I love you more than this

So hi I am Olivia Winters I have live my whole life in this place. This place is a castle.

Um so in this story the queen daughter is 17 turning 18 and one direction are current age


1. Olivia Winters

Hi I am Olivia and I love one direction. Also I quite fancy guys with curl hair and green eye. ( if your not getting it than LAIR ! You are not I true directioner ) I love this app polyvore because I can choose clothes from there but I am not allowed to wear short shorter than mid thigh. Any way my likes : orange, assassins creed, one direction, big spaces, guys, clothes, cute clothes that iam only allowed to wear on the weekends, having clevelege, dresses. Dislikes are: sluts, whores, bicthes, hoes, skimpy dresses, skimpy anything, hairspray, sharks, the beach with sharks. My parent are mr and mrs Winters royal family so that's why I am not allowed the dress like norrmal people but I good thing about it is that I get to mett new people and famous.aslo getting to be on the red carpet was fun.
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