Memory Burns

Trish's house catches on fire, causing both of her parents' deaths. Only she knows that she was the cause of that fire. She goes to live in an orphanage in the hopes of being adopted, but something weighs on her mind. Somebody who had threatened her had intentionally killed her parents, and now they want to kill her. She goes from foster home to foster home, trying to adjust to the life she now has and let go of the ones she lost.


6. She Waited Too Long

I crouch in my bunk and blink tears out of my eyes before they fall. I think about this every day. My parents are dead. I killed them. I lay back on my bed and close my eyes, thinking of the time when I smiled because I could. I can’t now.  But I let myself daydream anyways.
“Hunny, are you having trouble with school again?” my mothers eyes frown, but her lips remain pursed.
“Yeah... Brandon keeps on picking on me,” I sniffle, rubbing my nose.
“ C’mere, hunny, have some watermerlon,” she smiles, herding me into the small kitchen.
“Thanks, mom.” My smile brightens up the entire day I had, and I giggle with joy.
“We’re going to the game night!” A voice prods me out of my thoughts. I groan and roll onto my side. I climb down the ladder and hop onto the balls of my feet.
I wince; my bruises are still healing. But I slip into my now grubby sneakers and jog outside.
I have been here for about a week, and I am starting to adjust to the awkward schedule, the unfriendly kids, and the abusive adults. I know for sure now that the ‘unfriendly kids’ just don’t know hwo to express themselves. They are nice, once you get to know them. I run off towards the capture flag circle, waiting for someone to pick me for a team. Even though the games have already started, if someone comes late, the first team to claim the person gets them. We are not allowed to play out here, but we sneak out at approximately 11:43 and do it anyways.
“GOT HEEER!” My collar presses against my throat and I am dragged backwards. I grin. Shelb.
“Yep. Sorry I am late, I didn’t realize how fast the time went by.” I smile at her.
“I need to talk to you in private.” I am dragged faster, at an alarmingly fast rate. I glance around me to see Kab, Shelb, Mitt, and Nikki leaning against a humoungous tree trunk. Mitt is smiling. But then she sees me and her smile vanishes. She is very shy. Kab is the only one besides Mitt with a slight frown on her face. Her arms are crossed and stares at the ground, waiting for silence.
“I’m running away. Tomorrow.” my heart rate picks up. She’s seriously going on about this again?
“You can’t be serious. You can’t be.” Mitt is staring at the ground with her fist clenched tight.
“I know you are disappointed in me for not being able to withstand 12 years of this, but I am not as tough as you.” she growls at Mitt.
Mitt’s voice, which I rarely hear, raises, “It’s not fair! Nothing’s ever fair. I stay her for my entire life without even considering it, but you, the little wimp over here can’t even survive a couple years of her life?!” She screams, and she punches the tree. Blood runs down her knuckles, dripping onto the floor below her. It runs under the leaves, staining them as it runs.  
“You don’t have to come with me. But if you want come, meet me tommorow at midnight.” Kab stares her straight in the eye, smiling, “We are going to be free.”
She silently walks away. As she turns the curve of the dirt path, I see tears glistening in her eyes.
I close my eyes, pressing my fingers into my forehead. Nikki runs in the direction Kab stalked, and hisses as she hits her knee on a low-hanging branch. It seems that out of all of the girls, Kab and Nikki are the best friends. I walk back towards the cabin, deciding to skip games today. Mitt is clenching her fists as Shelb tries to calm her down. I walk blindly to the cabin and I press my fingers to the door. Something’s not right. Voices are raised in that room.

In that instant, Nikki bursts from the room with tears streaming down her face. Something smacks within the room, and the door slams back into place, ricocheting off the filthy concrete.

“It’s not your choice!” the rough, raised voice surprises me. It’s Patty, the rude woman who drove me here.

“This is impossible! I have plans for my life! What’s wrong with you! You just love meddling with people’s lives, don’t you!” Kab’s voice cracks.

“You have me to thank for your life, so shut up about your stupid problems.” footsteps slam against the creaky floor, and I round the corner to hide myself from sight.

Patty storms out of the rickety building, and I hear a scream of frustration rise up from the cabin. I walk over to the window and try to peer in. Although it is hard to see through all the dirt and grime, I can barely make out Kab staring in front of her. She looks lost.

“Hey, are you all right?” a deep voice booms from an approaching girl. This girl always gives me her dessert.

“Where is Trish?” Kab’s voice is shrill, and she looks mad.

“Right here!” The girl yanks me out of my hiding spot and I stand in front of her, staring at my feet.

“What was that about?” I mumble, giving her an apologetic glance, “sorry for hiding, I didn’t want to interrupt anything.”

“Shutup. This is terrible.” Kab glares at the girl who pulled me out, and she scurries away.

“Trish. I am being adopted. I’m not a frigging dog! Dogs are adopted, not humans!” I see a tear slip down her cheek. The first time I have ever seen her cry.

“ Hey, are you okay?” for the first time, I notice a red mark on the side of her face.

She smirks, “I tried to injure Patty. So she smacked me.” I roll my eyes.

“Are you still going to run away?” I am curious.

“Nope. The people are coming to meet me in 30 minutes. Then I will have 2 days before I go home with them. Patty will be expecting me to run away.”

“But isn’t it good that you got adopted? That’s what you always wanted, right?” I ask hopefully.

“You don’t understand how life works. Just because I am geting out of this place, doesn’t mean I will be going to a better place. Some people adopt kids for more than just helping out a lonely soul.” I don’t understand what she means, but I don’t ask.

“Nikki was pretty upset. We better go out and look for her.”


I lie in my bunk and close my eyes. Kab’s life sucks! Her mom never paid much attention to her, at all. She ended growing up here, never getting adopted. She bared it, for Mitt’s sake. Also probably her competitive spirit. But she finally snapped, and planned running away for over a year. And then she got adopted right before the date she planned to run away. Her one dream got taken away from her.

Although I didn’t understand why she wasn’t happy about being adopted, I was sure there was something I wasn’t considering. Because of this, I decided not to meddle.

I just hoped that in the real world, she would be able to survive.

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