Memory Burns

Trish's house catches on fire, causing both of her parents' deaths. Only she knows that she was the cause of that fire. She goes to live in an orphanage in the hopes of being adopted, but something weighs on her mind. Somebody who had threatened her had intentionally killed her parents, and now they want to kill her. She goes from foster home to foster home, trying to adjust to the life she now has and let go of the ones she lost.


10. Chapter 10- My New Home


"And we will be happy to take her," a sweet feminine voice seeps into the room like honey through the cracks in the door. I take a deep breath.
I have prepared myself to meet her, straightening my hair with Kab's old beat up straightener, and even dabbed on a little bit of makeup that my mom would have scoffed at. I smile, and try to keep the nervousness away. But I can't help it. I may have found my new family.
"Honey, are you ready?" Patty is using her sickeningly pleasent voice in front of the customer. Of course. But I try not to be annoyed. Not in front of my temporary parents, of course.
"I have never been a parent before, so I may not be perfect, but you know, as long as we can change a life!" the woman in the room laughs and flips her hair over her shoulder. I wipe my hands on my pants and put my fingers onto the doorknob. The doorknob feels too cold.
My heart skips a beat as I push open the door, revealing my new family. I gasp. A beautiful woman sits, attached to the arm of a young man, looking about in his 20s.
The woman has long blonde hair curled in ringlets, with several parts highlighted and darkened randomly. She has a pleasent smile, and any imperfections she may have are covered in makeup. She carries an expensive looking handbag in her thin fingers. She is covered in thin golden lace, and after a while I realise that the outfit is a dress. I am going to have culture shock. First my mom's 'no skin policy' and then 'dirt is cool' going into a rich person's place will be so much different.
The man looks a bit different. He has deep blue eyes and auburn has on a flat-ironed suit, and he sits stiffly upright, but his eyes wander around the room, and his mouth forms a grimace. I can't blame him. This isn't the nicest place.
"This is your new temporary daughter!" Patty smiles at me, with a look that sasys' don't mess up'.
"Hi! My name is Trish!" I smile weakly at them. My stomach is choosing the wrong time to do flips. I put my hand over my stomach, and the woman looks at me, concerned.
"Do you have health problems, sweety?" she looks nervous.
"No, I am just nervous." I sit down on the remaining rickety chair, exhaling.
"No need!"she smiles widely at me, her white teeth almost sparkling. "we'll take great care of you!" her honey voice sweeps onto me, and I find myself nodding at her words.
"When should I let the kids know that you're leaving?" Patty's voice is rougher now, crueler.
"After I leave, please," I swallow hard. I feel bad, not saying bye to my friends, but I don't want to find out why everyone get's scared when they leave. I can find out on my own, I suppose.
"I will leave you guys to get to know eachother." Patty's face is angry, although I don't know what I did wrong.
"Alright, Miss." The man finally speaks. His voice, like his wife's, is full of sugar, and I shiver as the words captivate me. Just the tone of his voice suggests he is otherworldly.
"So, what is it that you like to do?" the woman's pleasant voice fills the room.
"I like…" I am surprised that I have to stop and think, but I realize I don't know. I settle with 'eveything teenagers like to do, I guess' and she smiles and nods. The man's frown appears on his face again. I wonder why he's so angry? I didn't say something wrong, did I?
"What are your guys' names? Mara never told me." I try to lighten the stiff mood.
"Oh, sorry sweety! I almost forgot! How rude... My name is Jenny Long and this is my husband Peter Long." she smiles broadly at me, and I see a glint in her eye.
I close my eyes, smiling. Trish Long. If only they can keep me forever... be my real parents instead of just foster parents. I am jolted out of my thoughts by Mr. Long's deep voice.
"Well, let's get this over with. I have work today." he sneaks a quick smile into his sentence, warming it up.
"Alright, you just need to finish filling out this paperwork and you'll be all set. You ready, Mara?" Patty's eyebrows are drawn in and her mouth is set in a firm line. She gives me a hard glare.
"Alright!" Mrs. Long smiles and grabs the paper from Patty, her long nails scratching the sides, giving me goosebumps. I shiver.
15 minutes later, the paperwork is filled out, and I am walking out the door, one step closer to my foster home. I glance at the car, and then do a double take. A magnificent convertible freshly waxed completely ruins the natural look of the gravel parking lot, giving it a gritty, old, run down look. I stroke the side of the car, until I hear "don't touch!" I wince, but then Mrs. Long elaborates. "We just got it cleaned.
I nod. I quickly open the back door and sit down on the plush leather seat. The new car smell wafts through the room.
Mr. Long starts up the engine, and a a deafening roar cuts through the silent air. The kids should be eating waking up about now. I peer over the hill.
Then I stiffen. Nikki, Mitt, and Shelb are walking up the hill, laughing. There eyes widen at the sight of the nice vehicle. I duck down, trying to hide myself from their sight, but it's too late. Nikki points at my window, and I see Mitt gasp. They look horrified.
I exhale as we pull out of view. I'm gone now. I have a new home, at least temporarily.

30 minutes later, we pull into a long driveway. I glance out the window for the first time since I saw my friends, and I gasped. Hundreds of acres of pure grass were spread out before me, with white picket fences and magnificent homes spread out over miles. Houses were built sturdily, some stretching several stories in the air. I catch a quick glimpse of woods outside the driveway, which is smoothly paved, and I can't find a single imperfection.
"Hunnym you need to get more money! Look at that fence! It's almost sagging!" Mrs. Long's sweet honey voice is gone, replaced with a dry nasal voice that sounds familiar on her face. I am shocked.
"Why do you think I want to get home quickly?" Mr. Long scoffs at her and swatts at her hands as she attempts to play with his hair.
"Jerk!" Mrs. Long sounds near tears, and she opens the door with the car still in motion. She jumps out, making Mr Long freeze, and she rolls to the side of the road.
Mr. Long finally snaps out of it and slams on the breaks, jumping out if his door. I sit in the backseat, bewildered at the display. I see Mr. Long dragging Mrs. Long back to the car while she pouts. I roll my eyes. I start searching for the couple's good qualities. I can't find any, but I haven't seen them for too long.
I peer around the corner as the Longs get back in the car, and I gasp. The house is the biggest one yet.
Several decks line the front of the house, with sparkling windows and a huge garage just around the corner. The grass is clipped short, and every blade sparkles with a different texture. I feel my palms get sweaty. I haven't been to a house like this since I had a friendn named Christina. As soon as my mom found out that she was richer than us, it was a quick goodbye. I sigh and gaze up at the massive pillars surrounding the pure white house.
"Get your stuff, sweety!" Mrs. Long's shrill voice fills my ears.
"Okay." I smile at her, but she isn't looking at me. She is checking her makeup in the fold-down mirror.
I grab my suitcase from under the seat and pull my water-bottle out from the sleeve in the seat. I pull a piece of paper out of my pocket and smile. Something Kab left behind. 5 concert tickets that she planned for us to use once we ran away. That never happened.
The car pulls to a stop and I take a deep breath. I open the door and drag my suitcase outside. The weight has increased from the last time I had to carry it around. I am not sure why... there is no more in there from last time, but I have lost weight. That may be it.
I drag my suitcase up to the back door, following Mr. Long. He stops and takes out his keys, and he unlocks the door 3 times. Then he takes out another set of keys and unlocks the door twice. I smirk.
He turns around and raises an eyebrow at my amused expression.
"You don't want to get on my bad side, sweety," his voice is startlingly calm, and the smile vanishes from my face.
Something is going wrong here.


(Sorry, this is weird)



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