Fresh Cliques

Everyone knows those cliché two schools always fighting against each other. You've seen them in movies or maybe even in real life. Fighting to be better in sports, grades, music or even popularity. Well this story is about those two music schools. The Sapphire Palace College (SPC) and the Royal College of music (CRM). In those two schools, you have the popular people, Liam Payne, his sister Belle Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder en Niall Horan attend the SPC. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. The two popular cliques can't stand each other, they hate each other. But what will happen when the two schools will be gathered in one building. Will it end in fists or in fresh cliques ? This story is about to people who will fall head over heels with each other like they would never imagine.


2. 2. Big hot mess.


"Belle ! Jeez wake up !" Liam came into my room slamming the door open and taking the covers off of me. My dad was a businessman and he was always on the run. My mom as his secretary would follow him. They really loved each other and they loved us but they were never here. We basically lived alone in the 'rich complex' of our town. We had our aunt that lived a few houses away so if we needed anyone, she was there. "I thought it was Sunday." "No it's Monday and we have school. It's 8.15 you have 45 minutes." He took my arm and pulled me out of the covers. "Come on leave me alone !" I said complaining while he gave me a big brother hug. "You know you love my hugs." I put my arms around him as he squeezed me closer. "I do." He let go. "Get ready, I'll prepare breakfast." "I'm not hungry." I stated. "You have to eat. Breakfast is important." He was always so serious about everything. "Fine." He smiled and closed the door.

I went to my drawers and chose an outfit. When people tell you you're popular all the time, you end up believing it. But it has its bad sides too. You always have to wear what people will like, you can't just wear some sweatpants and sneakers. They're some rules. So I took out my light blue skinny jeans, my cropped tee and my Emilio Pucci light pink sweater. I went to the bathroom and put my clothes on and some makeup.

(Bella's outfit: )

I also applied the Bumble and Bumble surfer spray making my long brown flowy hair messy, in the nice way. I didn't look too bad. My eyes were shining because of the mascara making my eyelashes very long.

I took my Givenchy bag and took everything that was on my desk and propped it in. I went out of my room into the room next door. It was my dressing room, that's where I kept my shoes and the other clothes. I took my pink boots and left. It was already 8.35. I ran downstairs and saw a plate with some bacon and eggs. I took the bacon and ate it. "We have to go." I followed him to the garage as he took his keys to his Porsche. "I want to use the Jeep." "We're not taking two cars." "But I don't want to attract all the attention with your car." He didn't answer and just got into the car. Of course, I followed him in it as we left the house.

We drove to the school and as usual I put on my Ray Bans, flip my hair at both side of my head and waited till we were parked. Suddenly two cars parked right next to ours like everyday at 8.45. We all walked out of our cars at the same time. You know just like in movies when the popular click walks next to each other in slow motion with wind in the hair. Well that was basically what was going on. We all went thru the big portal of the school walking on one line. You see everyone in front of you moving to the side and looking at you with wide eyes. For some people it seemed incredible but believe me, you get fed up with it.

I started with my piano lesson so I walked over to classroom D54. It had been my first year in college and I had to say it was hard at the beginning cause this school was huge but Liam and his friends had helped me a lot. I just loved those guys.

I took out my music sheets and led them by the piano as my teacher Mr. Red came in. "Hello Belle, are you ready for your lesson ?" He asked smiling. He was one of my favorite teacher, always happy and smiling. I started playing the piece I had been working on when I heard the fire alarm come on. I quickly stood up and Mr. Red led me to the door. The hall was even crazier. People were walking everywhere freaking out. To be honest I was nervous. They hadn't told us anything about an exercise so it had to be real. It got really hot and I could feel some smoke. There were hundreds of people running down the stairs in front of me and only a very few beside me. Mr. Red was still here, his hand on the upper part of my back pushing me down. I was still running , now being on the first floor. I looked around to find any familiar faces. I needed Liam right now, I was really scared.

I finally got all the way downstairs, outside. It was packed with students. I turned around to face the school and saw the huge mess. The school was completely covered in dark grey smoke. You had some fire men everywhere. I looked again for Liam but couldn't find him. I ended finding Louis and Eleanor. I ran towards them trying to push the people to the side without being to rough. "Oh my god, Belle." He took me in his arms and hugged me tight. Louis and Niall had always been my 2 other brothers. "Where's Liam ?" I asked getting really worried. "He's over there. Don't worry I asked a teacher and everyone's safe." He kept his arm around to make me feel better. I hated when Liam was sick or in danger cause he was basically my only real family. We fight a lot but I love him. "Thanks Louis." I smiled and again, I made my way towards Liam. "Liam." He didn't really let me talk, he just took me in a hug. "Good, there you are." He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. "What's gonna happen now ?" I asked a bit worried. "Well apparently it's pretty bad so everyone is gonna go home for today and tomorrow, we should normally know by Wednesday where we have to go." This school was ginormous and there were hundreds of students. There would be nowhere we could fit all that.

