Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


2. It's raining hope

Ellie helped me find clothes eventually became the shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans and my red Converse.

I fast flattened my hair before I went on the foundation and powder, then blush and even put on mascara and some eyeliner.

'' Is it a specific person you are trying to look as good for? Oh no Rosie do not cry! Honey I was just kidding!''

I gathered myself and agreed to be pulled into a hug, when she released I wiped away the tears and re-did the make up and smiled at her,

'' Nothing will break me today!''

I said.

She laughed before she pushed me and ran down the stairs, oh Ellie! What would I do without you my dear best friend!

Stella must have heard us running down the stairs when I came down, she stood and took out the coco pops out of a cupboard so I went and took out the milk while Ellie took the bowls. I put on Spotify and started the playlist me and Ellie named NoLove 2.0. We started jumping around in the kitchen and sing along to Taylor Swift's'' We are never ever getting back together'' while Stella stood laughing and watched.

'' Ah Ellinor what fun to see that you are here''

Mom came into the kitchen and smiled at us before she got a cup of coffee by Stella and then she turned around on her heels and walked out to the car, so did mom always, she was a manager at a large company, so she was almost never home so it was for the most part  Ellie that could stay here a week without her even noticing. Dad however, used to be home as often as he could, he has been involved in the army as long as I can remember, but he died about two years ago when his plane crashed somewhere in Iraq. Harry had been the first that comforted me..

When we had finished eating, Me and Ellie ran to the bus just before it went,
When we had gone two stops so it began rain.

'' Just the weather that I need right now ..''

I muttered as we could get off, Ellie laughed.
'' It's just like in the movies! In the badest conitions it starts raining!''
She pulled up her umbrella and started running around in the rain and dancing, I laughed at her before I started doing the same thing. I felt the necklace jumpig in the rythm and it was then that I realized that I still had it on me. Ellie noticed that something was wrong when I stopped laughing and looked anxiously at me.
'' Ellie.''
'' Yes, what is it?''
'' Can you please take off the necklace?''
She looked down at my neck and then realized what I meant.
She wiped away tears that ran before she took off my necklace, I felt the weight of the stone disappear and I felt empty without it, as if my last part of  Harry left me.

The necklace was given to me by Harry on my birthday the same year as he went to X-factor, he had refused to tell whether it was a genuine stone or not, because he said it was not what made it meaningfull. The meaning was what I felt about it, I said I loved it and he was super happy, he had said that how many times we will fight that necklace would still show how much he loved me. I had cried and said that I would never take it off, and I hadn't until now..

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