Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


8. Reality check

When we got up on the first floor Harry hurried to my locker typed in the code (as he of course knew because I'd been too stupid to change) and gave me my bag.

''But what about my classes?''

I said protesting, he looked at me and smiled.

''No worry your dog died'' 

''WHAT? but no..''

I was confused, I didn't had a dog.

''Haha no worry Roe Zayn fixed it and Niall will check if you have homework and fix notes from your classes so you wont die as in junior high if you remember ''

He said and blinked at me, gosh wouldn't he never going to let me forget that!? 

''Wah wah wah will you never gonna let me forget that?''

He laughed and kept putting thing in my bag. How could he know what to...oh that's right...

After he was finished he protective gave me his big black hoodie and pulled the hood over my head.

''aotch! what are you doing?''

I asked, he looked nervous and looked around as id he didn't wan't to meet someone. 


''I'm sorry Roe but it's for your best..''

''why people have seen us together before''

I said and took the hood of my head. He looked at me for a few seconds and then nodded.

''Your'e right'' 

He took my hand and we started to walking out of the building. Outside there was a Black Van who horned, Harry sighed and started the direction towards it.

He oppened the door and a boy-head appeared ''WAS HAPPENING?''

He screamed and then jumped back in, I took a step back at the same time Harrys head disappeared into the van and then I heard him complain that they 'scared her' 

''Guys what are you doing?'' 

''Hazza I don't know what you are thinking with, take the bus? are you insane!? the girl will be on the Times like in 5 sek!''

I heard a voice say, 

''Well you are just annoying and scaring for her, and this is my hometown, everyone knows everyone''

''Yeah but also the whole world know that we're here so... cm'on it can't be sooo hard please we'll be nice!'' 

His head showed up again, looked questioning at me. I nodded, it couldn't be so hard. 

So we stepped into the van, Harry gave orders to the drivers and then there were a bubble of phones filming and tweeting. When we arrived to my home I at least knew who was Niall and who was Zayn and the other two were just a mix of craziness. But I liked them all.

After me and Harry had stepped out so did all the others also.

''Woah where do you think your'e going?'' 

Harry said, Liam/Louis looked at him with confusing eyes.

''Please Harry we have the whole day free and we don't know what to dooo'' 

''Louis you...'' 

I bit my lip. HAH his name were Louis.

''You can be here if you want, for a while.'' 

I said quiet, interrupting Harry. Louis shined up.

''Yeah thanks! That would be great!''

Harry looked at me with 'I'll kill you' eyes but I just started to laugh

''You look so childish!'' 

I laughed, then he looked sad so I stopped. But then he screamed and threw me up on his shoulders and spanned me around like he used to and ran into the house with the boys after him.


Stella was standing in the kitchen when we ran in and laughed.

''Hello Harry'' 


She smiled and hugged him, he hugged her back with me on the shoulder.

''Stella..I could.. need some help!'' 

I said between my breaths after laughing so hard. It felt just like old times.

''Harry now you do right as she says or I'll burn your cookies''

she threatened, he helped me up and when I looked him in the eyes he smiled so his dimples were absolutely gorgeous! 


''Excuse me mrs.Bilson, you have any food?''

Niall suddenly said, and then me and Harry started to laugh againg.

''Niall shes not my mom she's my nanny Stella and she's the best there is!''

I said and he blushed, Stella just smiled and started to take butter from the fridge and sandwitces from the basket besides the coffeemaker. 

''Don't worry child I'll make you something to eat''

''Gosh Niall you have been here for what 5 minutes?'' Harry said and then he started laughing again.

''Gosh Hazza I've never heard you laugh this much since...ever'' 

Louis said and everyone agreed, Harry looked at me.

''That's because I'm only doing it wen I'm with you''

I smiled and then I started to show the boys around.

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