After they called our name and made sure everyone, without no exception was here, we could finally go. I got into Liam's navy blue Porsche. "Do you mind if the boys come over ?" "Only the little group or Jake and Kurt as well ?" Basically, the popular group in our school was surrounded by wanna-be popular and Jake and Kurt were a perfect example of them. Jake was very tall with short blond hair, and he was very nice. Kurt was tall with short brown hair. He was a bit more forceful but very nice as well. "Only Louis and Niall." "I don't mind, I'll just go to my room." "You can invite friends too or hang out with us." "No it's fine." I loved the people at my school, don't get me wrong but it was hard to make friends that weren't in your click cause most of the other ones are fake.

We arrived home. I took my back and went to my room. I wasn't gonna stay like this. My outfit was comfortable for school but uncomfortable for at home. I took out my blue shorts, my white cropped tee and my blue superman jumper. I put on my Uggs. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and applied my blue nail polish on.

(Outfit: )

When I was done, I jumped on my bed and turned the television on. "Belle, what do you want to eat ?" I realized it was already 5.45. "Euh... Some sushi." I got of my bed and ran downstairs. I opened the living door and saw Niall, Louis and Liam there. "Looking good." Niall said looking at how short my shorts were. "Forgot you were here." I said smiling. I moved over to the couch and let myself fall on it. "Watcha doing." I asked Louis seeing his mad face looking at his phone. "Those three idiots Ed, Harry and Zayn are tweeting a bunch of lies about our school, again !" We all hated the students from the RCM. They were too full of themselves. Actually I didn't know why I hated them. I had learned to hate them since I was young and seeing how they reacted, I had all the right to. "I'll call the sushi place." Liam said, walking over to his phone. "Does anyone knows what's gonna happen with us now ?" It's not that I wanted to go back to college but I was curious. "I heard Mr. student council president Liam Payne over there, talking on the phone with some other people if the council and apparently, we're gonna be send to another school for the time being." "All of us on one school ? It must be huge." I concluded. "Yeah we don't know where yet but it must be big."

A thirty minutes later, the Japanese got delivered and we are it in the living. We watched several movies, most of them were comedies cause the guys loved a good laugh. At one point, I saw it was 11pm. so I decided to go to bed. I gave kisses to the two boys and hugged Liam. I went upstairs and took of my shoes, slipping into the covers. I went on the iPad, onto twitter. There were a bunch of stuff about what would happened with our school and loads of tweets that were about me. Most of them from my 'friends' but the ones that caught my attention were from students that attended RCM. Those people are just a bunch of jerks talking shit about us. This was just insane and tiring. Before I knew, I ended up falling asleep...

I woke up the next day at 11.30. I was such a sleepyhead. I went into the bathroom and took a shower and washed my hair. Then walked out and wrapped the towel around me. I got out of the bathroom and walked towards the door from my room to the hall. I opened it and made sure no one was there before getting out, rushing towards my dressing room. I started choosing out my clothes. I pulled out a white, long sleeved blouse, a grey sweater, some grey skinny pants and my grey loafers. I added my grey clutch and put my phone in it.


Afterwards, I went downstairs into the kitchen and got an apple and some water. I opened the door to the living, hoping I could just chill all the day, but no, there was our hole group. El, Dani, Louis, Niall and Liam. "What's going on ?" I asked. I wasn't really worried but it was just weird to see them like that. Usually when they're all here, it ends up with a mess. People laughing, all over the ground with food everywhere. Now, they were just quietly sitting there. "The school called the council and I and we finally know where we're gonna attend the next few months." "So, why is everyone so mad ?" They were skulking. "Well the college we're gonna go to is the Royal College of Music." My jaw dropped to the floor. This was unexpected and completely stupid, everyone knows the competition between the two schools. How idiotic can you be to put both college in one building complex. "You. Must. Be. Kidding. Me." I said still not believing Liam's words. That was gonna be a big hot mess.


Of course they were popular, but they were more than that. They cared about the people around them. Take Belle as example, her dancing skills are amazing and she used it to help people. She didn't change when she got popular. She stayed the one and only Belle who asked help to the most intelligent people at school and who taught little girls from the foster home a 30 minutes away how to dance. Liam, him being the student council president was also always helping out. He had some big responsibilities. He would try to please as many students possible. They weren't the typical popular people like in the movies. Like I said before they had big hearts and amazing personalities.
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