Jack Trevelyan is a kid with problems. One, he can't remember his past. Two, he has another, different personality in his subconscious. Three, he's on the run from the most powerful organisation, known as the Network. And now, he has to run, gun, kill, blackmail and do whatever he has to do to destroy the Network. Oh, and Four; he's decided to fall in love with a girl. One that has a few secrets of her own. The question is, can Jack and the girl survive as they cross the continents, with one of the most powerful assassins on their tail, and the voice in Jack's head?


3. Coffee Break

"So, do you want a coffee, or don't you?"


The girl looked silently at him. All throughout their brief time together, she had not said one thing. As Jack stood there, she nodded mutely, before looking out at the window. Jack sighed, and then went to the counter, and ordered two coffees, both very strong, with no milk in them, but rather a small jug for them to pour it in. The attendant, who knew Jack through mild acquaintance, smiled, and proceeded to expertly whip up their order. He also picked up a slice of cake, and then took the laden tray to the table, and set the coffee cup in front of the girl. She nodded again, and smiled slightly, for just a second. He smiled back, and sat down, before handing her the plate of cake.


"So, since we're all comfortable, why don't we try communicating? My name's Jack, and I saved you. What's your name?" 


"Carrie," she whispered, "Carrie Parr."


Jack nodded neatly at her, and then took a sip of his coffee. It was bitter, strong, and he liked it like that. Carrie, however, he wasn't too sure about, but he hoped that it would do. She, on her part, took a sip of the coffee, and her face frowned. Jack instantly moved the jug of milk within her reach, and she poured a liberal amount in, sending the coffee a pale brown colour through the glass. She took another sip, and she nodded slightly at it. She then picked up a fork, and sliced a sliver of cake, before putting it in her mouth. Jack scratched his head, covering his eye. The other took it over, and he observed that she was nervous about him, scared about what he had done to that man. He bit his lip, and then whispered very quietly, so that none of the other customers could hear them.


"Right, listen," Jack told her quietly, "I know that what you've just seen was a bit mind-bending, but it happens. There's two of me; the normal me, Jack Trevelyan, who you're talking to right now. And then there's him; the other me. I call him 'The Other', actually, if you must know. Now, he was the one that knocked out the man. I'm the nice one who talks, buys coffee, and basically makes sure that the other doesn't do anything stupid. Which doesn't actually work, to be honest. So, since I've finished my introductions, I guess that I must apologize for being so upfront about that. But I saw you, and he kind of took control of me. You know, as you do."


The girl was shaken, and he knew that, so he suddenly grabbed her hand, and squeezed it reassuringly. As he comforted her silently, she suddenly started to speak, slowly and with surprising calmness. As she continued talking, he noticed a tattoo on her finger. It was a coiled snake, crawling around her finger. He had seen it somewhere before, but he couldn't think where, exactly.


"I knew he was after me," she admitted, "In fact, I knew he was following me since I ran from Washington D.C. I've been running for a few weeks, and he always seemed to find me, no matter what I did. I guess he was going to use the gun on me because I always managed to escape before."


"Why was he after you?"


"I don't want to say." she muttered, looking away from Jack's eyes. The other suddenly noticed that she must have had a phone on her, for some reason, and it was perfectly  that some software had been installed, or maybe a bit of hardware, that kept tabs on her, and sent her location to a computer, or maybe a receiver that the man had. Jack asked him if she had her phone, and the girl nodded slowly, before placing it on the table, in between them. Jack moved expertly. The other was strangely silent, and all he said was that he should be fine sorting it. Jack picked up the phone, and turned it over, before he removed the back. He drew in a sharp breath as he saw the hardware that was tracking her; a small black chip, slotted in place where the SD card should have gone. He picked it out, and placed it casually in his coffee. He then placed the battery back in, and turned the phone back on. Once it had loaded, he checked the list of available apps, even though he knew that it wouldn't appear there.


