Since you been gone

The story is about Rosie, who got her heart broken after Harry Styles left to be in the X factor. A year later something unexpected happens who will make he choose between the life she has now and the life she can get.


1. A unexpected suprise

~ Rosie's perspective ~

I woke up to my phone rang and rang, finally I gave up and picked up my white iPhone 

'Elli' It stood on the screen.

I pressed the answer and she did not even ask what she wanted before I heard her yell at the other end,
'' Roooooooosiiiee!''
'' What? I just fell asleep!''

I mumbled.
I heard Elli sigh on the other side.


Ellinor had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, we used to always buy alot of chips, newspapers, nutella, ice cream and just eat when one of us had her heart broken, when it came to Harry, it was she who had been there, she had always been my shoulder and now she sat and laughed at the other end of the telephone.
''How did it go to skype with Eric?''
I smiled to myself while I put on my slippers.
''Good, I won the bet, he fell asleep at 5:30 as a little girl''
I laughed and heard her laugh too.
I opened the doors to my walk in closet and put your phone on the table where I had all the jewelry and put it on speaker so I could talk to her while I switched on.
''What do you think I should wear today, by the way?''
I said, and I could almost hear what she was thinking.
''By the way Emma said he would come back and visit today ..''
I stopped in front of the mirror where I stood and watched if I wanted a big white knitted or blue pattern skirt, I turned and looked on the phone as if she would have stood and watched me
''What? you kidding? can you say that I'm sick pleeease?!''
I panicked, I could not go to school, I could not make it, I felt the tears flow, and I sat down on the floor.

when she said he, I knew exactly who she meant, my heart skreamed, my whole body did.
'' Rosie stop! fuck him, we can avoid to be where he is! You should not miss classes just for his sake! you know he is not worth it!''
I stood up slowly, shaking, she was right;
''Can you come over and help me?''
I took a deep breath I needed to calm down until she came.
''Of course! I'm with you in five!''
I put on my new VS bra that I had bought when me and Ellie was in NY last month, and a pair of matching panties.
it rand from the doorbell downstairs and I heard that Stella our maid opened, three seconds later, Ellie was up and hugged me in a long Elliehug that only best friends can provide, I let down a few tears  and then we started to help each other to find clothes but it was hard when I could just focus on one person who now had my heart broken again and again...

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