Fresh Cliques

Everyone knows those cliché two schools always fighting against each other. You've seen them in movies or maybe even in real life. Fighting to be better in sports, grades, music or even popularity. Well this story is about those two music schools. The Sapphire Palace College (SPC) and the Royal College of music (CRM). In those two schools, you have the popular people, Liam Payne, his sister Belle Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder en Niall Horan attend the SPC. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. The two popular cliques can't stand each other, they hate each other. But what will happen when the two schools will be gathered in one building. Will it end in fists or in fresh cliques ? This story is about to people who will fall head over heels with each other like they would never imagine.


4. 4. Welcome in the jungle.


I had done my work at the foster home, not that I could call it work cause I loved it. I went up to my room and changed into my black tights, shorts and comfy T-shirt. I went downstairs into the second living. I plugged my iPod and I put on my music. I pushed the table to the side and started dancing. It was my way of letting out my emotions, my problems, my pains and my worries. It feels amazing to know you can just leave this world. Like you're in your own universe, just like writers write, designers design and singers sing. Singing was something I would do as well.

Cut from Plum came on and I started dancing and singing with heart and soul.

"I'm not a stranger
No I am yours"

I felt every word mean something to me.

"With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore"

Like every word was written for me.

"But I do not want to be afraid
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb"

The song came to an end.

"Relief exists I found it when
I was cut."

I let myself fall on the ground after an amazing pirouette.

"That was amazing!" Liam said clapping his hands as I was still on the ground. "Thanks." I stood up and was about to leave the room when he sat down patting the spot next to him. "What was that all about ? Something on your mind ?" "Just a normal break down I guess." "And what is causing that ?" He was so stubborn. "Anyone causing you problems ?" "Well obviously it's not always easy to be Liam Payne's little sister." "I'm sorry, B. I didn't want to put you in a situation like this." I nodded as I let my head fall on his shoulder. "And... Euh... Any boy in mind ?" I stood up quickly. "Liam!" "Sorry, I just don't want you to date a jerk again." I nodded, smiled and left. Jack, my ex cheated on me and told everyone I was a slut. Liam, Niall and Louis had killed him afterwards, not literally thought. But I was over it now. I didn't care anymore.

I tried to understand everything I had to study. I hadn't got my books so it was a bit hard. After studying and telling Liam countless times I wasn't hungry, I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, alone for once. I stood up and like everyday I went to choose my clothes in the dressing room next door. I took my Alexander McQueen top with my Orla Kiely burgundy skirt and my black leather wedge. I went over to the bathroom and took shower, changed into my clothes, did my hair and my makeup. I took my Moshino belt and my Burberry bag. I put in the books that I had received and dance clothes as well.

(Outfit: )

I ran downstairs, took my jacket, a fruit and left. I took my Jeep not wanting to cause to much attention today. I sent a text to Liam so he knew I was gone already. I arrived at schools minutes later and parked it in a free spot not too close to the building. I went inside and like yesterday, people were staring and talking about me. It did affect me, I wouldn't lie but I just try to not listen. I went to the student councilor. "Excuse me, Ma'am. May I come in ?" "Oh, hello Belle, come in." Finally someone nice, just like Mr. Patel. "I wanted to aske you something." I said as she showed me to take a seat. "I wanted to book the dance room if it's still free." "Well normally you have to do that at the I trance but I'll do it for you." She looked in her computer. "Room A18 is still free, do you have your map ? I'll show it to you." I took out the sheet of paper as she showed me where it was. I thanked the woman and left for my first lesson, English. I looked at my shedul and saw I had biology last hour. Great.

My four first hours were over so basically now I had lunch break. I went to the cafeteria and looked for one member of my clique. I finally found Danielle and Liam sitting at a table.
"Hey, had a nice day ?" "Yeah it was fine I had 2 hours of English, singing lessons and dance." I said smiling. I sat down and took out my chicken salad.


I came out of my class and was about to walk over to the cafeteria when I got a text from the usual D.

"Look like it's gonna be a zoo at the populars table. There seems to be some intrudes. What will happen ? Will the Harry, Ed, Zayn and Perrie be nice or will it end up in fists ? Who knows, just be ready to interfere.

Lots of Love, Bitches."

