One Direction Imagines

Here you will find all sorts of One Direction Imagines! There are fight imagines, sad imagines and happy imagines! SO GET READY!

if you want your own imagine just tell me your name and you fav band member, if you want you can tell me the scene (proposal, fight, anniversary, how you met, break up/breaking up with old boyfriend and getting together with one of the boys, ect.)


6. Alexis and Niall

~~Alexis and Niall

“I can't believe you are actually moving to England!” Your best friend said. “imagine you meet one direction!” you stare at her. “why are you moving to London anyway?” you carry on packing your things. “because my dad said that if I don't find a job he will make me live and work in London.” you answer.

~The Next Day~

“Honey, I want you to be careful in London, its a big city and its dangerous.” your dad tells you. “Then why are you making me go there?!” “because you have to face your consequences.” You say goodbye to your parents and get onto the plane.

~9 hours later~

You are finally in London and took your cab to the flat you where meant to live in. “Hello, my name is Alexis and I bought my apartment online.” you tell the lady at the desk. “yes but you haven't paid yet.” she replied “oh” you look in your bag trying to find your purse. It wasn't in there. You had so much money in there. “umm... uh.. someone... someone stole my purse.” you say looking down at the floor. “I was hoping... uh... maybe... just maybe... umm... you could let me stay for free?” she walks from behind the desk and takes your suitcase and places it out on the pavement outside the hotel. She points to the door, “but!” she gives you a dirty look, you sigh and leave.

You take your one and only suitcase and start walking. You feel something drop on your forehead, you look up and see that it was starting to rain. You sigh again and continue walking. The rain starts to get heavier and heavier. You lean against a wall and start to cry you soon start falling till your crouching on the floor crying in your hands. You see a thunder bolt and it starts to rain even heavier.


Niall is at home finishing off his Nandos. The boys just left his apartment. He hears another thunder bolt and decides to look outside. He sees you sitting on the ground crying, you're soaked and freezing cold. He quickly finishes his Nandos and runs outside. He was wearing boxer shorts and short sleeve t-shirt.

You saw in the distance someone running towards you, yet you aren't quite sure who it was. You saw that they were only in shorts and a top which you found was pretty stupid, 'he's probably freezing!' you thought. He was shortly on one knee next to you. It was Niall James Horan! “Hey are you okay you look pretty...” he looks at you from top to bottom. “wet.”  “I'm fine” you say wiping away some tears. “you don't look okay” he says worried “I'll tell you what, why don't you come to my place for a bit and dry off.” he says holding your hand. You nod and he helps you stands up. He leads you to his flat.

You are now inside. He takes your coat off of you and hangs it up near the heater where it could dry quicker. You take off you converses and open your suitcase. The clothes inside are soaked. You take out your favourite shirt and try to get most of the water to drip out. Niall comes and wraps a towel around you. He looks at your suitcase and sees a puddle of water. “don't worry it will dry till tomorrow. You can spend the night here” he walks into his room and says you can sleep in there for the night. “What about you?” you ask. “I can sleep on the sofa, I don't mind as long as your comfortable” you yawn, and finally agree. He goes into his closet and picks out a shirt. “You can sleep in this if you want.” he gives you the shirt. He tells you where the bathroom is and you go and take a shower and change.

While you take a shower Niall goes to the fridge and gets some food and drinks for you. He lays them on a tray and takes it to his room and puts it on a bedside desk next to his bed. He takes a blanket and pillow and places it on the couch. You soon come out of the bathroom. He tells you that the food on the desk is for you. You thank him and go to his room. When you start eating Niall comes in and sits on his bed. “Hope you don't mind if I stay here for a bit.” he says. “Why would I mind? This is still your room and you have been so nice to me!” he smiles. “so I haven't got your name yet?” he turns to look at you. “Oh yea sorry. My names Alexis, I'm guessing yours is Niall?” you both laugh. “So I can tell by your accent that your American? Have you been in London for a while now?” he asks “If you count 2 hours for a long time then yes.” you both smile. “So why are you here then?” “Well my dad said that if I don't get a job in a month he said he'll send me to England where I can work and live here to see how hard life is.” “wow” Niall replies. You've now finished your food. You yawn. Niall sees your tired. He takes your plate and tray but leaves your glass of water. He turns on your bedside light. You get into bed and cover your self with the duvet. “Goodnight Alexis.” “Night Niall.” you smile. He turns off the light and leaves.

