Fresh Cliques

Everyone knows those cliché two schools always fighting against each other. You've seen them in movies or maybe even in real life. Fighting to be better in sports, grades, music or even popularity. Well this story is about those two music schools. The Sapphire Palace College (SPC) and the Royal College of music (CRM). In those two schools, you have the popular people, Liam Payne, his sister Belle Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder en Niall Horan attend the SPC. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. The two popular cliques can't stand each other, they hate each other. But what will happen when the two schools will be gathered in one building. Will it end in fists or in fresh cliques ? This story is about to people who will fall head over heels with each other like they would never imagine.


5. 5. A day off.


"LIAM!" I woke up and saw it was 10.50 am. How could he not wake me up. I stood up and ran towards the bathroom. There was something that was sticking on my forehead.

'After your breakdown yesterday, I thought you could get one day off. I called mom and told her you were sick. Yes, I lied. And I don't plan on doing it again, but I'd do anything for my baby sister. So, just stay at home and relax. I'll be back around 6.30 pm., I have an extra history class. 
Love you, B.'

"Aaaw..." I thought to myself. Liam was so nice and him to actually lie for me was pretty amazing. I went back to bed afterwards. I was tired about all the dancing, homework and the drama.


Like every morning I woke up Late so I basically jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower and put some clothes on. I ran downstairs and was about to leave when my mom called me to take some breakfast. "I'll take an apple and a big lunch." I kissed her cheek and left before she would protest. I jumped into my black car and parked in front of school ten minutes later. I walked out of the car and went to first period. My third hour was biology and I was kind of nervous. I actually didn't know why, but I had a weird feeling. I wanted to apologize for what I said but I didn't want to make it better in between us. No way. She was still a trespasser here.

I went through first and second period smoothly. I basically had a 10 minutes break before third period. I went to the other side of the building to go to the arts rooms. The dance rooms to be more precise. I wanted to find the mystery girl with the weird round shaped striped bag and the burgundy flower. The seven rooms were empty, no one. I walked all the way to the biology class cause I only had a couple of minutes left. I came in front of the classroom and there were people getting in. There was no sign of Belle so I guessed she would come when the class start. But then Mr Patel came in and started the lesson, B. wasn't here. It seemed like no one cared. I didn't mind her not being here cause I didn't have to hear her blabber or sight because I was pissing her of but... I don't know I felt weird.

At the end of the lesson I was about to leave when Mr. Patel asked me to stay. "So do you understand the consequences of your actions ?" "What are you talking about ?" I didn't understand what I had done. "You really think Belle was sick today ? It's not just a coincidence, one day you tell her mean things and the next day she's suddenly sick. She didn't come cause she's mad." "How would you know ?" I spatted at him. "Your sister told me 1hour ago that your mom talked to Mrs. Payne and that Liam lied to her about Belle being sick. So I concluded from that, that it was about yesterday." "I didn't do anything wrong and it was awesome talking to you but I'll go now." I left and didn't care about fourth period. I just sat on one of the benches in the school park.

