Memory Burns

Trish's house catches on fire, causing both of her parents' deaths. Only she knows that she was the cause of that fire. She goes to live in an orphanage in the hopes of being adopted, but something weighs on her mind. Somebody who had threatened her had intentionally killed her parents, and now they want to kill her. She goes from foster home to foster home, trying to adjust to the life she now has and let go of the ones she lost.


13. Chapter 13- I Want To Go Home


The first three bells are wonderful. I can tell right away that I fit right in with these kids. It's a life I had always dreamed of. The girl who first met me outside turned out to be Alison. She is a big flirt, and she loves batting her eyelashes at any boy within 15 feet of her. Nevertheless, she is the nicest regular girl I have ever met.
I stare at the cafeteria. The moment I have been dreading the most about school. Where will I sit in the cafeteria. My thoughts are cut short when I hear a chorus of shouting. I look over to the source of the noise.
"Hey! Trish, right?! Come sit with us! We're awesome!" Six very different girls are sitting at a table waving their arms and shouting my name. Bewildered, I go sit next to one of the girls, with shorter blonde hair that looks died. She wears black hipster glasses that totally match her face. She sits down and stares at her lunch tray, unlike the other girls.
"Hi, I'm Trish." I attempt to start a conversation, even though there are butterflies in my stomach.
She looks me up and down and then smiles at me, "Hi. I'm Izzy." she looks back at her tray and starts picking at her food again.
"So where are you from?" she asks me, still poking at the mush on her plate.
"I'm from Virginia," I say. I don't bother explaining anything else. I don't want anybody to find out.
"Why did you move?" she asks. The dreaded question. I know she is being polite, but I can't help but feel angry towards her for bringing up the topic.
"I am staying with Jenny and Peter Long for a little bit," I don't want to say more, so I shovel some food into my mouth. It's surprisingly tasty. Better than the goop I was served in Virginia.
"Wow, you know them?! They are some of the richest people in the area! And, well, that's saying alot..." she gestures to all of the amazingly dressed rich kids sitting around us.
"No, but why are you here? Why did you move in with those rich old grumps?" one of the girls, with very wavy brown hair says.
"I don't really know myself! My parents just up and left me there!" I force a laugh, and Izzy joins in to make me feel better about my 'joke', probably.
"Well, let us introduce ourselves... I am Elsa Bledsoe, this is Kate Dewey..." she points to a girl with long silky blonde hair and a small nose, "this is Sana Feeney..." she points to a girl with shiny auburn hair and a lot of makeup. They all smile and wave.
"I'm Trish Long, I guess..."
"What?! You're related to the Longs?!" Kate explodes, her silky blonde hair flying as she leans closer to me, "you have got to be kidding me!"
I'm not sure how to respond. I can tell them that I am not related, but then they'll wonder why I called myself Trish Long. If I say that I am related, then my secret might get out in the future anyways. I decide on a diferrent response.
"No, no, no, I'm not related to them. A different Long..." I get up and toss my half empty tray in the trashcan, knowing that a full meal will be waiting for me at home, anyways.
I am not questioned any more, and I was, I tuned everything out. The rest of the schoolday was wonderful, but I couldn't shake the feeling in the pit of my stomach that everybody wanted to know too much about me. Like they wanted to know my strengths and weaknesses.
I stand at my shiny red locker, trying to comfort myself, when Izzy comes up behind me.
"Hi," I force a smile.
"Hi," she forces a smile too.
"I was just wondering... why did you move here? Seriously? Is something wrong?" her face is so genuine that I can't help but answer her.
"I'm actually just a foster kid... my house caught on fire and my parents died, so I was sent to an orphanage, and Mrs. Long is my foster mother, although she's probably only in it for the money. She doesn't seem like the kind of person to deal with kids."
"I won't tell anyone, I swear." she promises.
"I know you won't."
I walk down the hall slowly, praying that she will keep her promise. When I reach the door, I hear footsteps tapping quickly in the hallway. Since the hallway is empty, I stiffen and listen intently for somebody who may have been listening in on the conversation, but hear nothing. I breathe a sigh of releif and keep walking.
I decide that Mrs. Long assumed I would be riding the bus, so I ask around until I figure out what bus I am on. Bus 5. I sit down heavily and jump when someone sits down next to me. I glance to the side. It's Kate.
"You ride this bus too? I didn't see you this morning." she remarks.
"I got a ride this morning, but I'll be riding the bus regularly now." I explain as I examine her more thoroughly.

