Never look back

Alice Green is just another popular teenage girl. Cheerleader, boyfriend, spoiled and in reality she has everything a girl wants. But her boyfriend is not what he seems like. And who is that nerdy boy in her class, and why does he keep showing up everywhere. Alice seems normal, but what about the past and secrets that she doesn't know about. Can one person turn Alice life upside down?


1. Just a teenage girl


The window was open and the cold wind was in Alice’s blond hair.

The math class was long and boring and nothing special. Alice was a good student but math was hard, she didn’t understand all the numbers and letters everywhere. The clock was ticking slowly and sometimes it was like it didn’t move at all.

Alice was just another teenage girl…but she was a girl who had everything. She had a hot boyfriend and was leader of the cheerleading team. Every girl on the school wishes that they were just like Alice.

A little piece of paper was flying over on Alice’s table. “Look at Henry…nerd!” Alice looked on the paper and laughed quiet and looked back on Caroline. Caroline was Alice’s BFF and they have been that since kindergarten. Alice knew that the note was from Caroline, the letters was beautiful and perfect, and the red colored lip stick mark in the bottom of the paper was Caroline’s.  .  Alice looked at Henry. His eyes were on the blackboard or on the paper.

Henry was a guy in Alice’s class. He had brown hair, brown eyes and a little dark skin. He was from Spain and moved to Alice’s school in Birmingham, England a couple of years ago. His brown eyes were shining behind the glass from the black glasses he was wearing. The white teeth were covered by a brace but Alice thought that it wasn’t that bad.Alice actually thought that Henry looked cute but she couldn’t talk to him. He was a nerd…and popular girls don’t hang out with those kinds of boys.

“RIIING” the clock was ringing and the math class was finally over and the Friday school day also over. Alice took the red backpack over her shoulder and walked out of the little classroom. Her locker was just outside the class.

Caroline came out of the class. “Caro….” Alice couldn’t say more before Caroline’s “boyfriend” came. A long kiss. Alice just stood there and looked at Caroline and Brandon almost making out on the hallway. “Brandon. Let go of the little whore and come back over here” a boy yelled, but not just any boy…Simon.

Simon was Alice’s boyfriend. Hot, tall, good kisser, the star of the football team and off course every girls dream boy. Alice turned around and was looking at Simon. He just stood there and was who he was…AN IDIOT. Alice didn’t like Simon, she did a year ago, but know he was an idiot. But Alice knew that if she was together with Simon, she will be popular no matter what.

Alice just ignored it and walked out of the school door. Maybe the weekend will be better…OFF COURSE IT WILL BE BETTER! 

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