One Direction Imagines

Here you will find all sorts of One Direction Imagines! There are fight imagines, sad imagines and happy imagines! SO GET READY!

if you want your own imagine just tell me your name and you fav band member, if you want you can tell me the scene (proposal, fight, anniversary, how you met, break up/breaking up with old boyfriend and getting together with one of the boys, ect.)


3. Lily and Niall


Your parents are finally letting you go to a One Direction concert. Your on your way there, when suddenly you hear a knock on your door. It was Niall James Horan! You couldn't believe your eyes. You open the car window and you hear his beautiful voice with his Irish accent. You always loved guys who have an Irish accent. „is it ok if you drop me off to my concert? The boys kicked me off because i was laughing to much. I understand if your not going that direction.” You stare at him amazed. „Nevermind” he says walking away. „NO!” you pull him back. „I'm going to that concert anyway.” he smiles at you, and climbs into the car, he sits at the front seat next to you. You look at each other and then turn to look back at the road as you start the engine. „oh and by the way, my name is Lily.” you say with a smile on your face. „mines Niall” he says as if you didn't know that. You both let out a little laugh.


You are finally at the concert, you say bye to Niall as he hugs you and then runs off to the other boys, „thanks!” he shouts as the other boys turn to look at you. They are all confused but soon pushed to their dressing room by managment.


You go take your place at the concert, luckily you got front row tickets. The tune of what makes you beautiful comes on and soon the giant screen lights up with the introduction. Soon after 5 boys come out running on stage. First Liam then Zayn, Harry, Louis and finally Niall. He spots you and stops, all the directioners are confused, and are looking your way. You get so embarresed and turn bright red. the boys soon noticed and Louis nodded to Liam, he then starts singing Na Na Na. Harry and Zayn walk up to Niall and talk to him. „Nialllll?” Harry asks. He then finally goes back to reality he also turns bright red and walks up to Louis and sits next to him on the couch in the middle of the stage. Through the whole concert Niall is staring at you and can't take his eyes off of you. Soon they answer some twitter questions, in between Louis whispers to Niall and he finally takes his eyes of you to look at Louis „if you like her why don't you give her a backstage pass?” Niall look at you and then at Louis. He runs off stage and soon comes back with something in his hand. He walks to your direction. Zayn stops talking and soon everyone is looking at you and Niall. He gives you the backstage pass and tells you to come backstage after the concert.


You do as Niall says and you are now waiting for him and the boys to change and take a quick power nap. When they are ready, Niall asks if you can come with him, so you follow. He takes you to a brightly coloured room and has a rose in his hand. He gives it to you and holds your hands. „Lily, your all a guy would want. Your amazing, beautiful. No words can say how amazing you really are. Will you please be my girlfriend?” you are shocked, but of corse you say yes!


You and Niall have been dating for two years now. You and the boys have become great friends. Niall takes you out to a romantic resturant and then takes you to your table outside. The weather is perfect! You are over looking the beautiful city of London. „its beautiful here!” you say looking at the moon. Its valentines day today which made it even more romantic. Niall then said he had something imporant to tell you. You turned to look at him. He got down on one knee, and pulled out a little blue box, from his back pocket. „Lily, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me! I still remember the first time that we met, the first time we kissed on the eiffel tower, when we first slept together. The two years we spent together where amazing, I never want it to end!” all of a sudden Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry come and start singing truly madly deeply. „Lily, will you marry me?” Niall opens the box and inside you see the most beautiful dimond ring ever. You look closley and you see some writing on it Lily and Niall Forever you scream „YES!” you kiss each other passiontly and Niall puts the ring on your finger. All the boys cheer and you hear clapping you Niall and the boys all look down and see thousands of directioners clapping and cheering. You look into the restaurant and see everyone inside also clapping and cheering. You look into each others eyes, and kiss one more time. You then whisper to Niall, „I love you.” you smile at each other. „I love you too.”

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