What was she talking about ? I was going to the big room when Zayn came up to me. "Received the text ?" He asked. I nodded, we were walking very fast by now. We opened the big and like we feared, Belle, Liam, Danielle, Louis, Eleanor and Niall were sitting at our table. You could see a lot of people glancing at them and then at us to see how we'd react. "Can you move please, we don't like parasites." I said. "What's wrong with you ?" Belle shot back. "Like I said, I don't parasites, nor do I like bitches and it just seems like you're one." Liam gave me glare and was about to react but Belle was first. "First of all, if I'm a bitch, you're an arse. Second of all, go rot in hell." Damn she was good at answering but I wasn't done yet. "Is there something wrong ?" We all turned our looks to one of the teachers, Patel. Really ? "Not at all." I said giving him a sarcastic smile. "Well then you don't have a problem sitting all together ?" He asked. He was good. "We would prefer not to." Louis said. "I think it's a great idea. Come on Harry, Zayn sit down." He was very pleased by the situation. George Patel had always been my sister's best friend and he loved to make me mad. He wasn't much older than I. We sat down and I ended up in front of Belle. Why did it always have to be her ? We sat there glaring at each other till Ed and Perrie joined us. "What is little miss twat doing here ?" Perrie asked smiling sarcastically. At this point, the hole room was silent. "I bet you were up all night trying to come up with that one. That's why you shouldn't speak until you're spoken to." Belle smiled back. She tried to look like she didn't care but you could see she wasn't comfortable with saying mean things unlike Perrie. I thought what she said was pretty funny if she was on my side but now it pissed me of quiet a lot. Perrie couldn't answer back so she continued. "Aww, it's so cute when you try to talk about things you don't understand. You're really living up to your hair color." She shot us all a look before leaving. Louis, Liam and Niall looked extremely pleased.

It was now my last hour and I couldn't be any more pleased. Joke. I had biology and I didn't want to sit next to her again. I came in and she was already sitting there. "Hello class, please it sit down and open your book page 84 ?" "Euhm... I still don't have my books yet. Do you mind if I look with you ?" She seamed a bit uncomfortable asking that. "I do mind actually." I was pissed at her for calling me an arse at lunch and I planned to make this next hour a living hell for her. "Styles, share your book!" Mr. Patel continued his lesson. I pushed my book a bit to the side. I hadn't been this mad, ever.

I waited till half of the lesson cause I didn't want to get in any more trouble with Patel. Then I thought it was time to piss her of more. "Did you know we have a friend in common ?" She let out a sight like she didn't want to know but she still asked, "Who ?" "Jack."her reaction was to die for, she was sitting there frozen looking at the table. I decided to continue. "He talks about you a lot. He even found some interesting nicknames for you: slut, twat, bitch, hoe..." She didn't answer. "Do you want me to continue ?" For the first time this past hour, she looked into my eyes with her crying ones, like she wanted me to see all the pained I caused her. Looking at her like that, being so vulnerable, was weird. I didn't really know what to think. I was mad at her, I wanted to be mean but I didn't want to hurt her! Well if I did, not to this level. It had seemed like a slippery subject and apparently I had slipped all over it. "Miss Payne, everything alright ?" Mr. Pastel got me out of my thoughts. She packed her stuff and stood up. "Belle, I'm-" She didn't let me finish. "Shut it. And by the way, screw you." Tears roll down her face as she left. "Please excuse me." She said to the teacher not really understanding what was happening. "Sure." She left and ran away. Was I really about to apologize to B ? Maybe I shouldn't. It was confusing. Every inch of my body told me to apologize but why did I feel like it was impossible for me ?


Harry, what a jerk! Jack was my past and I had sealed it away, but NOOOOO Harry just had to show his stupid face and push the knife right back thru my heart. I ran towards the girls bathroom, it being the only way where I knew I could hide. There were still 15 minutes of the lesson and I didn't want to go back after being this ashamed. I sat there for a while listening to my music feeling every beat. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 3.50. School should be over by now, well my last class today was biology so I was done. Liam had still 2 hours to go and Niall had been done since 2.10. That's what I liked most about college, you choose your own options and it ends and starts for everyone at different hours.

When I heard the doors opening I decided to leave as well, thinking my lesson should've been over by now. I went into the hall and saw a lot of people walking. I took out the sheet of paper and looked at where was the right way to the dance room. I ended up finding a door where there was written. "A18 DANCING ROOM 1" I opened the door and was pleasantly surprised. The room was huge, a dark wooden parquet, at one side it was all glass giving me a lot of light and a perfect view on the park that the college owned and the four other walls were all mirrors. I closed the door behind me and went at the other side where there was a door as well. I didn't know where it would lead me but I opened it. A small changing room, perfect. I changed into my black tights, my burgundy leotard and my black shorts. I put on my leg warmers and made myself a high ponytail. I looked into the the cupboard and find an radio I could plug my iPhone in. I went back into the room and threw my bags in front of a window. I plugged the radio in and then my iPod as well. I was looking for a song but couldn't find any so I touched the shuffle button and Hurt by Christina Aguilera came on. Ironic. I started dancing, slowly. I didn't realize what I was doing, I was just letting the music guide me. Finally something good that had happened for me today. It was relieving to have such a good moment right now cause I needed it. I started a routine without realizing it. After a while I put on my pointe shoes. I started doing some jumps, pirouettes, dégagés, pliés...