You get your bag and take your phone and text your friend:
Friend: WHAT!?!?!
You: U know how u said I might meet 1D!?!?!
Friend: U MET THEM!?!?!?!
You: Close...
You: Guess where I am?
Friend: I don't know!
You: I'm in Niall Horan's bedroom!!!! Sleeping in HIS BED!!!!!
You: well just for 1 night anyway.
Friend: OK then... Prove it send a picture of you and him together!
You: I'll send it tomorrow ok?
Friend: K. Cya tomorrow
You: Byeeeeee.

You turn off your bedside lamp. And go to bed.

~ The Next Day ~

You wake up and make your way towards the living room where Niall slept. He wasn't there. You went to the kitchen and saw a note on the counter it was for you.  It said:
'Off to the shops, you can watch TV or listen to the radio while I'm gone. BTW I've gone to get something to eat.
Niall xxx :P :D

You look around the house you see Niall left his phone. All of a sudden it calls its Louis. You hesitate you don't know whether you should pick it up or not. You hear the lock turn. Niall just came in with a couple of bags filled with food and drinks. You run up to him and take a couple of bags to help him. “Thanks” Niall says. “By the way your phone rang” you tell him. “Ok thanks, do you know who it was?” “umm... No I only heard it ring.” you lie to him, you didn't want him to think that you looked at his phone on purpose. He puts the bags down and goes to get his phone. You take everything out of the bags. You then hear Niall talking on the phone to Louis you drop the bags and decide to listen to what they were talking about. You heard something about them and the boys meeting up or something. Niall hung up and started to head to the kitchen. You ran as fast as you could back to the kitchen and carried on taking things out of the bags. Niall comes and helps you.

~ Couple Hours Later ~

You start packing up all your things. Niall walks into the room your in. “Hey” you turn to look at him.
“hey, so what you doing?” “packing” “you do know you don't have to go today?” “yea I know but I don't want to stress over me.” “do you even have any money or a job?” “well no” “stay for the rest of the week.” “but...” “come on, you know you want to” “ok then” you give him a hug “thanks so much!”

~ The Next Day ~

Niall comes up to you while your watching TV, “Is it ok if the boys come over?” He asks, “Well yea its not really up to me?” “I know, I just... you know... yea” you laugh a bit and he smiles.

~ Few Hours Later ~

There is a knock on the door. Niall walks towards the door and opens it, the boys arrived. They greet Niall and walk towards the living room. Your in Niall's room you hear a knock on the door. “come in” you yell. Niall opens the door “the boys are here, should I introduce you to them?” “YES!!! I mean, sure why not.” Niall laughs and leads you to the living room. “Lads this is Alexis, Alexis this is Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn” “Hi” you say “Hey” they reply. “So how did you guys meet?” Louis asks. “umm well, she was out in the rain with no where to stay so I offered her to stay at mine” “cool” Zayn said nodding. “Why don't I get some pizza ready for you guys?” you say as you leave the living room. “so what do you guys think?” Niall asks the boys, “what do you mean what do we think? Harry asks. “I was thinking about asking her out and I don't know whether I should or not.” “Mate that's up to you, we hardly even know her.” Liam replies. “Just do what you think you should?”

