Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


9. Let me kiss you

After the house tour with the boys they looked impressed except Harry who already had seen it before, he just walked behind us and commented on new things.

Then we went back to the kitchen and Stella had made he amazing sandwiches and everybody were just eating, I got some texts from my friends wondering where I was, but I just quickly replied that I was home and id they wanted they could come. To Ellie I wrote that I had talked with Harry and it was okay now, she replied that she'd come in 1 hour because she hadn't ended yet.

After the snack the boys ran out and jumped into the pool and screamed, I laughed and sat down at the side of the pool. 

''What are you doing up there? Come here or I'll get you!''

Harry screamed and took a grab on my wrist and pulled me down in the water, I screamed when I got up from the surface because the water was so cold.

''No it's not''

Harry laughed when I said it and started pushing water on me, and yes it became a huge water fight. In the middle of it my friends came. Gosh now when I think of it that must have been pretty absurd to see One Direction in my pool having a water fight.  

''Rosie what are you doing you'll be sick!'' 

Anna cried, she had a point, it was in the middle of September. Ellie helped me up and gave me a blanket while the others talked with Harry. He used to know them but.. well he left. 

But they were all pretty forgiving and when they got introduced to the other guys there were soon allot of laughter again. 

I went back into the house to change and while I kept going I took a quick shower. 

When I stood in the closet in only a bra and panties Harry suddenly appeared in the door opening.

''Do you still have any of my clothes left?'' He asked and smiled, wow that smile.

''Ehm.. check in some boxes over there'' I said and pointed on the boxes on a shelf in a corner of the room. 

He took down one and found his old hoodie and sweatpants. They didn't smell him anymore, I used to lie on my bed at night and smell on them when I missed him... but that was a while now. 

''They smell you he said''

I nodded and putted over a big t-shirt to at least try to cover my body. He started walking towards me, and the he stood there, just a few centimeters away. I wanted to kiss those lips but it wasn't that easy.

''If you want to give this a try Roe I'm up for it, but.. if you don't I need to hear it no..''

I kissed him, his lips were perfectly maching mine and I just wanted more. I felt his tounge inside my mouth and that's when I knew, I knew I still loved him. He stopped the kiss and then looked into my eyes and smile. 



''Would you like to go on a date with me?''

''Mhm'' I said and kissed him. 


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