I love you more than this

So hi I am Olivia Winters I have live my whole life in this place. This place is a castle.

Um so in this story the queen daughter is 17 turning 18 and one direction are current age


2. One :)

Olivia POV

I was walking in my room when mother stoped me a said " honey could you please get ready we are having guesses in an hour" I nodded then walked upstairs blasted my music lucky I had sound proof walls. That you can't see because it has one direction posters all over them. Any way I walk to my closet I get my long pink dress that at the bottom it goes out a little. I hopped into my en suit shower wash everywhere. Then got the shampoo smashed some on my hand I wash it though my brown hair that was slightly wavely. Then I did the same with the conditioner. I turned off the music pulled out a bra and undies from the draw in my en suit a put then on them put my old clothes in the wash. I walked out and called mum in. She tried many hair styles till she put it in a parted braid. Then I walked in to the bathroom and brushed to blush on then I put masarca and eye liner. I put on lick stick and then slip on my dress and had mum zip it up. Then the door bell when off mum went to get the door whilste I got a bag and put on my shoes I decided to wear my light pink pumps and clutch. I walk down two flight of stairs in heals most girl couldnt do that but years of practice helped. Any way I got to the bottom a five really attractive young men stood before me.
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