When nine children are plucked from the street and forced to dictate the lives of the ones they love and those who they don't even know, what will happen?


2. Welcome to the Veritas Venatus


The Veritas Venatus is a game designed to hand pick the strongest, wisest and most powerful of the generation. Literally translated Veritas Venatus means “Truth Game” but, as it was developed in the era of the Roman conquest it has adapted the Latin name. The Veritas Venatus puts a group of nine children, all aged between the ages of nine and eighteen, through tests which will determine how much they value their life above others. Those who value their life least will die first and those who value their life most will surly survive.

At the beginning of the game each candidate will be wearing a watch with the number “3” written on it. This is the amount of lives you have. In order to leave the game you must ensure you take the right steps towards gaining more lives. Upon reaching nine lives you may leave the game. If, however, you do not take the right steps and lose all your lives you will die

The Veritas Venatus games will take place at five intervals through the course of human history. These intervals are:

•    225 days into the battle of the Gods

•    177 days into the battle of the Demons

•    93 days into the battle of the Forces

•    264 days into the battle of the People

•    126 days into the battle between the Gods and the Demons


Four of these battles have already happened therefore four of the five games have already took place.


As in all games the Veritas Venatus has a set of simple rules which must be followed at all times. If these rules are not followed then sever consequences will follow.


Rule #1- The person who hosts the Veritas Venatus must be asked by at least one of the previous winners of the game

Rule #2- The host must be a worthy person who will not allow feelings for a person to get in there way

Rule #3- The host must pick the people who compete in the game. S/he may chose anyone they wish as long as they fall in the age requirements

Rule #4- Upon entering the game each contestant will have a lot of knowledge on one other contestant. You may not share this information


Soon the games will begin for the fifth and final Veritas Venatus.

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