Story Chain 1

A story written line by line by hundreds of children playing Movellas Story Chain.


1. 1

Once there was an octopus, who always wanted a moustache. He searched high and low for the perfect moustache. 

  One day he was about to give up, when he saw something glinting in the sun, it was a larma with a hat called Carl.    Carl had a perfect moustache! It was as perfect as a moustache can be. So the octopus took Carl's moustache and stuck it on his forehead.    Suddenly it fell off!   He cried and cried but it just made him sadder and sadder. So he thought to himself "Hmm, I wonder what will make me feel better?"   Then unicorns came and everything got better! However there was a cold empty feeling of guilt in his stomach as the unicorns of the world united before him.    "Hooray" they shouted with glee. A smile appeared on their faces.    Suddenly everything went dark and they heard a scream, a bang, and then silence. The ebony darkness evaded their senses as they felt tinglings running up their spines.    A giant monstrous shark swam swiftly towards them, it snapped its angry jaw noisily. Ahh! Crunch! the shark shut its mouth with them all inside..   It was dark, one single light was shining and all the party advanced to it, but then it went out and the party was left in darkness. There were screams and shouts everywhere, drips of water splashed onto the floor.    In the darkness, the room took on an eerie quality, nothing moved, nothing spoke, except the maimed and decomposing bodies of three children, hanging by their necks. The three corpeses opened their lifeless eyes, their silhouettes flowing red in the darkness. They dropped down from their necks, blood dripping from their head and limbs, spreading their gored arms wide and leaping forwards. Clumsily, still trying to get used to their almost lifeless bodies.    Finally, one succeeded and a rainbow unicorn pranced around, singing 'Yayyyy, carrots!'. They the giant flower ate the lemon!   Out of nowhere, the magic mango appeared and blew up their small planet. The explosion was so loud everyone on Earth went deaf for two days.    After two days, the people grew furious and wanted their revenge. They bribed the US army to destroy the evil octopi and have their powers back. But the octopi are the US army and soon there was nothing left but the Prime Minister's Granny, who destroyed an Octopus by sacking it with her hand bag.    All of a sudden, a great white shark emerged from the sea nearby. He too attacked the granny.    THE END
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