Jack Trevelyan is a kid with problems. One, he can't remember his past. Two, he has another, different personality in his subconscious. Three, he's on the run from the most powerful organisation, known as the Network. And now, he has to run, gun, kill, blackmail and do whatever he has to do to destroy the Network. Oh, and Four; he's decided to fall in love with a girl. One that has a few secrets of her own. The question is, can Jack and the girl survive as they cross the continents, with one of the most powerful assassins on their tail, and the voice in Jack's head?


4. Switch

As he drew his head back in, Jack suddenly saw two men, looking quite suspicious, dressed in overcoats, were looking up at his window. His eyes widened, and the other noted that they also had tattoos on their fingers, identical to the girl's. He took her hand, and spoke quietly, his eyes flaring.


"There's two men out there; I think they've traced the phone. We need to go, now." he pulled his own phone out of his pocket, and quickly dashed off a message to two numbers. Lauren would get one, and she would stay away from the house. The other was for someone else, warning of them coming. As Jack slipped his phone away, he then went to his wardrobe, and pulled it away from the wall. 


"A safe?" the girl asked him, "Are you kidding me?"


"Nope," Jack replied, opening the safe, and removing two handguns from within. They were heavy machined Smith and Wesson guns, not often used, but it was all Lauren could get from the Network Armory without too many questions. They had been adapted for syringes, not bullets, and it had taken a while to get them working properly again. Slipping in a clip of ammunition, he handed it to the girl, and smiled. 


"Aim with this, shoot with this," he joked, "Unless you're not telling me something that I should be aware of, my dear."


The girl took the gun, and weighted in her hand. It was then that they heard the door splinter and crack open. The other immediately switched on, and took control of his body, moving towards the door while keeping Carrie behind him; he couldn't risk her getting caught in the firefight. It was between him, a genetically engineered super assassin versus two gangsters who probably thought everything revolved around them. He slowly slipped opened the door, when he heard a creak on the stair. He threw himself over Carrie just a volley of bullets peppered the door and the wall. He kept his body close over hers, and he smiled, his bronze eyes mad with flames. He suddenly jumped up, and wrenched off a metal leg of his desk, sending trinkets flying everywhere. As the door opened, he slammed it down on the man's hand, breaking it in many places. Before the man could even howl with pain, he slammed the metal pole into the back of his head, splitting his head open, and spattering brains everywhere. He was about to throw again when the second man came barreling through, pushing him to the floor. The knock on his head brought Jack to the surface, and the other yelled at him to move. He rolled as the second man threw himself down on him. Suddenly, Jack felt himself being picked up, and a gun being pointed at his stomach.


"You first, you son of a--" the man barely finished when a gun barrel roared, and the man flew backwards, his head exploding. Slowly, Jack turned around, and there was the girl, with the gun smoking almost imperceptibly, smiling at him.


"What do you know?" she laughed, shaky with nerves, "I can aim."


"Yes, you can," Jack replied, getting to his feet, "I think you have some explaining to do. But first, I think it might be time to use one of my gadgets. Lauren stole these from the Network, so I don't know what everything does. Just don't press any buttons. Right, now then, here we are!"


Jack dived into his wardrobe, and came out with a black sports bag. He hoisted it over his shoulder, and then brought out another, smaller bag, which he gave to Carrie. He then grabbed her hand, and started to walk, slowly moving through the empty shell that was once home, but it had been destroyed by the two men. A few things would have gone missing, Jack expected that, but it would be replaced. Of course it would; Lauren had more than enough money. He just had to look after the gadgetry, especially the shoulder bag; that contained something terribly expensive. He left through the front door, and saw a black car draw up, before one of the doors slowly began to open. He moved the other way, and Carrie followed him. He detected the men coming out of the car, and the guns that they carried. He walked down a narrow alley, and saw another car draw up. He suddenly started running, the map of New York opening up inside his head. He knew about twelve ways in which to get to the subway, and, from there, it would be a run to the Station. As he thought through his hasty plan, his phone buzzed. He pulled it out, and opened his inbox. He quickly read the message when Carrie let out a yell.




He twisted around, and saw two men behind him, both pointing guns. He looked forward, and saw two more men. He sighed, and the other analysed the situation. He calculated that there was, realistically, no way he could take them on alone. With Carrie, however, there was more choice in situation. He drew out his gun, and whispered an instruction to Carrie. They both pulled out their guns, and shot two men in the arm. However, before the others could shoot at them, they fell to the floor, and shot the others. They then stood up, and Jack checked the contents of his bag, before turning Carrie around, and pulling out the contents of her bag.


"What the hell are those things?" she asked incredulously.


"Jumping Boots," he replied, slipping his feet in, "Trust me, think of it like a Pogo stick crossed with high heels. They can increase our speed, and you can jump really high.Here, put them on. They are quite cool. I used to use them, until I escaped. Lauren grabbed them, and here they are. Now, let's go!"


He stood up, and began to lightly bounce up and down, as Carrie strapped her own boots on. He then pulled her up, and started to run. They dashed out of the alley, and then rounded the corner. Carrie was not used to it, but Jack was, and he moved fluidly, suddenly jumping a flight of stairs, and landing on the ground. Many people stared open mouthed at the two of them, dashing through the streets, when bullets started to fly behind them. Jack leaped to the left, and rolled past an elderly couple, whereas Carrie went to the right. They were being stupid, trying to stop them in the open. But Jack was confident that they would be fine; they were nearly at the subway. Jumping down another stairwell, he became aware of a yell behind him. He span around, and saw Carrie, launching through the air, heading straight at him. The other reacted, grabbing her, and setting her on the floor.


"Make sure you know what you're doing," he warned her, "These things are a little awkward to use. Now, hurry up! We're almost there."


With that, he sprang across the road, dodging a swiftly moving car, and he stood at the entrance to the station. Carrie was behind him, he could hear her heavy breathing, and there was the way out behind him. He jumped down the stairwell, scaring a few of the commuters, when he caught a glimpse of more black cars appearing, as well as more of the men in suits. He vaulted over a ticket booth, and Carrie followed him. He ran onto the platform, and saw one of the trains, just as it began to move. He swiftly removed his shoulder bag, and pulled out its contents as Carrie rolled up. He grabbed her with his free hand, and pulled her onto the train tracks. As the train continued to pull out, he told Carrie to grab him, before aiming the device at the train. He squeezed the trigger as shots volleyed around them, and they were suddenly hurtling along at the same speed as the train. Carrie, not used to what was happening, almost fell over, but Jack dug the Pogo part of the boots into the ground, and kept them on track.


"What the hell is that thing?" she screamed at him as they were pulled along.


"A flower gun," he explained, rather calmly, "It fires a number of harpoons, attached to the guns by filaments. They either bury themselves into the target, or create an electromagnetic circuit with it.Don't ask; apparently attaching yourself to moving targets was necessary in the training program. Now, then, let's keep going, shall we?"


Jack continued to be dragged by the train, until he saw the station he wanted. He released the trigger, and the gun reeled its harpoon filaments in, before releasing him. The abrupt change in speed caused him to stagger slightly, but he had managed it. It was now time to escape. Properly, this time.










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