"Listen," he told her, "This thing's complicated. I think you might be better buying a new one. Actually, I think I could wipe it, but--"


"No!" she spoke sharply, attracting a few glances from the neighboring tables. She collected herself, "Well, I promised a few...friends, let's say, that I would keep in touch with them. If you wipe the phone, I'll lose their numbers. And, to be honest, I would like to keep them. After all, they did help me out. A lot."


Jack considered the information, and then casually flicked out the batteries. He handed the phone to the girl, before pocketing the battery.


"Just in case they built an extra circuit into the phone that diverts the power so that it still tracks. Never can be too careful. Now, shall we make a move? I think that I want a closer look at this phone."




He unlocked the door, and shouted that he was home, and had brought a visitor. A female voice called back down to wait a moment, and then an almost inhuman apparition appeared to them. She was tall, slim, and very pretty, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. She was dressed in a black turtle neck, and her hands were covered in a similar pair of gloves. She extended her hand, and the girl took it. Jack introduced them to each other.


"Carrie, this is Lauren. Lauren, this is Carrie. Don't worry," he quickly added, looking at Lauren's look of concern, "She knows about him. Are you heading off somewhere?"


"As a matter of fact, I am," she smiled politely at Carrie, "I have to head off, Jack. I got a call; I need to oversee a student's experiment.  I must say, it sounds quite interesting. Something concerning the use of Dark Matter in holding a star together so that we can use it for power. I doubt it'll work, mind," she spoke as she brushed past, "Student experiments are useless, mainly. Except from that unique one that one student a few years ago. I must say, it was quite--"


"Exceptional," Jack interjected, pushing Carrie past, "See you soon, Lauren! Good luck. Sorry about that," he added, guiding Lauren up the stairs, "Lauren's obsessed with science. In fact, that's whys she joined the Company that...did this to me. You know, gave me the other. She helped me out, like your friends, so I stayed with her. Oh, and Carl; a security guard. Don't ask. Ah, this is me. In you go. Careful as you go."


Carrie looked at the inside of Jack's room with interest. He brushed past her, and sat at a desk just underneath a window, where afternoon light was gradually bleeding in, onto the surface of the desk. He started to open drawers, and pulled out a variety of implements, until the top was covered in pieces of equipment and a small laptop. Switching the laptop on, he opened the cover of the phone, and gently connected two crocodile clips to the battery terminals. He then tapped a few commands into a window on his laptop, and another window opened.


"Right, let me see," he told himself, ignoring the girl for a moment, "Let's see what files are left in this thing. Ooh, is that it? I can't believe that! That's far too easy; there must be some attached files that might break down and change the phone's function. And then, we'll lose it entirely. Oh, to protect everything, let's remove the S.I.M card, just to make sure they can't mess with anything," he yanked out the small chip, and placed it on the worktop, "Now, let's start fiddling!"


He started to mess with the laptop, and as he got into his groove, the girl slowly started to look around his room. There was nothing much there; a few books, a bed, a desk. There was no personality, except for one thing. On the bookcase was a framed photo. It showed two people, laughing and smiling at the camera. One of them was Jack, and the other was a girl, who she had never seen before. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, and a pair of keen blue eyes. She seemed to be a little more emaciated than he was, and she found herself being drawn towards her. All of a sudden, she became aware of a dark, sleek voice, speaking in harsh tones.


"It doesn't do to look at other people's stuff, Carrie." it whispered in her ear. She turned trembling, and found Jack staring at her, but his eyes were a dark bronze in hue, instead of the normal blue. She took a step back, and he moved closer, leering and smiling sadistically. All of a sudden, he clapped a hand to his head, and his bronze eyes became a normal blue once more. He smiled, happily this time, and handed her the phone.


"Sorted," he breezily declared, and then looked at the photo. His lips twitched, almost at the memory behind the photo, and then he turned back to the desk, where he began to put away his stuff. Across the street, a camera clicked, capturing his face perfectly. And then, as it was sent, he went away from the window.

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