bags next to him on the floor. He leaned his elbows on the table and started to crack his knuckles. People in the library looked up from their silent activities and looked at him, waiting for him to stop. He never did though, he didn't really realise what he he was doing most of the time. Harry then followed in not too long afterwards. He sat next to Jake and put his bags on the seat next to him. He nodded his head to all three of us as a silent hello and we all nodded back. Dianne lifted her finger to us and she got out of her seat and walked into the back room behind her desk. 

Jake leaned further into the table and lowered his voice as he said,

"Did you know there's a new girl starting here tomorrow?  I over heard Mr Scott and Miss Ward talking about what tutor to place her in, do you think it'll be ours? " 

He looked very hopeful. We all did, every time a new girl starts at our school we hoped she was pretty, and that she actually took notice of any of us. I wasn't going to hold my breath though. No other girl in the whole school had so why should this one? At that moment, Dianne returned with four cups of tea and a packet of biscuits for us all. She placed them in the middle of the table and we all took a cup and a biscuit. I decided to ask her if she knew anything about this girl. 

"Dianne, do you know anything about a new girl that starts tomorrow?" 

She swallowed her tea and said,

" Hmm, yes her name is Kimberly. I cant remember her last name, I don't know much else to be honest. All I know is she moved here from Manchester up north. " 

She picked up a biscuit and started eating it.

All four of us sat in silence. I didn't really want to stay much longer, so I drank my tea in bug gulps and ate my biscuit. 

I grabbed my bag and told them I had to leave because I was visiting my mum in the hospital. I left and started walking down the road. The sky was an orange-red colour and the air was mild. Winter finally decided to leave, only just. I wondered what this Kimberly was like. Nothing special probably, they never are.

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