Memory Burns

Trish's house catches on fire, causing both of her parents' deaths. Only she knows that she was the cause of that fire. She goes to live in an orphanage in the hopes of being adopted, but something weighs on her mind. Somebody who had threatened her had intentionally killed her parents, and now they want to kill her. She goes from foster home to foster home, trying to adjust to the life she now has and let go of the ones she lost.


8. Chapter 8- The Home I Will Lose

"Yum. Fish goosticks and mushy peas." Shelb wrinkles her nose in disgust. I laugh and fling some of the fake peas at her face with my spork.
"Eww!" she threw her plate onto my shirt and I stood up angrily.
Picking up my tray, I held it behind my head. With all my might, I flung into her lap. We both started laughing, but then realized we wouldn't have anything to eat until dinner. We remorsefully sat down and waited for Mitt and Nikki to finish.
"C'mere, Trish. And you kids stop fooling around!" Patty storms up to us, and drops her hand onto Mitt's shoulder. Mitt lowers her head, staring at her plate. Her face is white and her fists are clenched. Shelb is mouthing something to her, but Mitt ignores her and picks at her food. I stare at them curiously, but pick up my empty tray, following Patty as she stalks away. As I exit the building, I dump my tray of food in the trash.
"I have some new for you. Depending on your interpretation, it could be bad or good." Patty sneers at me. "We found someone who is looking into taking you in for foster care. To see if you adapt well to a different lifestyle."
My heart leaps. A home! I can actually get out of this nasty place, into get my life back! It might not be the same, but even so, it still counts! If somebody is willing to take the time to foster me, there must be somebody in the family who cares!
"Thankyou!" I pull Patty into a tight hug, and pushes me away in disgust.
"Get away from me, brat!" I slam into the wall behind me and crumple to the ground.
"Good luck with your 'new life'," She snickers and walks away.
"Thanks..." I whisper, trying to focus my vision. I shakily get up, using the wall for support.
A new home! BUt then I realize something. If they are so great, then what was Kab so worried about? I shrug it off and walk away, wincing, back to where my friends are waiting for me.
"What was that about?" Mitt asks me, scanning my face with worry.
"Nothing!" I practically shout it with glee, but lower my voice to add, "Patty just needed to tell me something."
Mitt nods. With that, everyone gets up and pushes their trays to the center of the table. They stalk away, and I follow them, stumbling from the pain in my back.
' We need to get ready for the party!" Mitt smiles weakly, but she looks pale.
"Are you okay?" I ask her uncertainly. I know almost nothing about her. I don't know how she reacts to certain things I say. I have never really interacted much with her. She kind of fades into the background.
"Fine." she speeds up, walking toward the front of the group.
When we arrive, I examine the location. It is the hill that Kab took me on when we first learned about eachother's pasts. I close my eyes and inhale deeply; the rich scent of flowers, berries, and trees in full bloom fill my senses, and I bask in the feeling. My spirits have been raised. A new home.
"I was thinking we could put the pop table over here... We can't have liquor at this party." I roll my eyes. That's all Nikki thinks about. That and Kab.
I grab the fold-up table we snagged from the faculty room and force it open, pushing it into a small cutout of short grass. I hoist the flimsy bags on top of the table. This will be my first 'junk food' in a while. My stomach growls just thinking about it.
"Here," Nikki hands me a small pile of envelelopes, "you have mail duty today," I nod and jog toward the wood shack out in the side of the woods, where the mailbox is, only to be stopped by a timid voice.
"Hey, I want to ask you something," Mitt's voice is quiet and scratchy; she doesn't talk often.
"Yeah? I turn around, searching her face curioulsy. She looks worried.
"Patty didn't do anything to you, did she?" her fingers are trembling and her face is white.
"No, why?"
"Look. Let me tell you something. My mom is a dangerous woman. Not the type you want to get on your bad side. Be careful." Her voice is low and her face looks angry.
"Your mom?" I ask.
"Patty... well, she's my mom..." she looks so small.
"Seriously?" I gasp. Why does she live here then?
"Yeah, my mom keeps me here because it's easier... She's a violent woman, so I think it's better that way." Mitt bites her lip.
I nod silently and look away.
"I think we can all say you have been hiding alot from your friends, eh," a familiar deep, cruel voice enters my thoughts. Patty grins, putting her hand on Mitt's shoulder.
"You can't escape from your future. Gaining sympathy from your friends won't do anything. Her especially. She's clueless and useless." Patty sneers, pushing her aside, "And you. Do you think you're so great, helping out a friend in distress? She's faking. Everybody in our family are fakes. We all do it to gain attention." Patty's nails dig into my shoulders and I wince. I grit my teeth and push her away.
"I don't have to deal with you anymore!" I say this quietly, but hopefully, "I can't do much about my current situation, but I know that I can always run away."
Patty snort and walks away. When she reaches the door, she lets it slam on it's own, echoing throughout the empty cabin.
"Wow..." I stare in awe at the closed door, "that door is pretty tough. " Google docs is soooo glitchy and it annoys me!
Let's get the mail, I say to her with my face, and she nods and weakly smiles at me. We walk with each other toward the stack of boxes in the corner.

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