The Plague of Life

Just something I started when I was bored...hope you like it! xx


1. Death and Rot

The apples were over-ripe, their flesh brown and soft. The putrid smell of them permeated the air, pushed round the room by the gentle breeze that set the moth-eaten curtains swaying as they framed the grimy glass that served as a window.

The bowl sat alone in the middle if the room, resting directly in the rotting floorboards and overflowing with the maggot-festooned apples.

The whisper of the curtains as the breeze became a gust of wind. It swept around the dilapidated room, leaving the tattered and peeling wallpaper quivering in its wake.

Outside the abandoned hovel nothing fared any better. There was no noise in the barren landscape. There was no movement either; the animals were all long dead.

Some had fallen long before the others, killed by their own, or by their empty bellies. Their carcasses had been torn apart by their fellow beasts, some of which had died whilst trying to eat the first.

The stench was beyond description. The air seemed heavy with the reeking smell of piss and death. If anyone had been there to see it, they would have felt it was invading them; seeping through their pores, into their flesh and settling in their bones.

It was the kind of smell you will spend forever trying to wash out, but of which you will never feel rid.

Beyond the piles of animals in various states of decay there were bones. For the humans, weak as they had been, so dependent on God and dear old Mother Nature, had been the first to succumb to the terrible plague.

The animals had rejoiced then, and licked the human bones clean. But when the human flesh was gone the hunger had struck again, harder this time.

And the weaker animals had died minutes into the bloodbath that became a feeding frenzy when it was clear they would move no more.

Before any of that, the land had dried up, became arid and dusty with nothing growing. The plants had died long before anyone realised what was happening.

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