Fresh Cliques

Everyone knows those cliché two schools always fighting against each other. You've seen them in movies or maybe even in real life. Fighting to be better in sports, grades, music or even popularity. Well this story is about those two music schools. The Sapphire Palace College (SPC) and the Royal College of music (CRM). In those two schools, you have the popular people, Liam Payne, his sister Belle Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder en Niall Horan attend the SPC. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. The two popular cliques can't stand each other, they hate each other. But what will happen when the two schools will be gathered in one building. Will it end in fists or in fresh cliques ? This story is about to people who will fall head over heels with each other like they would never imagine.


3. 3. Roller Coaster Ride.


I woke up at 8. Not wanting to go to college. Of course I could just stay at home but today was important. Did the students from SPC really think they could come over to our college and walk all over us ? Seriously ? We had all gotten the news yesterday from the mysterious D.

"You thought college couldn't get any worst ? Well here is the hottest news of the moments.
Our dear friends of the SPC are joining us for a few months. Yes you read it right, they're following our courses.
Get ready for a roller coaster ride.

Lots of Love Bitches, D."

That was so not happening. Those guys just think they're more talented or popular but that's just not true and they'll see that today. I got out of my bed and went over to the bathroom. I took a shower and put my clothes on. Trousers, white tee and white converse. I went downstairs and kissed my mom's cheek. "Good morning." I said. "Good morning. You're early." "Yes, major drama coming up." I chuckled and took some apple juice. "Want to talk about it ?" Me and my mom had a very good relationship. I would tell her everything. "I'll tel, you at noon. I gotta go now. The guys are waiting." I kissed her cheek again and took my bag, phone and keys. I went outside and stepped into my black Ferrari. I drove to college. After a 15 minutes ride I got into the school's parking lot and parked my car at my usual place. I could already see Ed's and Zayn's cars. This was gonna be interesting.


Like every morning, Liam woke me up at 8 normally. "Belle, today you seriously have to be quick. We have to be there at 8.40" I got out of my bed and went over to the bathroom. "Oh, and you can go all the way with your outfit today." I saw him smile as he exited my room. I washed my face and went over to the room next door. I took my blue shorts, my white blouse, the white and blue Roberto Cavalli blazer and my Burak Uyan pumps. I went back to my room and took everything out of my black bag into my Saint Laurent shopper.

(Outfit: )

I went back to my room to apply some navy crayon and mascara. I went downstairs and waited for Liam to go in the car. We took the Porsche again but this time, I didn't protest. I knew they all wanted to show the students from the RCM that you couldn't just step all over them, and I did understand. Don't get me wrong but I just thought it wasn't necessary.
I started to feel nervous. We arrived end parked the car next to what looked like Louis' car. Today it was more important than ever to arrive all together cause we all knew they would make it hard on us. We got out of the car and regrouped and start walking towards the huge building. People started turning around as they saw us. I saw a couple of my other friends in the crowd. That's when it hit me, there they were. Ed, Harry, Zayn and Perrie. Harry had an evil smirk as he stared at me, Zayn and Perrie were glaring like they could kill someone and Ed didn't look upset nor mean. It looked like everything went to slow motion. We walked towards them as they walked towards us. We ended up right in front of each other. Harry and Liam, Ed and Louis, Zayn and Niall and in between Niall and Liam, me in front of Perrie. "You're playing babysitter ?" Harry laughed looking at me with his eye, looking thru making me feel incredibly uncomfortable. "Woaw, you're smart, she's your age, you idiot." Louis shot back. At this point everyone started to get a little upset. People started cursing. "I heard your brother was the student council president. I guess his a goodie-goodie." Perrie smiled with a challenging look. "And he got the outfit to go with it. Huh... Nerd. Huh... Huh..." Zayn 'coughed'. Niall was about to answer but I was first. Perrie had started, Zayn continued now it was my turn to end this. A rush of confidence blew thru me. I looked back to Perrie and said everything I had to. "That's very funny, haha. Now will you do me the pleasure to look at your outfit before looking at my brother's. and that's what you call a fashionista, what a sad world." I said sarcastically. Now everyone was quiet and looked at me. We were surrounded by what looked like hundreds of students. "Bitch don't talk about my outfit before I embarrass you!" She asked looking confident but you could see a glint of uncomfortableness. "No fence. I love your outfit, babe. Yeah, I had the exact same one two years ago. I guess you're just a few seasons late. Huh... Huh... To bad... Huh..." I made my way in between Zayn and Perrie feeling extremely proud but feeling a bit guilty. I don't like being mean or rude to people but they mocked Liam and I didn't like that. "Woaw, that was amazing !" Louis exclaimed. I hadn't realized it but all the boys followed by El and Dani were now next to me. "Where's sweet little B ?" Niall added. "Thank you baby sis." Liam added putting his arms around me.

I went to the student councilor. "Hi, I'm Belle Payne and I'm in first year at SPC." "Yes, right. Miss Payne here is you're schedule and a map of the school. You have the right to use the piano and the dance room after school if they are free. Your first class is biology and it starts now." She showed me a few things on the map and I thanked her, leaving.


Those idiots. How dare they answer like that. I felt so upset I just wanted to throw my phone, now in my hand, on the ground. Before I could, it vibrated. D.