~ The Next Day ~

“Hey Alexis” “Hi Niall” “today I'm taking you out for a treat” Niall says. “what do you mean treat?” you ask confused. You'll see. He takes you by the hand and helps you put your coat on. You put on your shoes and he does the same. “you ready” he asks. “I guess”.
You finally get to the treat. Its a really fancy restaurant you always wanted to go to when you visited London with your family before. You hug him tightly. “What made you want to take me?” you asked looking into his ocean blue eyes. “I felt sorry for you, your parents sent you here all alone and I wanted to make it up to you.” he replied looking down at the floor as the waiter came and lead you to your table. “This place is beautiful!” You say looking around “I always wanted to come here when I was younger.” You both smile. “I hoped you liked it, Louis recom-” You got lost looking in his dazzling eyes and his beautiful white eyes. You always had a thing for him, he was always your favourite band member. You started to get a warm feeling and you couldn't stop smiling. “Alexis?” Niall was calling you as you woke up from his trance. “Oh sorry.” you blushed.  “I wanted to ask you something.” he said looking into your eyes smiling. “Sure, go on.” “I know we've only know each other for a couple of days, but when I first saw you sitting all alone in the me rain, it made me realise something...” He paused as a waiter ran up to him with a bouquet of red roses, you favourite, he stood up onto his chair and looked down at you with the bouquet. “Alexis, you are the most beautiful, funny, perfect person I have ever met and I want to be more than friends, will you please be my other half?” You look around with tears in your eyes, everyone is staring at you. You get up from your chair as he steps down from his. He hands you the roses and you put them down on the table as he grabs your hands. You look into his eyes and smile. “I would love to” You kiss as everyone around you cheers and claps. You soon run off into Niall's car as hundreds of paparazzi surround you. “That's gonna be in the paper tomorrow.” He says once your finally in the car. “I don't mind, as long as I'm with you.” You say. You looking into each others eyes as you kiss again.

~ 3 Years later ~

You and Niall are celebrating your 3 year anniversary. You got a job as close to Niall as possible and became one of the boys vocal coach, it turns out your an amazing singer. Its 8pm and Niall's taking you out  for a surprise. He goes to the same restaurant that you were in on your first date. Your wearing Niall's favourite red dress and Niall's wearing a black suit with a white shit and black tie. He soon takes you up onto the rooftop as you stare into the stars above. Niall says he has another surprise for you. He holds your hand as your fingers intertwine, you get into the car and once you step out Niall jumps behind you and puts a blindfold over your eyes giving you a shock. He locks the car and grabs your hand. “Trust me.” You nod as he guides you. You walk around for 5 minutes and you start getting anxious. “Are we there yet?” Niall smiles. “Nearly.” You hear movement. “You can take your blindfold off but don't turn around yet.” You do as he says and as you take your blindfold off you see a brick wall. “You can turn around in 3... 2... 1...” You swoop round to see hundreds of people standing behind Niall humming the tune to your favourite song, not only by the boys but in general, 'Truly Madly Deeply'. You can't see Niall or the boys anywhere. All of a sudden Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn emerge out of the crowd and they pause before the crowd and quietly start singing the words to the song. The crowd held up a sign to saying 'Walk forwards 3 steps' You laugh wondering why but do it anyway. 30 seconds later they hold up another sigh 'Turn around!' You turn around seeing three of your favourite words written on 'I Love You' you cry with joy and laugh as more people start gathering. Someone hugs you round the waist, you turn around to see Niall with tears in his eyes and a microphone in his hand. You look into his eyes and smile. You turn around to face the crowd and look at Niall who slowly lowed down onto one knee. Your speechless gasping for air. “Alexis, what can I say. You turned my life upside down. I thought I will never meet the one perfect girl. But I have. These 3 years have been the best years in my whole entire life. But 3 years isn't enough. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Alexis, will you marry me?” everyone goes silent and looks at you. You try to say something but you can't. “I do!” you say with tears of joy coming out your eyes he puts the most beautiful ring on your ring finger as he stands up and sweeps you off your feet. Everyone cheers. You look into the crowd and notice your best friend and your family. Your best friend runs up to you as you hug. “I told you I met him!” You say as you both laugh. You run up to your parents and hug them as tightly as possible “Thanks for sending me here dad!” You say giving him the biggest hug. You run back to Niall. “Do you remember this place?” He asks. “How could I forget!” It was the place you first met, when Niall saw you crying and ran up to you in his shorts and a vest. You turn around to the brick wall. You both take a spray can and write your names in a heart with the date you first met and the date you got married under. The boys ran up to you and from that point on your life truly turns upside down.

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