"Styles, can I see you before you leave ?" George asked me while I was packing my bag. I went over to his desk and sat on it. "What happened ?" He asked. "What happened when ?" I asked obviously knowing he was talking about Belle. "With Belle, what did you do ?" "Nothing." He sighted. "If you don't tell me I'll have to play dirty games and tell your sister so she will be mad at you and I'll know." I smiled realizing how good he actually was. "And we don't want that do we ?" He nodded. "I said something mean." "Mean like when you joke but you're actually pretty mean, or mean when you want to hurt someone ?" "Second one." "Jeez, Harry! What did you tell her ?" "I don't want to talk about it, I'm not proud of it, I kind of regret it." "Do you have feelings for her ?" "No!" "Ok, I'll believe you for now. You can leave, say hi to your mom for me." "I will." I left and walked thru the hall to the two big windows. "Hey, Harry!" I turned around and saw Zayn and Perrie. They were a cute couple but they looked glued together. "I heard you went hard on Belle. What did you tell her ?" Zayn asked. "How did you know, was it D. ?" "No relax, we heard you and Patel talk." Perrie added and then continued. "What did you say to her ?" She had a big smile plastered on her lips. "I told her I knew Jack..." "Oh, Harry!" Zayn said. "Who's Jack ?" Perrie asked. "It's her ex, he called her every name possible. You didn't tell her right ?" He turned back to me. "I kind of did... But I'm not proud of it!" Perrie's smile had disappeared. "You told her all the names her ex calls her ? Harry that's mean! I dislike her, she's a bitch but she shouldn't have to know what her ex says about her." Perrie was right but you could see she had a hard time defending Belle. She hated her more than anything in the world and she would never be nice to her in a hundred years but she was a girl and I guess she understood.

I left them and walked thru the college's garden, also called the park. I walked till I looked at my right and saw someone in the first dance room. I couldn't tell who it was cause I was to far. I saw this girl dancing and she just looked amazing. She looked beautiful and she executed every move smoothly. I saw something at the window and I tried to look a bit better, till I saw it was a bag, a -what seemed, black and burgundy- bag. There was some detail on it I couldn't quite see but it looked a lot like a flower or a rose. I knew I had seen it before but I couldn't tell whose it was. I went back to her, I wanted to know who it was and get to know her, I just felt such an attraction to her.

After looking at the dancing girl for a couple more minutes I left and walked towards my car. I jumped in drove till I arrived at my house.


After dancing for 3 hours I went home. I opened the door and slammed the door behind me. I had danced a lot, yes it make me feel better but I still felt sad and angry. "There you are! Liam was worried." Louis and El came out of the kitchen. "I told him I'd be late." "Yeah, but not that you'd be back at 7pm." Louis continued. "I'm sorry." I said going up the stairs to my room. I could here Eleanor asking if I was okay but I didn't feel like answering. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. "B. can I come in ?" I recognized Liam's voice and told him to enter. "What's wrong ?" He asked. "I bet you already know. News go fast in college." "Yeah, but I wanted to know your side of the story." "Jack is Harry's friend and Harry basically told me that and all the nasty things Jacks been saying about me." I said it like it was nothing, I had heard that from him so many times that it didn't affect me but Harry saying it to my face was to much of a surprise. It was just weird, I felt like I had sealed the sad parts somewhere far in me, making sure I couldn't be hurt anymore but someone had to unlock them and hurt me again. "Jerk!" Liam said it calmly, but his eyes were telling a hole other story. He was mad, incredibly mad. A Liam that you had never seen before, not the nice Liam being responsible. It was the overprotective Liam, mad at someone for hurting his little sister, me.

We talked for about an hour before he left and came back with a tray of salad, water, bread and pasta. He had done all my favorite at once. When I was done and about to go downstairs, Liam came up with some Cookie Dough ice cream and two spoons. "Let's watch a movie." He was smiling big. He took the tray in my hands and put it on the ground. I went into my bed, followed by him. "Can we watch Toy Story ?" He said smiling again. "Nope. Seriously, Liam how many times have you watched it ? Can we watch Skyfall ?" "Oh... Ok." We turned on the tv and watched the movie I had recorded earlier. He pulled me up to his chest and before I knew, I fell asleep, with my big brother next to me.
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