Forbidden Love (1D Fanfic)

When the boys of 1D go out to a club for a fun night Niall never expects to see his ex girlfriend Sadie there with her BFF Lauren, and Liam certainly doesn't expect to start falling for Sadie. What will happen when Niall finds out about Liam's little crush and says she's off limits, what will happen when Liam and Sadie start to see each other secretly and what will happen when Sadie finds out she might be pregnant with Liam's kid? Read and find out WARNING +15


1. Chapter 1

~Sadie's POV~

"Lauren Marie Hayter get your but our of the bathroom right now you've been in there for over a hour doing your hair and makeup and it only takes me less than half of that time to do mine!" I called through the locked door waiting for my BFF and roomie to finish her makeup and hair so we could go to the club we've been planning to go to for the whole week. "Hold on I'm just about finished." She says opening the door to the bathroom and walking out. WOW I said looking at her AMAZAYN (yes I said AMAZAYN) dress that went down to her knees and wasn't as tight as my own dress. My dress was a dark purple almost black colour and was a lot tighter than Lauren's red dress. "I wish I had your hair though." She sighed looking at my strawberry blonde perfectly curled hair going down about 20 centimetres past my shoulders. " We better get going before it gets to late" I told her changing the subject.


When we got into the club the first person I noticed was my ex boyfriend Niall Horan (yes the niall horan from the world famous boyband) there with his friends Liam Zayn Harry and Louis. "Great" I mumbled half to myself and half to Lauren "What is it?" She asked me " look over there I told her pointing towards the boys. "Yay they're here" she squealed excitedly. Oh ya I forgot to mention that Lauren is dating Harry Styles. "No not yay Niall's here to I told her." Oh ya sorry I'm just exited to see Harry." "Of corse you are I told her." Wait why did you and niall break up anyway?" She asked. "He cheated on me with that stupid Alora Hayes girl remember? Zayn came on when they were you know doing it and he texted me a picture for proof when I didn't believe him that Niall was cheating." "Oh ya I forgot why don't we just get some drinks and forget about it all then we can dance the night away." She told me.
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