Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


7. Good Ol' days

One morning I woke up, the sun were still on it's way up and the fog were already gone.

I slipped into my black sweatpants and a hoodie and ran out to the lake where I always loved to sit and just think. Today I brought my camera with me. 

When I came down to the shore there was a boy there, he was sitting right on my spot and looked out over the water. 

I took my camera to my eyes and took a shot, when he heard the sound he turned around.

''Who's there?''

He cried and it sounded as if he was a bit scared, I smiled and started walking towards him.

''Sorry I love to take pictures and you where just sitting on the perfect place, I'm Rosie by the way''

''Hello Rosie nice to meet you I'm Harry''

He smiled.


And that was the first day I met Harry Styles, and he became one of my best friends and my first love.



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