Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


4. Hello yeasterday

When the class began, I worked more than I used to. Ellie had come rushing at the last minute and sat next to me and talked with Sam that sat behind us, I looked up at the clock, soon it was half over, it was now or never.
But the problem was just that I needed to see him! He had done everything wrong and it was not even certain that it was Harry, because I mean,

1: his handwriting did not look like that
2: it can probably just be someone who is pissed that I'm his ex
3: If he even remembered me why has he not responded on my texts?
So I stayed at my place and went to work, I had done 12 numbers in the book when the clock was 45 and the speaker system suddenly crackled to, it could be heard laughing and then I heard a guy talk.
'' does this then? So was it on? Hmm..Rosie Bilson can come to the principal's office? How do I turn off then? Well I don't..''
Someone whispered that it sounded like Louis in One Direction, I was hoping it was not him, everyone looked at me, my friends saw sad on me while everyone else was trying to pretend that they did it, although they were only out of curiosity .
I gathered my things and went out of the classroom, I started walking in the opposite direction away from the principal's office and hoped that no one would stop me until I got home, when I got to my locker so had someone removed the picture again. I gasped and unlocked the locker, and there lay the necklace. I put things in the locker and took it in my hand, I looked at the stone that hung from the silver chain. Then I heard footsteps from the corridor where I had just come from, and saw him came running, his hair was still curly, he had the same facial expression as he always did when he was worried or nervous and those eyes.. I felt a shudder through the body before he stopped a few feet away from me.
''No! Please don't''
I interrupted him and I felt the tears would soon come, he began to walk toward me, I backed off a few steps.
''Stop please just let me be''
Now came the tears, I saw how he got sader.
''I'm so sorry Roe''
It was his old nickname for me, suddenly I noticed that there were some guys behind him. I turned and ran out, luckily I had competed in running in middle school so I ran out the school, where the rain poured and then went on, I did not know where I was running and it was raining so I could barely see anything, suddenly I stood out on the road and saw a car coming towards me, it was like a lifetime passed in revue. I closed my eyes and hugged the necklace that I still had in my hand.
Suddenly I felt someone grab my hand and pull me away from the road, I fell down to the ground of the hard pull and then it was something that stopped me from hitting the ground, I looked up to suddenly stand opposite Harry, I pulled back my arm as he held in and turned around and started walking back toward the playground.
''Rosie please talk to me!''
''What do you want me to say?!''
I spun around, tears ran down my cheeks and I didn't care, he had crushed me, I had built up a wall, refusing to let anyone in my life, just as he had done.
''I did wrong! I understand that, but can we please talk about it?''
''You know, I had almost forgotten about you! I had just moved on with my life! You let me wait Harry! You let me wait for a year! And then you come back and what? Do you expect me to stand and receive you with open arms?! Why did not you answer my text? on my e-mails? On anything?!''
I cried as I was shaking and could barely respond, he stood opposite me and said nothing.
''Why?'' I whispered up,'' Why?''
He took the last step between us and pulled me into a hug, I could feel him cry on my shoulder, but I did not care, the hug I tried to forget so many times hugged me again. He took my hands and looked me deep in the eyes.
''Do not think for a second that I forgot about you! I missed you every day I was gone''
He whispered, suddenly, he must have known the necklace in my hand, he took it up and looked at it.
''Do you still have it?''
''I never took it off..''

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