Love is War

It's 1913.
Audrey has grown up on a farm in the outskirts of London.
Her dying mother needs her, and it really doesn't help that there's a war about to begin, food is rationed, and medicine is very scarce and expensive.
When she meets the mysterious Justin, she knows it's true love, and he promises to help. But he's just as poor as Audrey, his only money is the few pennies he earns from busking down the London streets.
Then he meets a shifty man who is willing to pay him all the money he owns if Justin goes to war, and wins. If he loses, the man takes all his money.
Without hesitation, Justin makes the deal, and faces guns, bombs, and war.
A tragic and emotional love story, and nothing like your average fanfic.
Read on...

**Warning: Recommended 13+ as contains a lot of death and very emotional**


1. Prologue





1989- Audrey,

Written the year before she died,

Lived 94 good long years of life,

And will rest in peace.


"The clouds wisped above my head,

And rain broke as it hit nature's ground,

Bombs exploded like fireworks along the horizon,

And the cries of dying men ripped through the flaming air,

It was my fault, I thought and knew,

I'd taken a good life,

To save another"





**All fiction**

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