Jack Trevelyan is a kid with problems. One, he can't remember his past. Two, he has another, different personality in his subconscious. Three, he's on the run from the most powerful organisation, known as the Network. And now, he has to run, gun, kill, blackmail and do whatever he has to do to destroy the Network. Oh, and Four; he's decided to fall in love with a girl. One that has a few secrets of her own. The question is, can Jack and the girl survive as they cross the continents, with one of the most powerful assassins on their tail, and the voice in Jack's head?


1. Escape

"Wake up, Number Five. I need you to wake up, or we risk losing everything. Come on, Five. You need to go, now! Look, Five, I know they pump you full of drugs to try and keep you silent, and stop attacking others, but this time, there's no time to recover. Get up, and get out! Come on, Five. Now!"


The boy felt warm hands on his skin, caressing the puncture sites on his arms. He felt himself fading away, almost like he was dying. He fell deeper into the darkness, and suddenly, someone else emerged from the silence within him. He remembered what was happening, and the other replaced him, stepping into reality, into the light. He was the boy, but he was another. Another who was keen to escape. Another who hated what was happening.


Another who was eager for blood to be spilled.


He barely felt his hand move, as it darted up, and clamped the woman's neck. He opened his eyes as he slowly squeezed his hand. The woman started to gag and cough, and she silently pleaded with him in her eyes. He looked at her, and suddenly, his grip slackened, and the woman fell, as her temporarily redundant lungs were forced back into work. She gasped for air, and tears started leaking out of her eyes. He slipped off of the cold metal table, and crouched in front of her. He gripped her chin in his pale, yet strong hands, and made her look up at him. She was recovering from the shock, yes, but she was still afraid of what was happening, and how he, a boy of no more than fifteen, had almost strangled her like she was nothing. He looked deep into her eyes, and noticed a mild deformity in her eyes. One of them were dark china blue, and the other was a soft brown colour. It was only mild, but it was a deformity that would mark her out in a crowd. And that made her a liability. He drew closer to her face, and whispered conspiratorially in her ear softly.


"I woke up, like you asked. Tell me, if you want me to escape, what do you gain? Oh yes, I know now. You want me to escape so you can escape with me. Turn me into a weapon in which to escape, so then you can escape too. But why should I comply? Why should I let you escape with me? In fact, why don't I just kill you now? Give me one good reason, and I might consider it. Two reasons, and I'll definitely help. Now, you better give me two reasons."


"I only have one reason," the woman whispered hoarsely, rolling up her sleeves, "But I think it might swing your opinion."


The boy's eyes flicked down, and he saw, like poison, a tattoo spreading over her arm. In its loopy intricate design was a single word, that cut deeper than any other knife or bullet in the place. The boy looked up, and smiled thinly.


"I think that's evidence enough." he said quietly. He stood up, and the woman rolled her sleeves down. Just then, the metal door swung open with a squeak, and a gaunt, tall man walked in. He opened his mouth to raise the alarm, when the woman snatched up a small pointy scalpel, and threw it in his direction. It was a lucky shot, as the scalpel buried itself into the man's eye. As blood and fluid started to leak out, the man crumpled, and fell to the floor. As he did, the woman turned around, and looked at the boy, who smiled sickly. She asked him to do her a favour.


"Fine, what do I have to do?" he snarled.


"Delete your file, my file, and all the security footage of the last seventy two hours. It will help us immensely. Now, go, and I'll follow on, with weapons. Quickly now, Number Five!"


The boy's feet barely even touched the floor as he ran through the door the man had left swinging open. He started to run down countless corridors that shared each other's blandness, and countless rooms, all connected like a maze. All of a sudden, the boy stopped in front of a metal door, which was secured with a retina scanner, and finger print scanner. The other rushed at the door, and with a crunch of bone upon metal, the door gained a person sized hole. He was certainly in the security room, with a large bank of computers and several screens, all playing different scenes of footage from the facility. Sitting at a chair in front of the computers was a massive guard, with seemingly no neck, four shoulders, and a broad chest. He lumbered out of the chair, and threw a fist the size of the boy's head at him. The boy ducked, and without thinking, sunk his nails into the guard's arm. He then followed up with a kick to the stomach, and finally finished off the guard by grabbing his head and twisting it a hundred and eighty degrees. The guard crumpled to the floor, and the boy smiled. The thing inside him started laughing. He wanted blood spilled, and he got a little bit of blood. He quickly set to work, scratching the guard and biting through his flesh. Blood started leaking from the wounds, and the boy stepped over him, and sat at the desk. He typed something into the computer, and four disks were ejected from within the bowels of the machine. The boy picked them up, and crushed them to fragments with his teeth. He then put them in his pocket, and found a file in the system. He erased it, and alarms started to wail through the facility. 


"Warning, warning! Detonation protection system has been disabled! Detonation will commence in five minutes. Thank you!"


The boy stood up, and stepped out of the room. He started running as guns started to send a volley of bullets his way. He ducked, twisted, and dodged the deadly hail as he rounded a corner, and found himself staring at a metal door. It was the exit, the lift. He started running, when an inexperienced guard emerged, and fired a lucky shot into his elbow. The boy inside screamed, but the other grunted, and, throwing out his arm, grabbed the guard in a head lock, and dragged him over to the lift. He punched the button, and then grabbed the guard. He looked at him.


"You deserve to die," he snarled, and the guard let out a small scream, "But maybe I'll let you suffer terribly first, unless you say to the others that you've found me in the lower section. Do it!"


The guard fumbled with the radio, and between sobs, he told the guards where the boy apparently was, and then closed off the radio. The boy threw it away, and then as the door opened, he threw the guard in, and just as he was ready to go, the woman appeared at the end of the corridor, shortly followed with volleys of bullets. She ran closer and closer, as the doors to the lift started to close. The boy stuck out an arm, and the woman just managed to jump in just in time. The lift started to rise, when a distant boom was heard.


"That's the lower wards," the woman said, "They detonate first, two minutes before the other parts. We need to hurry!"


The other nodded, and he faded away, letting the real boy fill the body. He blinked, just as the doors opened. The woman ran out, as did the guard. The boy waited a moment, and then grabbed a pipe of metal. As the door closed, the boy jammed it in, and the doors stopped moving. The lift couldn't move. The other smiled at the devastation that was going to happen. And then, as the booms came closer, the boy turned and ran with the others.


Little did the two of them realise what was going to happen to them.



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