When nine children are plucked from the street and forced to dictate the lives of the ones they love and those who they don't even know, what will happen?


1. Preface


The moon light flooded the clearing, majestically enhancing the features upon the trees. Small water droplets had already formed on the knee-high grass creating twinkling lights when the light from the stars reflected off of them. The whole clearing stood still, moving and breathing as one. Inhale together, harmonically and exhale together, melodically. Not one cricket chirp was out of tune with the silence that accompanied it. Even when the first man arrived nature seamed to move with him.

The man had brilliant white hair and a face pale enough to match. His eyes glowed an electric blue and were kinder that the innocence of children yet wiser that the elderly, despite his young apperance. He walked with power and meaning making his short height seem much taller. Although not often considered hansom, each of his features worked together completing one large whole which, in itself, was perfect. Once the man arrived at the centre of the clearing he stood still facing north with his head looking upwards. He waited patiently until the second man arrived.

The second man was obviously related to the first. He had the same facial structure and build although on this man all he features were slightly sharper. Unlike his brother this man did not have brilliant white hair but instead a cool shock of black. His eyes, although as sharply blue and just as wise as his brothers held not nearly as much kindness. The way the man walked, although not quite a strut, gave the impression of simple arrogance. Both men had walked the same path but as one decided to turn the other walked straight on.

“Hugh, long time no see. What brings you here, brother?” the first man, who went by the name Quinton but was often simply referred to as “Q”, asked.

“Ah, dear brother, I suspect the same thing as you. The stars changed. It will soon be time won't it?” the second man, Hugh, replied.

“I'm afraid so. Our time has been long and gracious but soon it will be time for the Veritas Venatus. The test that shall decide the true course of human nature”

“Rather exciting, isn't it? We've waited all these years and finally the time has come to decide our next heir, as it is.”

“Rather cruel, in my opinion. A cruel ritual to decide who is the strongest, all, in the end, to have them standing in this exact place in a thousand or so years discussing the same thing as we. One with a cold heart, one with a warm.”

“By now, brother, I thought you would have realize that there is no such thing as a warm or a cold heart. Power, that's all there is. Simply power.”

“And yet, I find myself disagreeing with you. Without a warm or a cold heart there is no desire. And, without desire, power is merely a word.” The two men stood for a moment in silence before Q continued. “I suppose now would be a good time to discuss the host of the Veritas Venatus?”

“I already have someone in mind. Ah, now don't worry,” he exclaimed, seeing the look on his brother’s face. “This person fits all the requirements. He has a thirst for attention and will, by any means seek to find it. He isn't afraid to hurt anyone or see anyone suffer. In fact, I think he enjoys the thought of it. But, still he is able to control himself and keep his patience at a steady level.”

“About your earlier comment,” Q said after a moment of silence. “Although, admittedly cruel, the stars do tell a tale that, yes, this Veritas Venatus will be rather... exciting.”


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