Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


3. Suprise Suprise

When we arrived at the school, a lot of girls surrounded a car that must have comed recently, I stopped.
Ellie took my hand in hers.
''You'll pass this sweetie, you are strong, do not forget that it was he who lost everything, not you.''
She didn't let go of my hand and draged me into the school, with Ellie in one hand and the necklace in the second I walked through the entrance. Everyone smiled and came up with jokes and just hoped that me and Ellie would take a few seconds of our lives to laugh at them, but we had our gang and all the others were just people who hoped to one day sit with us at lunch or walk with us through the corridor, or be part of the card on Lisa's camera which she then developed and we putted in our lockers, to share lip gloss, or come along to any of us after school and just being generally best.
When we arrived at our lockers, I saw that someone had removed the picture of me and all my friends that we had put on all our lockers and I immediately saw it. Carved in the wood that I had carved with a person so long ago R + H = Forever.
I had tried to delete the text as many times after school when no one saw, But it was still there, Ellie noticed it too because she took her picture that was sitting two lockers away and put it in front of where mine sat for just 24 hours ago.
I let go of her hand and rushed into the bathroom, I heard her came after me. I sat down against a wall and closed her eyes, she slid down next to me and I felt tears burning behind my eyes and just wanted to flush out, but I was at school now, here I didn't cryed, not in front of people, never.
''Why must it be so difficult?''
I heard myself whisper, Ellie took my hand, she knew what I had gone through, we had been exercising for six months after all the nutella.
''I suffer with you honey, you know, you cry I cry.''
''Shit Ellie, what would I do without you?''
I heard her laugh.
''Well probably lie and rot in a corner among all the Nutella jars in your closet''
I laughed, suddenly, I heard steps, I opened my eyes and saw Fanny enter.
''There you are! Danni and I have been looking like crazy for you!''
Ellie stood up and pulled me up on my feet after her,
''Yes, we'd just come, we needed some rest just, you know, to dance in the rain from the bus stop it's a physical effort''
Fanny started laughing and I joined in, but Ellie probably noticed that it sounded false cause she ran up and hugged Fanny and then began to interrogate her about what we had for the lesson after this.
Just as I came out from the bathrooms I saw a bodyguard push screaming girls backwards so I turned abruptly and went back inside. When I heard the screams disappeared I went to my locker, Only to see that the paper was left but it was wrong, then I noticed that it was input a paper behind.
'Meet me in the library 10:30 -H'
I looked at the clock, it was almost 10, I took out my carpet things and hurried away to the math, Ellie was not there yet so I sent an sms to her.
'Must talk to you later'
'Ok darling, nothing serious happened?'
'Kindof but not 911'
911 was our "secret" way of our friends when something was urgent and all had to be gathered, when I came to the classroom all sat and talked about Harry and the rest of 1D, and because I did not want anything to do with him anymore I didn't know who else was in the band. When I came in, I checked where my friends was and waved, I smiled and walked over to them, received hugs and a hive five of Dan as I assumed he had heard of Ellie that I won,
''You don't see any tired after all, told you so!''
He joked and I laughed,
''Unlike Eric, I know what makeup is, where is he anyway? He owes me Cosmopolitan and a soda!''
Everyone laughed and Tess and Lisa joined our team, Lisa took a picture of me as I smiled on, she had such a camera that developed pictures directly so I got it and then I wrote "Winner" in it with a gold pen I had to borrow from Anna.


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