Never look back

Alice Green is just another popular teenage girl. Cheerleader, boyfriend, spoiled and in reality she has everything a girl wants. But her boyfriend is not what he seems like. And who is that nerdy boy in her class, and why does he keep showing up everywhere. Alice seems normal, but what about the past and secrets that she doesn't know about. Can one person turn Alice life upside down?


4. Who are you?

Monday morning...hmm nothing special. Alice looked at the watch. 05:30. Alice was always awake early when she was nervous or sad.

Alice had not talked to Simon since he had raped her Friday. What should she so with him, she couldn't break up with her because then she was going to lose her popularity and then she was going to be a nerd forever.

BIIIB BIIIB! It was Alice phone that maked a high sound. She took the phone up and looked at the screen. A new message. "Hello Beauty. I know what Simon did to you." Alice looked at the message. "What is that? Who is that?" Alice said.

She didn't know the number. But she didn't think more about it, because she thought that it didn't care. never changed. Everything was the same. Just another pencil and paper, more math homework, and a lot of mean notes about people from Caroline. Caroline didn't know anything about the party and that was the BEST! The clock was ticking.

 Henry looked over at her, but when she looked over at him, he removed his eyes from her. He was hiding something; Alice could see it in his eyes. His beautiful shining brown eyes…NO Alice…don’t fall in love with him..he is a nerd with a big N,..not your type at all, and you have Simon, he is an idiot but he is popular and that’s important.

 Henry was still looking at her.

No eye contact but it was like Alice could feel something cold when Henry looked at her.

Alice was wondering what if the message was from Henry, but I couldn’t be him. He didn’t know her number and why did he know everything about her and Simon. The cold wind smashed Alice’s face when she was walking home.

“Henry..she had never talked to him, never noticed him…he was like a shadow that was following her everywhere” Alice said to herself.  “Alice” It was a voice from a boy but not just any kind of boy. No it was Henry.

“Henry..what are you doing here…it’s my street?” Alice didn’t looked at him. “It’s my street to..not everything is yours” he said and Alice could feel the cold in her body again. “I can feel that you’re scared” Henry said and lifted Alice head up so she looked at him.

“Scared” Alice said, but she was really scared. Henry was a wired, nerdy guy and she had never seen him on her street before. Henry’s cold, white arm was now on her shoulder and was pulling her into him.

“Let go” Alice said and tried to get his arm of. Henry just kept pulling her closer and closer. His mouth was now so close to her ear that she could feel his breathing.

“I know what happened Friday Alice, you can’t hide anything from me.

”Alice looked at him with her scared eyes. “How did you know?” Henry smiled and laughed shortly.

“I know everything about you Alice. You are a little unsure girl who never had enough attention from her parents. you felled in love with Simon because he was popular and not because you had feelings for him. Admit it Alice.”

Everything was right but how. Alice didn’t know anything about Henry, he was just another little, nerdy boy.

“You’re creepy” Alice said and took 4 steps backwards. “They don’t care about you Alice. Caroline, Brandon, Simon they doesn’t care but I do” Henry said with a voice that sound creepy and evil at same time.She moved more backwards and began to run.

She was running home, the cold win was in her blond hair. She opened the door. Closed it, locked it. Her breathing was heavy and cold. How did Henry know her so well? Who was that guy?

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