Never look back

Alice Green is just another popular teenage girl. Cheerleader, boyfriend, spoiled and in reality she has everything a girl wants. But her boyfriend is not what he seems like. And who is that nerdy boy in her class, and why does he keep showing up everywhere. Alice seems normal, but what about the past and secrets that she doesn't know about. Can one person turn Alice life upside down?


2. The little fake smile

“Knock knock.” Alice heard the sound from the door downstairs. She walked down the stairs and looked in the mirror before she opened the door. “Simon...” Alice tried to sound happy and excited but she wasn’t. Just a couple of minutes after they were in Alice’s room. They were next to each other in the bed.

“Simon I need to….” Simon began to kiss Alice before she could say anything. The kiss was long an intense, but Alice didn’t enjoy it. It was like kissing a snail…NOT NICE! Alice could feel Simon’s hand on her leg and it was going up. Alice knew it. This stupid boy thinks he could charm her with his fake smile and beautiful blond hair and the only thing he wants is her body.

Alice took Simon’s hand and pushed it away from her. “What are you doing?!” Alice yelled. 

“Come on baby. It’s nothing just relax” Simon answered and send her a little fake smile.

“Go away from me your nasty bastard” Alice looked at Simon and tried to get up. “Stay down…or you will regret it!” Simon yelled and then Alice was quiet. 

She had never seen Simon like that..okay she had seen him angry but not that angry. Alice looked into Simon’s eyes. The blue eyes was coming closer to her head and everything changed in no time.

The darkness was beginning to fall over the town but Alice didn’t notice. The pillow she hold in her arms was cold but it make her feel save and protected. Her parents had just called her and said that they was late and they stayed in Italy in three more days. Alice didn’t care her parents was not the best.

The only grown up that she was happy with was her nanny Jenny. Alice parents were both architects and they were never home. Alice was alone in the house. No mom and dad and no nanny Jenny. Alone by herself in her room in the big house. In the bed that her own boyfriend just had raped her in.

She heard a sound downstairs, a voice, that was yelling outside her door. She opened the window and Caroline was standing there. She was wearing a little red dress and her brown her was totally straight and hang down on her chest.

Alice looked at her. Caroline had the most amazing body so off course every boy wanted to date her. Okay…maybe she was a big player…or guys will call it a whore because she maked out with every boy she thought were hot or just had a nice body.

“Alice…what are you doing…?” Caroline yelled and played a little with her beautiful brown hair. “What do you meen?” Alice asked and looked on Caroline. “Stefan’s party?! Tonight?! Get dressed girl and some down here!” Alice opened her closet and took out a dress. Maybe Stefan’s party will make her think about something else?

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