"Look at what I just saw. Did Belle Payne, Liam's little sister just made Zayn and Perrie shut up ? Well that was a first. The students of RCM have just been burned by their enemy's. That's just sad but I'm pretty sure they will make them pay.

Lots of love bitches, D."

Ugh. Now the hole school knew. They would certainly pay for this. They couldn't just arrive here and act like this school was theirs. "Let's go, Harry. Don't worry." Ed patted my back. Zayn and Perrie were as mad as ever but Ed seemed pretty relaxed, like always.

The school bell rang and everyone started running, beside me, Ed and Zayn. My first lesson was biology and Mr. Patel liked me. I entered the classroom making my way to the desk all the way in the back. "You're late, Mr. Styles, like usual." "I'm sorry Mr Patel it won't happen again, I promise." "Don't make promises you can't keep." He smiled. The desk I sat at was empty. I didn't want to socialize right now.

I started thinking about how I could get back at them, not hearing the 10 first minutes. That's when the door opened and someone I recognized came in. Oh no. "Hello, I'm Belle Payne and I'm from SPC." As soon as she said that, everyone looked at me. Of course, they had seen the message from D. Everyone read them. "You can go sit next to Mr. Styles all the way in the back." You've got to be kidding me! It was the only seat left and that's why I sat there but I hadn't expected her to come next to me. She sat down and gave me the fakest smile ever. "You can look with Harry, Belle." She nodded and smiled. And great, she sat next to me till the end of the school year and now I had to share my book with her as well ? It couldn't get any better, right ? "That's unexpected." She said. I let a sight go. "What is ?" "Just the fact that the famous Harry Styles is sitting alone, I would've expected a tall skinny bimbo sitting next to you." She said sarcastically. "Why do you care ?" I spat at her. "Oh believe me, I don't." She said writing everything that was on the blackboard. "Oh, so Liam isn't the only goodie-goodie of the family." I smiled evilly. "Shut it! And by the way don't you have to write anything ?" She asked still scribbling. "Nope I'm to good for that." "So it's true." She concluded. "What is ?" I asked again. This conversation was exhausting. "The fact that you're totally full of yourself." She fakes a smile again. "Am not, you're just jealous." "Fuck you!" "Quiet on the last row!" Saved by Mr. Patel. I would've literally died if this conversation had lasted any longer.

We didn't say anything till the end of the lesson, we just gave each other mean looks. She pissed me off so much that it almost didn't feel normal. The bell rang so we stood up. I put my books and pen back in my bag and walk towards the door where Mr. Patel and Belle were talking. "Can I please change seats ?" She asked. "Why ? Don't you like Harry ?" He said smiling looking at me. I added myself to the conversation. "No I don't like him at all." She said looking at me. "And I don't like her." "Well, I'm sorry Belle but I like seeing Harry pissed of and you're doing that quite well." He smiled what made her smile a well. Did I mention that Mr. Patel a good friend is of my sister ?

I finished school a few hours later after my singing and acting lessons. I was really bad in acting. I went over to Ed. "Hey, Haz." "Hey, mate." I smiled Ed was a really nice guy. He would always stay quiet or nice and never react on things, he did only if he didn't agree. "How was your day. Did you see any SPCs ?" He said smiling knowing that if I had, I would've done something regretful, seeing what happened today. "I'm sitting next to one in bio." He smiled. "It's not funny!" I said hitting his arm. "Oh, let me guess it's the one and only Belle Payne ?" "How did you know ?" He smiled showing me his phone. "D." He said. "Why didn't I get- oh." I saw that I had a text.

"Hello, my loves. It seems like the gods are wanting to piss Harry Styles off today. First of all, this morning, the meeting with the Sapphire Palace College students, then Belle Payne making Zayn and Perrie shut their mouthes and now Harry sitting next to her in biology class.
This next few months are gonna be exiting, be ready and stay glued at your phone for the latest news.

Lots of Love, Bitches."

Argh! How much I liked D. how much I hated her when it was about me. "Come on, Haz. Don't you think she's really pretty ?" How could he even ask that. "Maybe if she could shut her damn mouth." "Don't say things you don't mean, you like feisty." He chuckled. This conversation was over! I was so happy today was Wednesday cause I couldn't stand more of this.

"Hey, Hun. How was your day ?" My mom asked swing me come in. "Happy it's over." "Why ? Tell me." "You know how we hate the Sapphire Palace College, right ?" She nodded so I continued. "Well their school burned on Monday so now they're going to school with us. And you know the worst part ? I'm sitting next to one of the most hateful ones." My mom smiled. I didn't really understand why but I knew she was about to tell me. "First of all, I've heard about the fire apparently it's pretty bad. And is it a girl ?" There it was. "Yes, none other then Liam's Payne little sister Belle." She frowned her eyebrows. "You used to play with them." "What ?" This was not possible. "Yes they're Clara's children. Don't you remember B ? You used to ask me to call her all the time." "I don't recall and I'm happy about that cause I don't want anything to do with her." She smiled giving me those eyes she would always do when she was expecting something to happen. Today had been way to tiring. I went to my room and laid down. I'd wake up in an hour to eat lunch and 'do my homework'.
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