One Direction Imagines

Here you will find all sorts of One Direction Imagines! There are fight imagines, sad imagines and happy imagines! SO GET READY!

if you want your own imagine just tell me your name and you fav band member, if you want you can tell me the scene (proposal, fight, anniversary, how you met, break up/breaking up with old boyfriend and getting together with one of the boys, ect.)


4. Karina and Harry


Bye babe I'm off to work” Harry whispers kissing your forehead waking you up. He doesn't notice you woke up and quietly closes the door behind him. You sit up and think about Harry's attitude lately, he's been acting different. You two have been dating for nearly 3 months now. You go downstairs to make yourself some breakfast, you get a text from Harry saying he'll be home at around 4 pm. You decide to make him a special dinner for all the hard work he's gone through.


Its already 5 and Harry still wasn't home. You lay on the couch, wondering where he is, you sent him 79 text messages, he doesn't reply. You call him, no answer. You start to get annoyed and upset. You choose that if he doesn't reply or come home in a hours time she's going to call one of the other boys.


An hour has now passed and its 6 o'clock. You pick up the phone and call Niall.

Hey Niall, its me Karina. Do you know where Harry is?”

Harry? We all left the studio already, he said he's heading home. Why are you asking? Is he not back yet?”

No, anyway, thanks for the help.” You say frustrated. You hang the phone up before Niall can say anything else. You grab your coat and get into your car. You head out to Harry's favourite restaurant. You park your car and head inside.


As soon as you open the doors you see Harry kissing another girl. “HARRY!?!?!” You say in shock. Harry pushes the girl away. “HOW COULD YOU!?!?!” you say running out, he runs out after you. “KARINA! WAIT! ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!” he grabs your hand and pulls you towards him. “I don't want to talk to you!” you say breaking free and running towards your car. “KARINA! WAIT BABY!!!” you drive off leaving Harry devastated and in tears.


As you get home you get a call from Liam. “Hey Karina, what happened between you and Harry? He just ran into my flat slamming the door behind him, he started crying and saying your name repeatedly.” Liam asked confused. You wiped away some tears. “Tell him to forget about me.” you say and hang up the phone. You cry even more.



its 4.30 am and you get a call from Louis. You it pick up and say with a croaked voice (from crying all night) “yes?” “COME TO THE MOUTAIN WHERE YOU AND HARRY FIRST MET AND QUICK!” He screamed into the phone and hangs it up. You didn't know what was going on but you quickly got dressed and went to where you and Harry first met. Thinking about Harry broke your heart even more.


You finally got to the mountain. You saw all the boys but Harry crowding around something. Zayn sees you and runs up to you. He looks really worried. He takes you towards the boys. You see Harry about to jump off the edge of the mountain. “HARRY NO!!!” he freezes. Tears start to fall down both yours and Harry's eyes. The boys worried back away. You see them praying, hoping Harry won't jump.

Harry! Don't jump. Please. You mean to much to the boys!” you say.

what about you! What do I mean to you?!” You look at the boys looking scared and worried, you turn to Harry and see his eyes welling up.

You.... you mean...... you mean more than anything to me Harold Edward Styles! And I love you! My heart broke seeing you with that other girl! Don't kill yourself!” you fall to the ground crying. You feel someones arms wrap around you, you look up to see that its Harry “that girl was a stranger and SHE kissed me I didn't want her to! I went to the restaurant to make a reservation for our 3 month anniversary, my phone was out of battery so I couldn’t tell you I will be a bit longer. Sorry. I love Karina” he says. “I love you too Harry” you say with a smile followed by a really passionate kiss. The boys cheer and you spend the rest of the day together on the mountain where you first met.

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