Never look back

Alice Green is just another popular teenage girl. Cheerleader, boyfriend, spoiled and in reality she has everything a girl wants. But her boyfriend is not what he seems like. And who is that nerdy boy in her class, and why does he keep showing up everywhere. Alice seems normal, but what about the past and secrets that she doesn't know about. Can one person turn Alice life upside down?


3. Not just another party

The music was loud and the people was dancing around in the flashing light in different colors. Alice just stood close to the wall. She used to be the first girl on the dance floor with all the boys. She wasn’t afraid to dance.

No…not afraid just unsure. She looked around, Simon wasn’t there. Good! She saw Caroline sitting in a couch and was making out with a new boy. Alice could easily see that she was very drunk. Alice didn’t want to be at the party anymore, it wasn’t that fun as she thought it would be. She drank rest of her drink and walked outside.

“Alice don’t go sweetie” It was Caroline, she was running very fast. Caroline putted a hand around Alice. “Angel…come here let me make your night awesome.” Alice was confused. “What do you meen?” Caroline’s face came closer to Alice’s. Their lips touched in a kiss. Caroline’s lips was warm. They stood there in a long time. Suddenly Caroline’s face was moving away from Alice. “Come with me” Caroline took Alice’s hand and pulled her inside and walked into the toilet and locked the door. Caroline began to kiss Alice once again. Alice cold feel Caroline’s hand on her leg and it moved up under her dress. But this was different. She doesn’t want her to stop.

The light was shining through Alice’s window. Caroline was beside her. She looked down and saw that she only was wearing underwear, and the same was Caroline. Alice smiled and closed her eyes again. Why was she so happy?

“What am I doing here?” Caroline was awake.

You don’t know what happened last night?” Alice asked and looked shocked at Caroline.

“No..why am I here…in my underwear?” She looked wired at Alice and then she tooked her clothes on.

“I’m going home…I need to sleep see you Monday”

That was the last words Alice heard from Caroline before she walked out of the door downstairs. Alice looked at herself. Her and Caroline had maked out. And she enjoyed it. But know Caroline couldn’t remember anything.

She took her phone up and looked at it. “We maked out last night… -Alice<3” She hold her finger above the little send buttom

No…she couldn’t do it. Caroline will think that that she was inzane.

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