She has a small nose and a sprinkle of freckles down her nose. She has multi-colored green-blue eyes that sparkle in even the dim light, and a smile glued to her face. Her long blonde hair glistens as if there is a spotlight on top of her, and looks soft enough to touch. I am jealous.

"So, where is your house?" she asks me.
"The mansion section, I guess," she laughs at my description, and I smile.
"I guess that describes it well," she grins at me, "I'm getting off here... see you tomorow!" I nod at her. As she leaves, I look out the window. She lives in a small mansion. It's white brick with a black roof, and 3 decks. She has large palm trees outside, although I am guessing they are artificial. The grass is a perfect green. It looks beautiful. As I watch, the front door opens up a crack, and then opens a little bit more, enough for Kate to get through, but a chain still keeps it from opening more. I assume that they were recently robbed. That's what happened with my old neigbors.
They wouldn't go outside for the next two weeks after they were robbed.
When the bus drops me off, I am quick to run inside. I didn't know how draining learning was, and a shovel down some cookies left on the counter. Then I go up to my room and start working on my homework. I grab the new computer I got and get online. I am browsing through the internet when I hear the door slowly creak open.
I glance up and see Mrs. Long looking at me dissaprovingly.
"What about your homework?" she asks me.
"I'm working on it. I'm just taking a break real quick." I try to smile at her, but I can tell that she is angry again.
"I need you to work on your homework now!" but she doesn't let me. She grabs me by my hair and yanks me out of my seat. I wince, because some of my bruises haven't healed yet. She kicks me to the ground and stomps on me. The pain is unbearable and I scream. But she doesn't stop, she kicks me more and punches me in the face. She pulls me up again, but I can't support my weight anymore, and I pull her down with me. She nudges my frozen body with her toe and laughs.
"Be down here in time for dinner," I hear the footsteps receding, and I finally let the tears flow. I bite my lip and sob, for all the times that I lost, and for all the mistakes I made to ruin my life. Even though my life sucks right now, I can't blame anybody but myself. And the internal pain is stronger than the physical pain. I sob and I sob until I can sob no more, and I lay on the soft, brown floor and stare into nothing. I can smell food being cooked, and I decide that I better eat something like Mrs. Long wanted me to.
I force myself up and groan in agony when I put weight on my leg. Looks like I can't walk now. I pull myself up with the help of my chair, and although my arms hurt unbearably I manage to pull myself up. I examine my face in the mirror. I have a bloody nose and a split lip, not to mention the giant swollen black eye glaring at me. I whimper but do my best to ignore the pain as I imagine the third flight of steps I will ahve to walk down.
"Hey, honey..." I hear the Lawra, the cook's voice outside my door. I rush over to my bed and sit down. Lucky for me I just finished hiding my bruises with makeup, so I see no suspicion on the cook's face when she sees my smiling face.
"I thought I'd bring your food up to your room since it's your first day of school and you must be exhausted." she lifts the top off a silver platter and I swallow hard. I huge steak. My mouth waters and I smile wider.
"Thankyou so much! Can I eat this alone, please?" I don't want sound rude, but I can't hold this act much longer. THe pain seems to be getting worse.
"Of course, honey!" she puts the platter on my beside table shuts the door behind her.
I sigh in releif as tears leak out of my eyes again.
I dig in and sigh when I'm done. Pain really takes it out of you. I get changed and wince when I see the bruises on my stomach. But I ignore them and climb into bed, and sleep for eternity.

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