Story Chain 2

A story written line by line by hundreds of children playing Movellas Story Chain.


1. 1

The zombies gathered round scarily with their mouths frothing infected dribble. I shouldered my backpack, gripped my baseball bat and charged into the crowd of coldblooded killers. People shouted to slowdown, but I held the bat tightly, unwilling to give up after all I'd been through. 

  Suddenly, I heard a creepy voice from behind me.. a headless zombie staggered towards me, spitting out blood. It charged at me but because it didn't have a head it ran straight into the wall.    So as I ran, a huge zombie the size of a house came staggering towards me. The grotesque faced monster was close. I ran and ran and ran until I tripped and fell into a hole.    But I was lucky, the zombie had lost its brain and I began to search for it. I searched endlessly it, but I couldn't find it when just at that moment…   There was the zombie again! But this time with its vicious friends. This meant it could take more lives from innocent young people. In the corner of my eye I could see zombies slashing peoples skin and blood pouring out…   I turned quickly almost losing my balance and ran as fast as I could - I had to get away!   Then it stopped me, his teeth flashing different colours in the light. But then…   I realised that blood was dripping from my head and I blacked out. I was spinning out of control. My vision was a kaleidoscope, the rainbow colours dancing and swimming in my eyes.    I stumbled all over the place. I couldn't see where I was or what I was doing. Where were they taking me?    Actually, they were taking me to the aquarium where there was talking octopi.    Suddenly, one scary zombie smashed dangerous glass and the Zombie ate the octopus that had landed on a train. It came from Mars. The octopus died a bad death and the zombie went to people's homes around the country and ate brains.    Eventually, the humans rose up against the zombies and declared war. The humans marched on their base and took their powerful grenade to bomb all the nasty barbaric zombies.    They all sprinted out of the base to kill the zombies but unfortunately you need a special gas to destroy them. They caused a distraction to make more time to get the gas.   The zombies were getting nearer and then they realised they wanted ice cream as a side serving of brains so they had to rush to Tesco.   THE END
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