I had probably fallen asleep cause when I woke up, it was because of the bell. It was 12.15 by now and I had to eat lunch. Before I could get out of the park, I got pushed towards wall because of who knows who. "What the heck..." That's when I realized it was Liam. "That's funny. Is Mr. Student Body President picking a fight on me." I knew I was only gonna anger him more but I didn't care right now. "Why do you keep on hurting B ? What's wrong with you ?" He asked. You could see he was angry, he was talking through gritted teeth and his fists were clenched. "It wasn't what I was planning." "Shut it, you said the one thing that could get to her, you could've said anything you want, but you had to talk about Jake. The worst thing you could've brought up was him." "Liam, seriously calm down." I felt bad, I guess I had been friends with them before and it was hard to think that one sentence caused so much pain to the Payne's. Hahaha. Ok it's not the right moment to joke, sorry. "Why ?" "I was mad." "You think being mad is a good excuse to hurt someone ? How old are you ? You're completely irresponsible. When will you stop hurting her. If mad is a reason to hurt someone, then I could kill you right now." I had never imagined him being this mad. "Let go!" I yelled. He glared at me. "It's not my fault your sister can't hear what everyone thinks of her." “What did you say ?” It wa kind off scary to see Liam like that but I didn’t care. I was mad. “She’s a slut.” That's when he punched me in the face. "Woaw, Liam." Louis ran over to him and pushed him slightly away. "I wasn't going to hurt him more anyway. I don't like fights but he’s an assehole." He turned around and left but he screamed something before being out of my sight. "No one thinks that about her. She's the most amazing person you can possibly meet." Louis took his hand into my direction to help me up. "That’s the first time I heard Liam swear in a while.” He chuckled. “You should put some ice on it before it gets al dark purple." "Thanks." I said. "Oh don't thank me. I didn't do that for you at all. That's the difference about your school and ours. We don't want to be friends with you but compared to you, we don't want to hurt anyone like you do all day. You know I think your a nice guy and we could be friends but you just spread pain everywhere you go and that's not the attitudes we like to have at SPC." He smiled nicely what was weird cause we were talking about a subject that was pretty delicate. He then nodded and left, running after his mate, Liam. It felt strange for them to be actually a little nice to me but that wouldn't change anything, maybe it was just a game or something like that. I decided to skip school and just go to the mall. I had to cool of, me and my eye cause it was seriously hurting. Who knew he had so much strength ?


I woke up again at 1 and decided I would do something good of my day. Basically my best idea came to going shopping for the children at the foster home. I got into the bathroom and took a really quick shower. When I cam out of it, I went to my room and took out a random outfit. T-shirt, jeans skirt and some jewelry. I led my hair down and went for almost no makeup. Lip balm and foundation. I didn't want to be overdressed or anything. Just a comfortable outfit with a touch of glamour.

(Outfit: )

I took my car keys and my wallet to go to the mall. I arrived there and parked in the underground parking lot. I closed the door and went in. First into H&M for Penelope, Maggie, Jane and Adriana. I had made a list earlier in the week to know what I had to buy, for who and where. After buying some shirts, skirts, shorts and cardigans at H&M, I went to Accessories to buy some things for Amber, Abby, Tyfanny and Loraine. Then it was time to go look for some of the boys stuff. I went to Jack and Jones for Joe, Tobby, Thomas and Oliver. My next store was Lego where I got some pretty cool stuff for Dylan, Ryan, Tyler and Leo. I still had to do a lot of shopping but I decided to eat something first so I decided to buy something sweet at Millie's Cookies. They were the best. "Well look who's here." I was sitting down at a table. I turned around and saw the last person I needed right now. Just seeing him made me tear up. "If it's to be a jerk you can just say it to my voicemail cause I don't want to talk to you." I was about to leave but he sat in front of me. "I don't like you, I really dislike you a lot but I have to apologize for being a total arse. I said things that I shouldn't have and I don't feel good about it." "Thanks... I guess. Well that's forgiven but I still hate you." "Good." I stood up and left. "Don't you think you're a bit selfish ?" "What's your problem ?" I asked turning to face him again. "A rich girl, with fancy clothes, buying more clothes." "You know nothing about me and keep on judging me. Do you really think I buy clothes at the Lego store ? When are you gonna stop judging a book by its cover ?" "Yeah I guess that's how you learn to survive at RCM. Sorry, if you have a problem you can just go to your little burned down school." He smirked making me mad. "You're an idiot." I was about to slap him when I saw his eye was all yellow slowly turning to purple. "Oh my god, what happened ?" "Like you'd care." Ugh. He drove me insane. I didn't even know why I was asking but something about him made me want to know more. Why would someone turn out so mean. "I just want to be sure you're okay. Not like I'd care if you'd die but I'm pretty sure it's one of my friends' work." "Not really, it's your brother's." He smiled. "I'll thank him when I see him. I guess he didn't miss you. I like it, now everyone will know you're a bastard with a blue eye." I smiled and turned back around. "Don't forget to put some ice on it." I yelled before turning into the Build-a-Bear Workshop store. I could feel him smile as his eyes were burning through me.


I guess today wasn't as bad as I had expected.


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