Memory Burns

Trish's house catches on fire, causing both of her parents' deaths. Only she knows that she was the cause of that fire. She goes to live in an orphanage in the hopes of being adopted, but something weighs on her mind. Somebody who had threatened her had intentionally killed her parents, and now they want to kill her. She goes from foster home to foster home, trying to adjust to the life she now has and let go of the ones she lost.


3. Chapter 3- Kab

“C’mon, we’re here. The orphanage kids await you,” says the woman driving the rusty truck.
I wasn’t sure what to think of her. She never offered me her name, and I never asked. She had seemed so cruel, but acted so indifferent about it. Like she was warning me.
I stare in awe at the shabby buildings surrounding me. There are four cabin-like buildings, 2 on each ends of the property. In the middle is a long low building that looks like it is about to fall over. Kids sit at picnic tables in front of the building in the middle. They are hunch backed, malnourished, and there eyes are dull. There is no fire in their eyes like most kids have. They look like they don’t want to live anymore. I sigh and force open the door. What a nice warm welcome.
The woman driving sits up and opens her door with a grunt. As she moves, I catch my eyes on a name tag.  Patty Lundenburg.
“While you are here, you will be sorted into one of the cabins. On the left, there are girl cabins, the right, the boy cabins. But don’t be surprised if you find some boys in your cabin,” she raises her eyebrows suggestively, and my eyes narrow in disgust.
        I hop out of the truck and slam the door behind me, making the truck grate in protest.
        Kids eye me threateningly, and I cower in fear, clutching my sides.
        "You can't live here looking like that," says Patty gruffly, grabbing my shoulders from behind.
        "I don't want to live here," I protest sullenly, scuffing at the dirt with my stupid new orphanage sneakers.
        "You don't have a choice," Patty says cruelly, pushing me forward forcefully. I stumble forward several feet before I catch myself on an object in front of me. That object happens to be a person.
        "Hey, watch where you're going!" a low but feminine voice growls in my ear. A short, petite girl eyes me warily, but then her expression changes into empathy.
        "Let me guess, Patty? I would tell you she comes around, but really I would be surprised if I saw it myself." says the small girl with the low voice, “so what’s your name?” the girl grabs my hand roughly, and drags me over to one of the small cabins- the one in the back, on the left. The older girls cabin.
I am curious about the fact that we just left Patty standing there, but I am quickly assured I am the least of her worries. Kids eye me, giving me sidelong glances, as if sizing me up. Some take in deep breaths with cigarettes balanced beneath their fingers. Others playfully, or not so playfully, punch eachother.
The girl leading me apologizes and says, “ Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Karie, but don’t call me that. Just call me Kab. PLEASE.”
“Trish,” I nod politely to her.
She bites back a grin and looks me in the eye. I gasp. She has piercing hazel eyes that bore into my soul, persuading dark secrets to come come rushing out.
She is so beautiful, but she seems to try to hide her beauty. She has beautiful thick brown hair that would fall in waves, but she has it cut short- to just above her ears. She has large earrings- the ones that makes your ear holes REALLY big in your ears, and she wears baggy, shapeless clothing.

A sharp clanging fills me, knocking me out of my trance. Karie bites back a smile and grabs my hand, dragging me along behind her.

“The moment of truth,” she says clasping her hands together. Then she pulls me to a rock surrounded by kids of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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