I never know what to write for these things


1. -

They say you can never actually touch something

there will always be an atom sized space between you and anything

because that's how things work

the thing is sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don't

I am increasingly aware of the billions upon trillions of atoms between me and each person

so far away, a couple of feet in front of me

so far that their words get lost in the distance somewhere and never actually touch me

everybody is just a blur in the distance they are so far, so many centimeters from me and I feel every atom.


The closer you get to me the more atoms, the more centimeters I feel crushing me 

smothering me until I can't breath

and every single breath is so loud I think you'll hurt me

when you kiss me I try to remember that nothing can ever touch me because nothing can touch anything

the atoms are down my throat and in my stomach and the electrons are bouncing around everywhere

you're the closest thing to me when all I have is space

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