Never look back

Alice Green is just another popular teenage girl. Cheerleader, boyfriend, spoiled and in reality she has everything a girl wants. But her boyfriend is not what he seems like. And who is that nerdy boy in her class, and why does he keep showing up everywhere. Alice seems normal, but what about the past and secrets that she doesn't know about. Can one person turn Alice life upside down?


5. You are...

The question was running around in Alice’s head. Who was Henry and what happened on the street for a couple of minutes ago. Henry had always been that quiet boy. But tonight his eyes, his voice, and the way he was....DIFFERENT

. Alice knew that she was a little crazy but not that crazy. Henry said that they didn’t care about her, but they did. Okay…maybe Simon didn’t but she knew that already, and she didn’t need a creepy freak to tell her that. But he said also Caroline’s name, but they were best friends. Henry was just a little boy, he didn't know anything about her or her friends.

"Alice darling" That voice was not any voice that voice belonged to Henry. His steps came closer and Alice was running over to her bed. What was happening and how did Henry came into the house, the door was locked? Henry's face came in the door and Aliice scremed.

"Go away your retard" Alice yelled and starred at Henry. Henry looked at her with a sad face but didn't go away. "You heard me idiot get out of my house."  Henry was taking at step closer to Alice's bed. Alice scremed and she just wanted to kick Henry in the head and pull him out of the window. "Why are you together with Simon?" Henry said and looked down.

"What did you say?" Alice answered. "Simon and you..why are you two still together?" " know...i don't know..stop asking me questions about me and my life and get the fuck out of my house."

But henry just stood there as a stone, and Alice was looking at him. He looked scared and sad. Alice could feel somthing in her body a pain in the heart, she was sad and scared, but it was like Henry controlled her feelings. "Who are you and where do you come from?" Alice asked and looked gently at Henry.

"I'm Henry Stone from Spain..." He said and looked down.

"No youre not just an american boy..tell me the truth." Henry looked at Alice with his sad eyes and opened his mouth.

"My name is Gregory Gustavo Wiley and i'm from the same place as you." Alice looked at him and shaked on her head.

"Are you from here?" Henry looked at Alice and smiled a little.

"You don't know where you from and thats why you're confused."  Alice was nervous....Henry...Gregory...who was this kid?!

"Uhmm.." thats was the only thing Alice could say right now.

"You remember when you were a little girl and you're dad told you stories about vampires, werewolfs and other?" Alice remembered that. Her dad told her the most AMAZING stories. "What was the creature you're dad told you most about Alice?" Henry looked at her with serious eyes. "Mermaids...with their beautiful tails and long hair but everyone haunted them, beacuse many people don't think they are real."

Henry looked at her, and walked over to her, and tooked her hand. " are a mermaid."

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