One Direction Imagines

Here you will find all sorts of One Direction Imagines! There are fight imagines, sad imagines and happy imagines! SO GET READY!

if you want your own imagine just tell me your name and you fav band member, if you want you can tell me the scene (proposal, fight, anniversary, how you met, break up/breaking up with old boyfriend and getting together with one of the boys, ect.)


1. Harry Fight Imagine

You and Harry have been dating for one year today! In the morning you get up and get ready for work. Harry is still in his bed sleeping, since its his day off. Your excited to see what your doing later, you hide Harry's gift in the closet. After work you drive home and walk into the house with a smile playing on your face. It soon leaves, as you couldn't find Harry. You choose to think that he is preparing something for your anniversary, but will be back soon. It's now 8:00pm, your frustrated that he isn't home yet. You hear a door open and shut, you rush to the door to find Harry casually taking off his jacket. That's it he has forgotten, you thought. "umm Harry.....?" You trail off as you feel tears at the rims of your eyes. "Yeah Babe." he says with no emotion, not even looking up. "Where have you been?" you ask as calm as possible. "Just out, hows your day been?" he says walking into the kitchen to get some food. You follow behind him, maybe he'll at least make a nice dinner. Instead he pulls out some mac and cheese to put in the microwave. That's it! "Harry, your forgetting something!" you yell behind him at the counter. "and what is that?" he asks with a confused yet also amused face, since your voice rose. "Why don't you think about it Harry! Today is a very special day for me. You dont even remember it!" you yell starting to cry. You run into your bedroom and go to the closet to grab some clothes. Harry rushes to your room behind you and stands by the closet. "where do you think your going? I was just-" You cut him off before he can finish.  "I don't have time for this Harry! I'm going to sleep in a hotel tonight. And here, maybe this will give you a hint!" You say as you chuck his present at him. He opens it up to find a charm. It's gold on the outside, with your anniversary date on it, then when you press a button, its a picture of you two with your name ingraved in it, next to it is an infinity sign. You see his eyes go teary, and it breaks your heart but you leave anyway. You check into the only hotel in London. Soon you decide to lay down, after you've cried for the longest time, you hear a sound. At first you think its Christmas Carol singers, but then you realise its not the tunes of Christmas, its not a normal tune either. Its a very familliar song. You walk to the balcony to find the most amazing sight. Thousand of people are crowding around your balcony with small candles lit up, they are swaying back and forth to the soft tune of truly madly deeply. And there, right in the middle of the crowd, all 5 boys, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and your presious Harry singing... "Truly, madly, deeply I am, Foolishly, completely falling, And somehow you kicked all my walls in, So baby say you’ll always keep me, Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you." they sang in unison as your eyes starting welling up with tears of happiness. You run down to Harry and hugged him tightly, kissing his perfect lips over and over again. He smirks as he pulls away."You didn't let me finish my sentence earlier babe." he smirks and you play his game. "Shoot" you tell him smiling brightly. "Well I was just pretending not to remember. This is what i originally planned to suprise you with," he said pointing to the crowd. "but you ran out on me so i followed you here with my fellow friends." He laughed and you giggled and kissed his nose. "Happy Anniversary Beautiful!" he kissed your lips and then pulled out a gorgeous silver heart necklace. He wrapped it around neck and then kissed you once more before and then headed home from the crowd.

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