One Direction Imagines

Here you will find all sorts of One Direction Imagines! There are fight imagines, sad imagines and happy imagines! SO GET READY!

if you want your own imagine just tell me your name and you fav band member, if you want you can tell me the scene (proposal, fight, anniversary, how you met, break up/breaking up with old boyfriend and getting together with one of the boys, ect.)


2. Niall Fight Imagine

You were lying on the couch watching TV, when all of a sudden you hear a loud door slam. Niall had just got back from work, but you could tell by his frustrated scream and curse words you heard, you could tell he had a very bad day today. You heard footsteps up the stairs and followed them. You walked to your bedroom but Niall wasn't there. You checked the lounge room and find him lying on a bean bag, his head tossed back in anger. "Niall, wanna tell me what's wrong?" you ask walking in his direction but flinch when he screams in your direction. His eyes are still closed but his head is facing your way. "JUST GO AWAY!" he shouts leaving you shocked. "Niall, whats wrong, you don't want to talk it out?" you ask to only be yelled at again. "I just dont want to talk right now." He sighs in annoyance and opens his eyes to raise his hands on his forehead in more frustration. "But Niall I j-" "LEAVE!!!" he yells finally making face contact with you. "O-okay. Sorry Niall. I'll leave you alone." you say barely above a whisper, your voice cracks as you back outside of the door. Tears roam your cheeks as you quietly pack your things to leave. When you are finally packed, you decide to leave Niall one last note. If he really wants you gone and doesnt want to talk to you when your feeling down, what's the point sticking together? You tell him all your bad days, why can't he do the same? You still love him, but you think you'll forget somehow. You grab your pen:

   Niall, I'm sorry I annoyed you. I just wanted you to understand that

 I was there for you. I won't be a bother now, if i leave anything just

 throw it out. I'm sure I have all my important things, I'm positive I

 didn't leave anything valuable here. I hope you have better days

 without me in your life anymore.

 Take Care.

You call a taxi, and as soon as you hear a beep you head for the door. You stop and look back to see Niall sleeping peacefully in the bean bag, you turn your head back confident. Not confident that your leaving, but confident that Niall has a full life ahead of him without you getting in his way. "I love you Niall" you say at a normal tone walking out, "and I don't think I could stop, even if I tried." you whisper to yourself once more before getting into the taxi and driving off to a local town to register into a current hotel. You woke up in an unfamilliar place this morning, soon realising that your in your hotel room. You did your daily routine and ate breakfast. As you were eating your cereal you turned on the kitchen TV. As soon as you did the news came on, you immediently saw Niall and the lads. Niall's eyes were puffy and red like he had been crying. "Niall says he had made a mistake and wants to correct it." the news cast announced before giving Niall the microphone. Louis patted him on the back for him to continue. "Well you see...." he chocked out and continued. "I've messed up big, I had a bad day, and when I came home I took it out on the girl that had done nothing. I told her to leave me alone, but i fell usleep, I gave the love of my life plenty of time to escape." he started to choke on his words with teary eyes. "She wrote me a note" he pulled it out and read it all to the last sentence. Then he paused and looked up with tears on his cheeks now. "Y/N please come home. You left something valuable back here. You left my heart, and its very fragile so I believe it will be broken unless you come back to my arms. I am so so sorry. I love you." and with that the TV shut off leaving you heart broken. You grabbed your things and headed back home. You opened the door to a dark, gloomy depresing house. "Niall?" your voice echoed through the halls. Nothing. You checked every room until you got to the bathroom. When you opened the door you wouldn't have seen anything worse in life. "NIALL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?! STOP!!!!" You yell grabbing the pills out of his hand before he could swallow. You where sobbing in his chest. "What were you thinking?" you cried hard as you looked into his eyes as he started to cry. "I don't want to live without you. Please don't ever leave me again....  please." With that your lips smashed against his. After pulling apart you smiled sadly "I couldn't do that, i left something valuable here. I left my heart, the one you stole.

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