Forbidden (two weeks in panem)

Daisy is Ivy's 13 year old sister and Ivy will do anything to protect her but sometimes everything isn't enough.

Note: sorry about some words on new lines... i didn't do that and i don't know how to change it :/


1. The reaping

We were running. My heart banging at my chest like it was trying to break through. They were catching up. I ran over to Daisy, lifted her up onto my back and ran as fast as I could. I was silly, stupid even to think that we would get away with this. Nothing has ever escaped the peacekeepers of district 4's attention, they has spies everywhere. I thought we would have been able to slip away while the video was playing in case they called Daisy's name. I was doing this all for her, my little sister. I had seen what the arenas were like. I couldn't let Daisy go there, she wouldn't last two seconds. She was too young to die but then again, we all were . I tried to protect her but all this had done was created more trouble. You see, someone spotted us running off into the forests just as Daisy's name was read out. Of course they caught up with us and Daisy was sent straight up onto the stage with no volunteers allowed. I fell to my knees. By trying to make things better, I made them worse, ten times worse. I screamed and screamed begging to volunteer but they ignored my cries and before I knew it, they had taken her away. 

I ran over to the male tribute, I vaguely remembered him from working out on the fields. He was always so jolly, he managed to cheer us all up when we worked with him but now, it pained me to look, his eyes that usually danced with happiness were like deep dark holes. I wished him luck and he promised to look after Daisy and to keep her safe. This brought the tears streaming down my face. I hugged him and went over to Daisy. She was as pale as a sheet. 

"You'll do amazing, just remember everything I have taught you" I said hugging her, never wanting to let go.

"Help me, I'm going to die." Daisy said the tears pouring down her cheeks.

"No, no you're not," I said choking back the tears, "I forbid you to die" I kissed her forehead. 

"I'll try my best" she smiled and followed the male tribute into the train. 

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