The Top Secret Mission

You will have to read to find out!������


1. The secrets begin

The secrets that I keep all began the day I was born "dead". You see when i was born on that cold December night the doctor told my parents that I was dead. I don't know why he did this i guess he wanted me to be his daughter because he is who has raised me all these years. Now I am a detective in London because all the positions were taken in Ireland. My name is Leila I am 21.Oh and I have only one hour until I meet one direction. Of course its only strictly for my investigation of the missing one direction member Niall. While I investigate the crime my detective partner will pose as Niall. Let me ketch you up on the case. Exactly the time I was born on my birth day Niall went missing and the other nous have been receiving ransom notes from the kidnapper. The notes demanded that they hire me for the case and all of this is happening because of that secret i mentioned earlier. That secret is that I am Nialls long long lost sister who supposedly died at birth.
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